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The E39 540i⁢ Manual Transmission For Sale is a highly sought-after luxury sports sedan⁣ that offers an exhilarating driving experience. This vehicle combines‌ a powerful engine, ‍precise handling, and a manual transmission to deliver a truly immersive​ and engaging‍ ride.

Under the hood, this E39 540i is equipped with a robust 4.4-liter V8 engine. With its 282 horsepower and 324‌ lb-ft of torque, this car packs a punch and offers impressive ⁤acceleration. The manual transmission allows the driver to have full control over gear changes, enabling a more connected driving experience. It enhances the overall⁤ performance and responsiveness of the car, making it a⁣ favorite among car enthusiasts and driving purists.

The E39 540i Manual Transmission also boasts a host of luxurious features and amenities. On the inside, the cabin is crafted

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Product Description

JIFEHO 7.5L Transmission Fluid Pump Kit

JIFEHO 7.5L Transmission Fluid Pump Kit


Simple JIFEHO 7.5L Transmission Fluid Pump Kit performs simple transmission fluid filling operation in minutes under pressure

Package Including

Manual ATF fill pump x 1
ATF adaptors x 15
Hand crank x 1
Dual head screw driver x 1
Wrench (8MM/10MM) x 1

Manual ATF Fluid Fill Pump

Manual ATF Fluid Fill Pump

Manual ATF Fluid Fill Pump

What is it made of ?

Lid with pump assembly, hand crank, hose, fluid reservoir and base.


1. Large reservoir can hold 7.5L clean fluid, surface marked with clear scales, portable handle for easy carry.
2. 1.2M long transparent fluid hose equipped with quick coupler and fluid flow control valve. Good for remote work and observation of liquid flow situation.
3. Detachable crank for convenient installation and storage. Ergonomic design is adopted to save manpower. (Included dual-head screwdriver and wrench helps to install and remove the crank)
4. Also features stable circular bottom, filling lid with chain

Adaptor Box Kit

Adaptor Box Kit

Adaptor Box Kit

JIFEHO transmission fluid transfer pump kit contains 15PCS well-made ATF adaptors, made of hardened steel, black electrophoretic surface treatment, rust and corrosion resistance.

Wide range of application

ATF101 (1/8″-27) fits Ford.

ATF102 fits universal BMW, Nissan, Honda, etc.

ATF103 fits Audi, VW, Skoda.

ATF104 fits Porsche, VW, Audi.

ATF105 (M10 x 1) fits VW, Mini Cooper, Audi.

ATF106 (M24 x 1.5) fits Audi, VW DSG.

ATF107 (M22 x 1.5) fits Audi, VW CVT.

ATF108 (M18 x 1.5) fits Skoda, VW.

ATF109 (M12 x 1.5) fits ALTIS 2010 BENZ 722.9.

ATF110 (M30 x 1.5) fits Skoda, Audi, VW.

ATF111 (Universal Flexible 300mm) fits Honda, Kia, Hyundai, etc.

ATF112 (M8 x 1) fits Nissan, Infiniti.

ATF113 (M18 x 1.5) fits Toyota, Lexus.

ATF114 (5/16″-24UNF) fits Volvo.

ATF115 Universal type (Flexible Hose).

Easy to Use

Step 1

Start engine and heat gearbox oil temperature to normal operating temperature. Lift the vehicle by car jack. Unscrew the drain plug at the bottom of the engine, drain old transmission fluid by gravity and prepare a large oil container in advance to collect the waste fluid.

Step 2

Pour the new transmission fluid equal to the discharged waste fluid into the 7.5L reservoir. Select a right ATF adapter and insert it into the quick coupler, close the fluid control valve. Connect the adapter to the fill plug or drain plug.

Step 3

Open the valve, press the hand crank up and down to add new ATF fluid into the transmission until the desired level (Each stroke provides about 70ml). Follow the vehicle operating instruction to check the transmission fluid level

Step 4

Use clean solvent or engine degreaser to rinse out the reservoir tank and pour it out to waste liquid tank. Allow it to dry thoroughly.

Safety Tips

1. Wear protective mask and gloves during the whole operation.
2. Check the product for damage and read the user manual carefully before use. Refer to manufacturer’s suggestions.
3. Do not add new fluid into the 7.5L reservoir over the limit line otherwise it may spill or leak.
4. Work in a well-ventilated place and keep away from fire.

[Manual Fluid Transfer Pump] The transmission fluid filling tool consists of 7.5L well constructed reservoir with accurate scale, lid with hand pump assembly which can install the 14-3/4″ detachable hand crank, 1.2M transparent fluid hose with quick coupler to connect ATF adapter and a ball valve to control the fluid flow, wide sturdy circular base. Manual hydraulic pump design, independent of electric or pneumatic tools, no site restrictions.
[15PCS ATF ADAPTERS] This ATF dispenser pump kit includes 15PCS ATF adapters suit for a lot of models, compatible with Ford, BMW, Nissan, Honda, Audi, VW DSG, VW CVT, Skoda, Porsche, Benz, Mini Cooper, Kia, Toyota, Hyundai, Infiniti, VOLVO and Lexus. You can use the ATF adapter to add fluid from the filler plug or help push the transmission fluid into the engine through the drain plug on the gearbox.
[Automatic Transmission Fluid Replacement Operation] Start the engine to normal operating temperature, and then shut it down. Lift the vehicle with a jack and drain the waste transmission fluid from the drain plug of the gearbox. Add enough new transmission fluid into the 7.5L reservoir, select an appropriate ATF adapter to connect the quick connector on the hose, and then connect it with the filling plug or drain plug. Pump to the required level (about 70ml per stroke).
[Extended Service] JIFEHO aims to provide you with a good shopping experience. A 30-day return policy is offered in our store. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you can return it to us in an unused condition in the original packaging within a 30-day purchase and we’ll give you a refund or exchange. 1 year product support. E-mail replies within 24 hours can help resolve any issues of using. Buy and use it with confidence. Sincerely thanks for your support for the JIFEHO store


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