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An engine for a motor boat is a specifically designed power source ⁤that provides the⁤ necessary propulsion to operate⁣ the boat in water. It is a crucial component for any ‌motorized ⁤watercraft as ‍it converts fuel energy into mechanical power, allowing the boat to move through the water.

The features of an engine for a motor boat can vary depending on the specific design and model, but here are some common features that are typically found in them:

1.⁢ Power output: Boat engines are available in various power outputs to suit different boat sizes and applications. The power ‌output is usually⁤ measured in horsepower (HP) ⁣or‌ kilowatts (kW) ⁤and determines the speed‍ and efficiency of the boat.

2. Fuel type: Boat engines can ⁢be fueled by ⁢a variety of options, including gasoline, diesel, or even electric power. While gasoline engines are more common and suitable for⁤ smaller⁤ boats, diesel

Product Description for Engine For Motor Boat

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Product Description



Product Main Image

Product Main Image


Tail Plate Clamping Bolt: It can firmly fix the outboard motor on your ship and is not easy to slide
Flameout Button: It allows you to immediately stop the machine running and avoid danger in case of an emergency
Cooling Water Outlet: You can determine whether the water pump is working properly by checking whether it is producing water, to promptly repair the engine if it may malfunction

Rubber Handle Cap

Rubber Handle Cap

Package Included

1 * Outboard Motor
1 * Tool Kit
1 * Fuel Oil Mixing Bottle
1 * Funnel
1 * Spare Pull Rope
1 * English Manual

3.5 HP 2 Stroke Outboard Motor

3.5 HP 2 Stroke Outboard Motor


It is suitable for rubber boats, inflatable boats, fishing boats, sailboats, yachts, canoes, kayaks, rubber boats, aluminum alloy boats, etc. with a stern height of 16.53 inches or less, assisting aquaculture, water transportation, net fishing, luring, outboard backup, outings, and river cleaning / maintenance

3.5 HP 2 Stroke Outboard Motor Specifications

Aluminum Alloy, Rubber


Surface Treatment
Spray Paint

Assembly Required

Number of Items

2-stroke 3.5hp


Gear Ratio

Number of Cylinders

Max. Output

Max. Speed

About 80DB

Gear Positions

Ignition System

Cooling System
Half Water-cooling, Half Air-cooling

Control System
Tiller Control

Starting System
Manual Start

No.92 Lead-free Gasoline

Fuel Type
Mixed Oil (Run-in Period: 25 Gasoline: 1 2-stroke Engine Oil; after Run-in Period: 50 Gasoline: 1 2-stroke Engine Oil)

Trim And Tilt System
Manual Tilt

Fuel Tank Capacity
1.3L / 0.34gal

Fuel Consumption Rate
1.1L / 0.3gal / h

Propeller Diameter
Propeller Diameter

Joystick Length
40cm / 15.74in

Handle Length
13cm / 5.1in

Fixed Screw Spacing
12cm / 4.7in

Adaptive Transom Plate Height
≤42cm / 16.53in

Gross Weight
11.95kg / 26.3lbs

Net Weight
9.8kg / 21.6lbs

Product Size
90 * 38 * 18cm / 35.4 * 15 * 7in

Package Size
95 * 43 * 30cm / 37.4 * 17 * 11.8in


1. Please carefully read the manual and strictly follow the precautions to have a better experience

2. Please measure the height of your boat before purchasing to ensure suitability for this product

3. Please start the motor in the water. If the motor stops circulating water, please stop using it immediately and check the impeller of the water pump to see if the water outlet is blocked

4. Please note that this product should use a mixture of two-stroke engine oil and 92 # unleaded gasoline. The running-in period of the new machine is 10 hours, during which the fuel ratio is 25L (6.6 gal) of gasoline to 1L (0.26 gal) of engine oil. After 10 hours, the ratio is 50 liters (13.21 gallons) of gasoline to 1 liter (0.26 gallons) of oil

5. Please do not drive too fast during the running-in period. After the running-in period, the gear oil needs to be replaced, and the second replacement time is about 100 hours or 6 months later

6. Please do not leave this product outside until the cooling water is completely used up. Otherwise, water will enter the cylinder through the exhaust port, leading to engine failure. After cruising in seawater or turbid water, please clean the outboard motor with fresh water and cool the water channel with fresh water. The engine should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place, and avoid direct exposure to sunlight

7. If not in use for a long time, please thoroughly clean the gasoline in the fuel tank

8. Please allow the slight color difference caused by the shooting light and 1-3cm error due to manual measurement, and make sure you do not mind before you order

🔥【GOOD COOLING EFFECT】There are motor vents in the shell of the engine. It helps cool down the motor and it has a better performance. The motor also has a long life span with the motor vents
🔥【INDEPENDENT FIN STREAMLINE DESIGN】When it collides with an object underwater, the design can protect the propeller that is running at high speed
🔥【EXTRA FUEL TANK】The package comes with an extra fuel tank, you refill the motor with it when the motor runs out of fuel. The fuel tank allows you to have a longer driving distance
🔥【POWERFUL MOTOR】The maximum output of this motor is 2.5kw/3.5hp, the motor is able to handle harsh waters and provide safety to you. This motor is ideal if you are venturing into harsh rivers
🔥【ERGONOMIC HANDLE】The handle of this motor is ergonomically designed, you can use it with ease
🔥【EASY TO USE】This product comes with instructions, you can refer to it and use this motor conveniently. You can also install this motor according to the instructions


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