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The female mannequin price in Nigeria refers to the cost associated with purchasing a mannequin specifically designed to represent the ‍female form. Mannequins are widely used in the retail industry to display clothing, accessories, and other products in a visually appealing way.

The price of a female mannequin in Nigeria can vary depending ⁣on several factors such as the material‍ used, the ‍level of detail in the design, and the brand. Typically, they are available in‍ a‍ range of prices ⁢to cater to different budgets and needs.

Features of female mannequins in Nigeria generally include a realistic body shape and size that closely⁢ resemble the average female⁢ body. They are ‌typically ⁤made of fiberglass or‌ plastic, which makes ​them lightweight and durable. Some mannequins​ come with detachable parts such as arms,‍ legs, and heads⁤ for easy dressing and​ customization.

In addition to the basic structure, the mannequins‌ may have other features ‌such as poseable limbs,‌ adjustable heights, and removable wigs. These features allow retailers to create different looks and styles, providing versatility in their displays. Some mannequins also come with a natural skin ‌tone, makeup, and eyelashes to enhance the realistic appearance.

Female mannequins in Nigeria

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Price: $55.00
(as of Sep 18, 2023 13:38:56 UTC – Details)

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Get to know EZ Mannequins!

Our mannequins are: sturdy, stackable for easy storage, and high-quality!

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EZ Mannequins is a modern and innovative brand that was created in 2012. We are part of the big family of The Competitive Store which was founded in 2008 right here in the US.

We perform exhaustive and thorough quality control on every one of our products. Our product inspection and packaging processes take place right here in the US.

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Controls & Packaging

We perform exhaustive quality control on all our products. Afterward, we carefully pack them to ensure a safe shipping process.

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What makes our products unique?

Our products are sturdy and they are made out of high-quality materials. We make sure you receive a product in perfect condition through our extensive quality control.

Why do we love what we do?

We love to be a part of the lifetime of each clothing brand that trusts in us to display its amazing products. We love to contribute by helping them improve their displays.

What kind of mannequins we sell?

You name it! You will find female, male, toddler, and child mannequins in our store. You can purchase our mannequins in packs or separately.

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women checking orders

USA Company

Our product inspection and packaging processes take place right here in the US.

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What colors of mannequins do we sell?

You can find black, flesh, and white mannequins in our store. Our mannequins come in matte color, which makes your life easier if you are trying to take pictures of your clothing.

What’s the best feature of the mannequins?

All our mannequins have hollow backs, this amazing feature makes them very lightweight yet sturdy, and also makes them very easy to stack when you’re not using them.

What if the clothes look a little big for the mannequin?

We include a non-marking clip that will help you adjust the clothes to the mannequin, so your clothes will look perfect.

LIGHTWEIGHT BUT STURDY: With 2.85 mm rigid plastic half form style for easy transportation and store
FOR SM-MEDIUM SIZES: Some clothing may need to adjust in the back for better fit. Clip is included
EASY SET UP : Super simple to put together for trades, exhibits, fairs, craft shows. Easy to stack.
PRODUCT TABLE: Intended for countertop but hanger hook is included for hanging if stand is not used

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