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The “Ford Fusion Engine For Sale” ‌is a high-quality and reliable engine⁤ option designed specifically for the Ford Fusion model. Known for its efficiency,⁣ power, and durability, this engine offers an excellent performance⁢ that will enhance your driving experience.

One of the key features of the Ford Fusion Engine is its​ advanced technology that ensures optimal fuel efficiency. With this engine, you can expect to save money on fuel costs without sacrificing power or​ performance. Its fuel-efficient design helps reduce carbon emissions, making it⁣ an environmentally friendly option.

Another significant feature of the Ford Fusion Engine is its⁤ impressive power output.⁣ It provides ample horsepower and torque, ensuring smooth ‌acceleration and seamless shifting. Whether⁤ you need to quickly merge into highway traffic or navigate steep inclines, this engine will offer ⁢the necessary power to get the job ‌done efficiently.

Durability is a crucial aspect of ⁣any engine, and the ‍Ford

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Integrated Dash Cam Suitable for Ford Fusion 2013-2020, Amazing OEM Look!

Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion


FITCAMX dash cams are only compatible with specific vehicle model, the wrong model can’t fit.
It doesn’t support to add a rear camera separately if you’ve already had the single front camera! Because the PCB boards are different.
The phone cannot be connected to CarPlay and dash cam WiFi at the same time, but the camera records automatically when car starts, so you don’t need to keep it connected to camera all the time.
The camera’s WiFi is not remote. Please download important clips to your phone while in the car and engine is on if needed.
Featured with sound recording function, which can be turned on/off at Fitcamx APP setting.
If NO Preview – Turn off the Cellular Data/Bluetooth when viewing video at App. And it’s not necessary to turn off cellular data in daily use.
Packed with 64GB MicroSD card and support maximum 128GB.

Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion

For Ford Fusion 2013-2020

FITCAMX dash camera can fit seamless behind the rear view mirror like OEM! It looks like an integral part of the vehicle. A clean factory look. Compatible with Ford Fusion 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Sport S SEL Titanium Platinum SE Hybrid.

Play & Plug

It’s quite simple to install by detailed user manual and tutorial video, even a novice can finish it. *Please unplug the Rain Fall Sensors port to get tandem shared power source as the picture shows. This operation does not affect normal use of itself.

HiRes 4K Video

The Fitcamx 4K Dash Cam has f/1.6 big aperture lens and CMOS sensor, which can capture films with exceptional clarity at 2160P/30fps. It owns excellent video quality and great dynamic range, each frame is shown in super clear quality.



night vision-

night vision-

ES 1618 WiFi

ES 1618 WiFi

Parking Mode &G-Sensor

Loop recording will overwrite old footage with new content when memory card is full. And if a sudden collision reaches the G-Sensor Level, the camera will automatically turn on to record video, LOCKS IT & SAVES IT. Thus your legal right are always under protection. No Praking Mode.

Clear Night Vision

The F/1.6 large aperture lens ensures high clarity images,and HDR technology can adjust the exposure to record accurate-color footage even in low light environment.Car license plates or road signs can be easily seen,so that your safety driving at night will be greatly improved.


The built-in WiFi and Fitcamx APP enables to live preview and manage videos on your phone while on the way, and download important footage with fast speed if needed. Then you can playback videos as you like. (Designed with built-in voice recording, which can be turned on/off at the APP settings.)

***Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Do I need to turn on the dash cam every time? Is the WiFi need to be connected then can start to record?

A: No. The dash cam will be automatically turned on/off, along with your car engine. You don’t need to connect with WiFi manually after first use, the dash cam will automatically on when car is started.

Q2: Can I view the video after off the car?

A: Please download the video to your phone in advance before the engine is off, or no. The built-in WiFi is connected for limited distance.

Q3: What if the phone can’t connect with WiFi? Is the Fitcamx APP safe and stable to use?

A: The WiFi can only be connected when the engine is on and dash cam at working. If can’t connect with WiFi, send screenshots of WiFi & APP page. And Fitcamx APP is safe and easy to set, you can download it at APP Store or browser.

Q4: Why my car doesn’t have parking monitoring? Can I upgrade to this function?

A: It depends on whether your car’s power plug can supply electricity continuously, which is designed by car manufacturer. If it can be powered continuously, there is parking mode, otherwise no. To upgrade with this function, it requires extra harness cable. (The parking mode does not record continuously 24/7 hours, and dash cam will only start recording in case of serious collision)

Q5: Why dash cam got heat?

A: It is normal situation. Fitcamx camera can work normally at -20°C to 85°C (-4°F-185°F), please rest assured. 1. The surround space of camera is small and also other original parts of your car near it, which will cause high temperature. 2. The installation position of camera is nearby the windshield, which also causes high heat under direct sunlight during day.

Q6: I have the 4K single front version, can i add a rear camera seperately?

A: NO, YOU CAN’T. Because the single camera and dual camera version have different PCB Boards. You can only change to a new entire set.

Other Models
Toyota RAV4
Ford 150
Toyota Tacoma
Land Rover Discovery Sport
Toyota Highlander
Toyota Sienna

Model Year

Parking Monitoring

Video Resolution

Way of Getting Electricity
ACC Sensor
Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror
ACC Sensor
Room Lamp
ACC Sensor
ACC Sensor

Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion



About Us

FITCAMX is specialized in dedicated dash cameras which can perfectly fit your cars, covering the majority of car models. We have been committed to design the highest performance car camera and create convenience, safety, enjoyment for driving.


Brand: Fitcamx

Compatible Vehicle Model: Ford Fusion 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Sport S SEL Titanium Platinum SE Hybrid

Processor: Novatek

Video Resolution: 2160P (Front Only)

Shell Material: PC+ABS

APP: Android/iOS

WiFi: 2.4Ghz

Lens: f/1.6,30fps

Way of Getting Electricity: From Rain Fall Sensor

it is hard to see the camera from outside, very low key.

【Easy Installation & WiFi】This OEM style car camera suitable for Ford Fusion is quite convenient to install, even a novice can finish it with no fuss. The bulit-in WiFi enables you to view real time video while on the way with APP, which is very easy to operate. You can download important clips to phone then playback or share it with your friends or families. *Turn off the Cellular Data If no live preview.
【Ultra Clear Video Quality】Featured with high sensity CMOS Sensor and f/1.6 big aperture lens, Fitcamx OEM Style car camera delivers decent picture quality at 2160P/30fps. It can vividly capture driving moment and record detailed evidence. Plus with HDR and WDR technology, Fitcamx dash cam achieves great night vision by automatically balancing the exposure whether day or night.
【Loop Recording & G-Sensor】The loop recording will overwrite the oldest footage when memory storage is full, please download important footage in advance. And G-Sensor function can detect a sudden collision, immediately save & lock current video to specified folder, thus prevent emergency video clips from overwriting. Packed with 64GB card and support maximum 128GB. (No Parking Mode, consult FITCAMX for more details)
【Durable & Warranty】Made of premium PC+ABS materials, Fitcamx integrated factory style dash cam has exquisite craftsmanship and sharp video performance, which can work under temperature -20°C to 85°C (-4°F-185°F). We offer 1 Year Warranty and lifetime after sales support, please buy with confidence.
*For F150, search asin: B0B8ZRZZC2. *For Mach-E, search asin: B0BDRVVZVL.


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