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A fridge door gasket is a ⁣crucial component of any refrigerator that ensures‌ a ⁣tight seal between the fridge ​door and the main​ body‌ of the appliance. It is⁤ typically made from a flexible and durable material, such as rubber or‌ silicone, designed to effectively⁢ keep the cold air inside the fridge while preventing warm air from entering.

One of the key features of a fridge door gasket is its ability ⁤to create⁣ an airtight seal. This⁣ seal is essential for maintaining proper temperature control inside the refrigerator, as it prevents the loss of cold air and helps ‍the fridge operate efficiently. The gasket is designed to compress against the frame of the refrigerator when the door ​is closed, ensuring a snug ​fit‌ and preventing any gaps or leaks that might ⁢compromise ⁣the cooling capabilities‍ of the fridge.

Another important‍ feature of a fridge door gasket is its flexibility. The gasket needs to be

Product Description for Fridge Door Gasket

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Product Description

5304501270 Refrigerator Door Gasket

5304501270 Refrigerator Door Gasket

SDPS A+ Standard

SDPS A+ Standard

Our brand produces parts that:

Can be easily installed and removed
Are fully compatible with most major brands
Meet all OEM standards, while taking care of your budget
Will make your appliance work like a new one

5304501270 Refrigerator Door Gasket

High-quality replacement part for a quick DIY

This part will help if:

Frost buildup
Freezer doesn’t defrost
Door is sweating
Freezer section is too warm

PART NUMBER 5304501270: It’s a high-quality exact equivalent for part numbers AP5981856, 241778308, 4246532, PS11704172.
COMPATIBLE BRANDS INCLUDE: Electrolux, Frigidaire, Kenmore.

General Photo

General Photo


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Compatible with Frigidaire: CFD28WISB, DGHD2361TF0, DGHD2361TF1, DGHD2361TF2, DGHD2361TF3, DGHF2360PF0, DGHF2360PF1, DGHF2360PF2A, DGHF2360PF3A, DGHF2360PF4A, DGHF2360PF5A, DGHF2360PF6A, DGHF2360PF7A, DGHF2360PF8A, DGHF2360PF9A, DGHF2360PFAA, DGHF2360PFBA, EI23BC30KS3, EI23BC60KS3, EI23BC65KS5, EI23BC80KS3, EI28BS65KS6, EW23BC85KS5, EW28BS85KS5, FDBC2250SS0, FDBG2250SS0, FDBN2750SS2, FDBN2750SS3, FDBN2750SS4, FDBS2750SS0, FDBS2750SS1, FFHB2740PS0, FFHB2740PS1, FFHB2740PS3, FFHB2740PS4, FFHB2740PS5, FFHB2740PS6A, FFHB2740PS7A, FFHB2740PS8A, FFHB2740PS9A, FFHB2740PSAA, FFHB2740PSBA, FFHB2740PSCA, FFHB2740PSDA, FFHB2740PSEA, FFHB2750TD1, FFHB2750TD3, FFHB2750TE1, FFHB2750TE2, FFHB2750TE3, FFHB2750TP1, FFHB2750TP2, FFHB2750TP3, FFHB2750TS0, FFHB2750TS1, FFHB2750TS2, FFHB2750TS3, FFHB2750TS5, FFHB2750TS6, FFHD2250TD1, FFHD2250TD3, FFHD2250TD4, FFHD2250TD5, FFHD2250TS0, FFHD2250TS1, FFHD2250TS2, FFHD2250TS3, FFHD2250TS4, FFHD2250TS5, FFHG2250TD1, FFHG2250TS0, FFHG2250TS1, FFHG2250TS2, FFHN2740PS0, FFHN2740PS1, FFHN2740PS2A, FFHN2740PS3A, FFHN2740PS4A, FFHN2740PS5A, FFHN2740PS6A, FFHN2740PS8A, FFHN2740PS9A, FFHN2740PSAA, FFHN2740PSCA, FFHN2750TD1, FFHN2750TS0, FFHN2750TS1, FFHN2750TS2, FFHN2750TS3, FGEB28D7QF0, FGEB28D7RF0, FGEB28D7RF2, FGHB2735NF0, FGHB2735NF2, FGHB2735NF3, FGHB2844LF1, FGHB2844LF2, FGHB2844LF3, FGHB2844LF4, FGHB2844LF5, FGHB2844LF6, FGHB2844LF7, FGHB2844LF8, FGHB2844LFA, FGHB2844LFB, FGHB2844LFC, FGHB2844LFD, FGHB2844LFE, FGHB2844LFG, FGHB2846LF1, FGHB2846LF2, FGHB2846LF3, FGHB2846LF5, FGHB2846LF7, FGHB2846LF8, FGHB2846LF9, FGHB2866PF0, FGHB2866PF1, FGHB2866PF2, FGHB2866PF3, FGHB2866PF4, FGHB2866PF6, FGHB2866PF7A, FGHB2866PF9A, FGHB2866PFAA, FGHB2866PFBA, FGHB2866PFCA, FGHB2866PFDA, FGHB2866PFEA, FGHB2866PFFA, FGHB2866PFGA, FGHB2866PFJA, FGHB2866PFLA, FGHB2866PFMA, FGHB2866PFNA, FGHB2867TD3, FGHB2867TF0, FGHB2867TF3, FGHB2868TD0, FGHB2868TD1.

Compatible with Kenmore: 253.70312211, 253.70312212, 253.70312213, 253.70312214, 253.70313210, 253.70313211, 253.70313212, 253.70313213, 253.70313214, 253.70319211, 253.70319212, 253.70319213, 253.70319214, 253.70342210, 253.70342410, 253.70342411, 253.70342412, 253.70342413, 253.70342414, 253.70342415, 253.70342416, 253.70342417, 253.70342418, 253.70342419, 253.7034241A, 253.7034241B, 253.7034241C, 253.7034241D, 253.7034241E, 253.7034241F, 253.70343210, 253.70343410, 253.70343411, 253.70343412, 253.70343413, 253.70343414, 253.70343415, 253.70343416, 253.70343417, 253.70343418, 253.70343419, 253.7034341A, 253.7034341B, 253.7034341C, 253.7034341D, 253.7034341E, 253.7034341F, 253.7034341G, 253.70349210, 253.70349410, 253.70349411, 253.70349412, 253.70349413, 253.70349414, 253.70349415, 253.70349416, 253.70349417, 253.70349418, 253.70349419, 253.7034941A, 253.7034941B, 253.7034941C, 253.7034941D, 253.7034941G, 253.70412410, 253.70412411, 253.70412412, 253.70412414, 253.70412415, 253.70412417, 253.70412418, 253.70412419, 253.7041241A, 253.7041241B, 253.7041241C, 253.7041241D, 253.70413410, 253.70413411, 253.70413412, 253.70413413, 253.70413414, 253.70413415, 253.70413417, 253.70413418, 253.70413419, 253.7041341A, 253.7041341B, 253.7041341C, 253.7041341D, 253.7041341F, 253.70419410, 253.70419411, 253.70419412, 253.70419413, 253.70419414, 253.70419415, 253.70419417, 253.70419418, 253.70419419, 253.7041941A, 253.7041941B, 253.7041941C, 253.7041941D, 253.70423410, 253.70423411, 253.70423412, 253.70423413, 253.70423414, 253.70423415, 253.70423416, 253.70423417, 253.70423418, 253.70423419, 253.7042341A, 253.7042341B, 253.70443210, 253.70443410, 253.70443411, 253.70443412, 253.70443413, 253.70443414, 253.70443415, 253.70443416, 253.70443417, 253.70443419, 253.7044341A, 253.7044341C, 253.7044341D.

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Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 39 x 25 x 1 inches; 17.5 Pounds
Item model number ‏ : ‎ 5304501270
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ January 20, 2023
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ PartsBroz
Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ USA

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