How To Use Tretinoin Cream With Moisturizer

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Recommended Uses For Product Anti aging, Dermatology, Wrinkles, Redness
Scent No fragrance
Special Ingredients Argan oi, Bifida Fermented Lysate
Specific Uses For Product Wrinkles, Aging, Dryness
Item Form CreamAbout this item
✅[Intense regeneration] EGF LIPOSOME promotes skin regeneration and elasticity, and Naturally-derived extract gives an amazingly soothing effect.
✅ [High-technique Ingredients] EGF liposome technology which has a remarkable anti-wrinkle effect enables the quick delivery of effective ingredients to complete the revitalization of younger-looking skin.
✅ [Clinically Validated] Seven human body application tests complete – Eye wrinkle, face lifting, skin moisturizing, skin density, firmness, skin texture improvement. With hypo-allergenic testing for skin completed, it has been proven safe for soft and sensitive skin.
✅ [Using as Dermatology Treatment Cream] Soothing and rejuvenating cream used and recommended by dermatologists. Experience amazing soothing, rejuvenation, and skin firming with a soft!
✅ [How To Use] After cleansing and toning, generously massage onto the face and neck in the morning and at night. Also, it is good if you frequently apply on the areas of concern.Product Description

Irritated skin after skin clinic (laser, peeling etc)
Wrinkled skin
Extremely dry skin
Sensitive skin
Less elastic skin
Dull and rough skin
ARZTIN Regenerative Schild Cream
It is a dense texture, but it’s amazing at the soft feeling, and twice astonishing with its soothing and elastic effects.
We recommend Schild Cream for skin protection. Quickly protects sensitive and delicate skin from environmental factors
It is absorbed quickly. Even if just a little amount is used, it can cover the entire face.
It is very good for soothing the flaky, cakey skin and sensitive skin. Feel very moisturized!
Contains fulfillment minerals to provide vitality, nutrition.
No artificial color or fragrance
Rejuvenating cream used by clinic.
Quickly protects sensitive and delicate skin
Fast absorption & Non Sticky
K-beauty, experienced No. 1 Hyundai online duty-free shop
Check human body application tests
– Eye wrinkle, face lifting, skin moisturizing, skin density, firmness, skin texture improvement
Analysis results
Wrinkle in the eye area 7.7% decrease and moisturizing 14.4% improvement. *Test subject: Total 23 female adults aged 30-55, Test products: Regenerative Schild Cream
Soothing and rejuvenating cream.
With amazing soothing effect, we recommend redness skin, after shaving, tanned skin and after you get skin clinic program such as laser treatment and peeling.
EGF liposome – elasticity & Anti-aging Care I Argan oil – Moisturizes and creates radiant skin I Bifida Fermented Lysate – Helps to sustain clear skin tone
1. In the morning and evening, apply it evenly in the cream application stage.
2. More effective if applied repeatedly to sensitive areas that require soothing after physical stimulation from dermatological treatments.
Use together with Regenerative Schild Ampoule for an elasticity boost you can feel deep within the skin.
Use it with A-Barrier Waterful Cream. Use them together in the final stage of skin care to experience extra-deep nourishment and moisturization.
Regenerative Schild Cleansing Foam A-Cera Barrier Toner Regenerative Schild Ampoule Regenerative Schild Mask A-CERA Barrier Real Skin Fit Mask A-calming SUN suit SPF50+, PA+++
What’s your skin type? Dry(recommend), Sensitive, Combination Dry(recommend), Sensitive, Combination Wrinkled(recommend), Dry, Combination Wrinkled(recommend), Dry, Combination Dry(recommend), Sensitive, Combination Dry(recommend), Wrinkled, Combination
What It Is Low pH Formula micro bubbles Cleansing Foam Moisturizing facial Toner to hydrate skin and create protection barrier Anti-aging ampoule with skin brightening and elasticity effect. Premium cream mask with special triple-coating structure Ultra-fit skin fit Bio Cellulose sheet moisturizing Mask Moisturizing sunscreen with brightening and anti-aging effect
Key Ingredients panthenol, hyaluronic acid, green tea extract Ceramide, Hyaluronic acid, Asiatic Acid, Madecassic Acid, Horse Chestnut Centella Asiatica Extract, Sodium hyaluronate 5-Ceramide, Madecassoside, Hyaluronic acid Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract

How To Use Tretinoin Cream With Moisturizer Product Information

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