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The HP 15 Notebook Adapter is a⁤ power adapter specifically designed for HP 15 Notebook computers. It serves as ‍a reliable and convenient source of power for the laptop, ensuring that it remains charged and ready for use at all times.

The adapter features a compact and lightweight design, making it easily portable and ideal for travel. Its sleek ⁤and durable construction ensures long-lasting performance and the ability to⁣ withstand everyday wear and tear.

One of the key features of the HP 15 Notebook Adapter is its compatibility with various HP 15 Notebook models. This versatility allows users to conveniently interchange and ⁤use the adapter with multiple devices without any compatibility issues.

The⁢ adapter also incorporates advanced technology to protect against overvoltage, ‍short ‌circuits, and overheating. This ensures the safety of both ⁤the laptop and the user while using the adapter. Additionally, it ​provides ⁢a stable and consistent power

Product Description for Hp 15 Notebook Adapter

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Product Description




INPUT: 100-240V 50-60Hz

OUTPUT: 19.5V 2.31A 45W

Connecter size: 4.5 mm×3.0 mm, with pin inside (ref to the picture)

Compatible Part Numbers:

213349-001 213349-009 213349-109 719309-001 719309-003 721092-001 740015-001 740015-002 740015-003 740015-004 741427-001 741553-850 741553-852 741727-001 742436-001 845611-001 845836-850 854054-001 854054-002 854054-003 854054-004 A045R07DH ADP-45FE B ADP-45WD B HSTNN-AA44 HSTNN-CA40 HSTNN-DA35 HSTNN-DA40 HSTNN-LA35 HSTNN-LA40 PA-1450-20HL PA-1450-36HE PA-1450-56HA PA-1650-32HE TPN-AA05 TPN-C125 TPN-CA04 TPN-CA14 TPN-CA15 TPN-DA15 TPN-DA16 TPN-DA17 TPN-LA03 TPN-LA15 TPNQ210 TPN-Q210 L25296-001 L25296-002 L25296-003 L25296-004 L85744-709

Compatible laptop model:

HP Stream Series:

HP Stream 11 Series : 11-y010wm 11-y010nr 11-y020wm 11-y012nr 11-y020nr 11-ah110nr 11-ah117wm 11-ah012dx 11-ah112dx 11-ah131nr 11-ah113wm 11-ah111wm 11-ah161ms 11-ak0012dx 11-d010wm 11-d010nr 11-d001dx 11-d011wm 11-p015wm 11-p110nr 11-p010nr 11-r010nr 11-r015wm 11-r014wm 11-r020nr 11-r015nr 11-r091nr

HP Stream 13 Series : 13-c110nr 13-c002dx 13-c193nr 13-c077nr 13-c010nr

HP Stream 14 Series : 14-ax010ds 14-ax010nr 14-ax010wm 14-ax012ds 14-ax020nr 14-ax020wm 14-ax022nr 14-ax027cl 14-ax030nr 14-ax030wm 14-ax040nr 14-ax040wm 14-ax050nr 14-ax060nr 14-ax067nr 14-ax069st 14-cb010ds 14-cb012dx 14-cb012wm 14-cb030nr 14-cb110nr 14-cb111wm 14-cb113wm 14-cb130nr 14-cb140nr 14-cb160nr 14-cb163ms 14-cb164wm 14-cb172wm 14-ds0003dx 14-ds0010ds 14-ds0010nr 14-ds0013dx 14-ds0020nr 14-ds0023dx 14-ds0030nr 14-ds0035nr 14-ds0036nr 14-ds0040nr 14-ds0050nr 14-ds0061cl 14-ds0080nr 14-ds0100nr 14-ds0110nr 14-ds0120nr 14-ds0150nr 14-ds0160nr 14-z000nr 14-z000nx 14-z005nl 14-z010nr 14-z011nd 14-z040wm 14-ax000

HP Chromebook 14 11: 14-ak010nr 14-ak013dx 14-x010nr 14-x010wm 14-x013dx 14-x015wm 14-x030nr 14-x040nr 11-2110nr 11-2210nr p0b78ut

HP EliteBook Folio 1020 G1 1040 G1 1040 G2

HP ProBook 11 EE G1 210-G1 255-G3 255-G4 255-G5 340-G2 350-G2 355-G2 410-G1 450-G3 455-G3 612-G1

HP Pavilion Envy Split X2 Spectre X360 x2 13 15 17 M6:11-k013cl 11-k020nr 11-k061nr 11-k062nr 11-k063nr 11-k064nr 11-k099nr 11-k117cl 11-k120nr 11-k127cl 11-k137cl 11-k161nr 11-k162nr 11-k164nr 11-n012dx 11-n010dx 11-n011dx 11-e115nr 13-4100dx 13-4102dx 13-4103dx 13-4001dx 13-4105dx 13-4110dx 13-4193dx 13-a010dx 13-a012dx 13-a110dx 13-j002dx 13-r010dx 13-s128nr 13-s192nr 13-4002dx 13-4003dx 13-4005dx 13-4116dx

m1-u001dx m3-u001dx m3-u003dx m6-aq003dx m6-aq005dx m6-ar004dx m6-w010dx m6-w101dx m6-w103dx m6-w105dx m6-p114dx m6-p113dx m6-ae151dx

Hp Spectre x360 Series: 17-g101dx 17-g119dx 17-g121wm 17-g133dx 17-g134ds 17-g161us 17-g192dx

HP Laptop 14 Series:

HP 14 Notebook PC Series: 14-ac101la 14-ac151nr 14-ac159nr 14-am052nr 14-am071la 14-an012nr 14-an013nr 14-bs018la 14-bs153od 14-bw010nr 14-bw012nr 14-cf0006dx 14-df0010nr 14-df0011wm 14-df0013cl 14-df0013ds 14-df0020nr 14-df0023cl 14-df0053od 14-dk0022wm 14-dk0045nr 14-dk0076nr 14-dk0095nr 14-dk1013dx 14-dq0002dx 14-dq0004dx 14-dq0005cl 14-dq0005dx 14-dq0032dx 14-dq0035dx 14-dq0060nr 14-dq1025cl 14-dq1033cl 14-dq1035cl 14-dq1038wm 14-dq1043cl 14-dq2055wm 14-dq2088wm 14-dq2089wm 14-dq2xxx 14-dq4035cl 14-fq0020nr 14-fq0022od 14-fq0032ms 14-fq0037nr 14-fq0038ms 14-fq0041nr 14-fq0050nr 14-fq0051nr 14-fq0057nr 14-fq1021nr 14-fq1097nr 14s-fq0013dx

HP 14 : 14m 14s 14-dk 14s-dk 14-dq 14s-dq 14-dy 14s-fq 14-df 14-dh 14m-dh 14-ax 14-ds 14-fq 14s-fq 14-ck 14-bs 14-dw 14m-dw 14-bw 14-ce 14-cf 14-ck 14-ak 14-an 14-ce 14-df 14m-ba 14-ac 14-cm 14-r0xx Series

HP 15 Notebook PC Series:

HP 15-AB000 Notebook PC series : 15-ab010nr 15-ab020nr 15-ab023cl 15-ab027cl 15-ab053nr 15-ab057nr 15-ab063cl 15-ab065us 15-ab071nr 15-ab110nr 15-ab121dx 15-ab138cy 15-ab153nr 15-ab157cl 15-ab157nr 15-ab161nr 15-ab165us 15-ab173cl 15-ab218cy 15-ab220nr 15-ab223cl 15-ab243cl 15-ab251nr 15-ab252nr 15-ab253cl 15-ab257nr 15-ab261nr 15-ab262nr 15-ab267cl 15-ab267nr 15-ab277cl 15-ab292nr 15-ab293cl 15t-ab000 15t-ab100

HP 15-AC000 Notebook PC series : 15-ac010nr 15-ac020ds 15-ac020nr 15-ac021ds 15-ac021dx 15-ac022ds 15-ac023ds 15-ac024ds 15-ac025ds 15-ac026ds 15-ac027ds 15-ac028ca 15-ac028ds 15-ac029ds 15-ac037cl 15-ac037nr 15-ac055nr 15-ac061nr 15-ac063nr 15-ac071nr 15-ac078nr 15-ac110nr 15-ac113cl 15-ac114nr 15-ac120na 15-ac121dx 15-ac121nr 15-ac131ds 15-ac134ds 15-ac135ds 15-ac137cl 15-ac137nr 15-ac142dx 15-ac143dx 15-ac143wm 15-ac147ca 15-ac147cl 15-ac148ds 15-ac151dx 15-ac156nr 15-ac157cl 15-ac158dx 15-ac158nr 15-ac161nr 15-ac163nr 15-ac165nr 15-ac177cl 15-ac178nr 15-ac185nr

HP 15-AF000 Notebook PC series : 15-af013cl 15-af027cl 15-af028cl 15-af110nr 15-af112nr 15-af113cl 15-af115nr 15-af120nr 15-af123cl 15-af130nr 15-af131dx 15-af135nr 15-af137cl 15-af137nr 15-af141dx 15-af152nr 15-af159nr 15-af171nr 15-af172nr 15-af173nr 15-af174nr 15-af175nr

HP 15-AN000 Notebook PC series: 15-an050nr 15-an051dx

HP 15-AP000 Notebook PC series: 15-ap011dx 15-ap012dx 15-ap052nr 15-ap062nr 15-ap063nr

HP 15-AS000 Notebook PC series: 15-as014wm 15-as020nr 15-as027cl 15-as031nr 15-as043cl 15-as068nr 15-as091ms 15-as133cl 15-as151nr 15-as166nr 15-as168nr 15-as182cl 15-as184cl 15-as191ms

HP 15-AU000 Notebook PC series: 15-au000nr 15-au020wm 15-au023cl 15-au027cl 15-au028ca 15-au030nr 15-au030wm 15-au037cl 15-au052nr 15-au057cl 15-au062nr 15-au063cl 15-au063nr 15-au067cl 15-au067nr 15-au091nr 15-au123cl 15-au151nr 15-au158nr 15-au159nr 15-au183cl 15-au193cl 15-au000 15-au100

HP 15-AW000 Notebook PC series: 15-aw001cy 15-aw006cy 15-aw007cy 15-aw053nr 15-aw068nr 15-aw077nr 15-aw078nr 15-aw094nr 15-aw167cl 15z-aw000

HP 15-AY000 Notebook PC series: 15-ay009dx 15-ay010nr 15-ay011nr 15-ay012dx 15-ay013dx 15-ay013nr 15-ay014ds 15-ay014dx 15-ay015dx 15-ay016ca 15-ay016nr 15-ay018ca 15-ay018nr 15-ay020nr 15-ay028ca 15-ay039wm 15-ay041wm 15-ay043ca 15-ay052nr 15-ay053ca 15-ay053nr 15-ay061nr 15-ay065nr 15-ay067nr 15-ay068nr 15-ay070wm 15-ay071nr 15-ay075nr 15-ay077nr 15-ay078nr 15-ay081nr 15-ay082nr 15-ay083nr 15-ay087cl 15-ay091ms 15-ay103dx 15-ay122cl 15-ay127cl 15-ay163nr 15-ay191ms 15-ay195nr 15-ay196nr 15t-ay000 15-ay000

HP 15-BA000 Notebook PC series: 15-ba000cy 15-ba001cy 15-ba002cy 15-ba003cy 15-ba004cy 15-ba005cy 15-ba006cy 15-ba007cy 15-ba008cy 15-ba009cy 15-ba009dx 15-ba010cy 15-ba010nr 15-ba011cy 15-ba012cy 15-ba013cl 15-ba013cy 15-ba014cy 15-ba014nr 15-ba014wm 15-ba015cy 15-ba015wm 15-ba016cy 15-ba016nr 15-ba017au 15-ba017cl 15-ba017cy 15-ba018cy 15-ba018wm 15-ba019cy 15-ba019nr 15-ba020cy 15-ba020nr 15-ba022nr 15-ba023nf 15-ba026wm 15-ba027cl 15-ba027nr 15-ba030nr 15-ba034wm 15-ba037cl 15-ba040nr 15-ba042nr 15-ba043wm 15-ba044nr 15-ba047cl 15-ba051wm 15-ba052wm 15-ba053nr 15-ba057cl 15-ba057nr 15-ba061dx 15-ba067cl 15-ba069nr 15-ba077cl 15-ba078dx 15-ba079dx 15-ba081nr 15-ba082nr 15-ba083nr 15-ba084nr 15-ba085nr 15-ba087cl 15-ba097cl 15-ba113cl 15-ba138ca 15-ba154nr 15z-ba000 15-ba000

HP 15-BN000 Notebook PC series: 15-bn070wm

HP 15-BK000 Notebook PC series: 15-bk001ds 15-bk010nr 15-bk020wm 15-bk021nr 15-bk027cl 15-bk074nr 15-bk075nr 15-bk076nr 15-bk117cl 15-bk127cl 15-bk137cl 15-bk151nr 15-bk152nr 15-bk153nr 15-bk157cl 15-bk163dx 15-bk167cl 15-bk168cl 15-bk177cl 15-bk193ms 15-bk000 15-bk100

HP 15-BP000 15m-BP000 Notebook PC series: 15-bp051nr 15-bp143cl 15-bp152nr 15-bp152wm 15-bp165cl 15-bp198ms 15m-bp011dx 15m-bp012dx 15m-bp111dx 15m-bp112dx 15m-bp000

HP 15-BR000 Notebook PC series: 15-br010nr 15-br033nr 15-br041nr 15-br052od 15-br055nr 15-br057cl 15-br068cl 15-br075nr 15-br076nr 15-br077cl 15-br077nr 15-br080wm 15-br082wm

HP 15-BS000 Notebook PC series: 15-bs008cy 15-bs010ds 15-bs011cy 15-bs013dx 15-bs013nr 15-bs015dx 15-bs016dx 15-bs020wm 15-bs023cy 15-bs028cl 15-bs031wm 15-bs033cl 15-bs038cl 15-bs038dx 15-bs048cl 15-bs051od 15-bs053od 15-bs058ca 15-bs059od 15-bs060wm 15-bs061st 15-bs062st 15-bs065nr 15-bs070wm 15-bs075nr 15-bs076nr 15-bs077nr 15-bs078cl 15-bs078nr 15-bs080wm 15-bs087nr 15-bs091ms 15-bs095ms 15-bs113dx 15-bs115dx 15-bs121nr 15-bs131nr 15-bs132nr 15-bs134wm 15-bs144wm 15-bs168cl 15-bs190od 15-bs191od 15-bs192od 15-bs193od 15-bs194od 15-bs212wm 15-bs234w 15-bs234wm 15-bs244wm 15-bs289wm 15-bs559sa 15-bs560sa 15-bs0xx 15-bs1xx 15-bs2xx

HP 15-BW000 Notebook PC series: 15-bw001cy 15-bw001ds 15-bw002cy 15-bw002ds 15-bw002wm 15-bw003cy 15-bw003ds 15-bw003wm 15-bw004cy 15-bw004ds 15-bw004wm 15-bw005cy 15-bw006ca 15-bw006ds 15-bw006wm 15-bw007ca 15-bw007cy 15-bw007ds 15-bw008ca 15-bw008cl 15-bw008cy 15-bw009ca 15-bw009cy 15-bw010ca 15-bw010cy 15-bw010nr 15-bw011bx 15-bw011cy 15-bw011dx 15-bw011wm 15-bw012cy 15-bw012nr 15-bw013cy 15-bw014cy 15-bw016ca 15-bw017cl 15-bw020nr 15-bw030nr 15-bw032nr 15-bw032wm 15-bw033wm 15-bw035nr 15-bw036nr 15-bw040nr 15-bw051od 15-bw052od 15-bw053od 15-bw061nr 15-bw063nr 15-bw064nr 15-bw069nr 15-bw070nr 15-bw071nr 15-bw072nr 15-bw073nr 15-bw075nr 15-bw088cl 15-bw000 15-bw0xx

HP 15-CC000 Notebook PC series: 15-cc010nr 15-cc020nr 15-cc023cl 15-cc034cl 15-cc044cl 15-cc050wm 15-cc051wm 15-cc055od 15-cc057cl 15-cc058nr 15-cc059nr 15-cc060wm 15-cc063nr 15-cc064nr 15-cc065nr 15-cc066nr 15-cc067cl 15-cc510nr 15-cc555nr 15-cc561st 15-cc563nr 15-cc563st 15-cc564nr 15-cc565nr 15-cc566nr 15-cc567nr 15-cc593ms 15-ccoxx 15-cc0xx

HP 15-CD000 Notebook PC series: 15-cd001ca 15-cd002ca 15-cd003ca 15-cd004ca 15-cd005la 15-cd007ca 15-cd019na 15-cd040wm 15-cd051nr 15-cd067ca 15-cd072cl 15-cd075nr

HP 15-D000 Notebook PC series: 15-d017cl 15-d020dx 15-d020nr 15-d035dx 15-d038ca 15-d040ca 15-d041tu 15-d052nr 15-d054nr

HP 15T-EG000 15T-EG100 Notebook PC series

HP 15-F000 Notebook PC series: 15-f003dx 15-f004dx 15-f004wm 15-f009wm 15-f010dx 15-f010wm 15-f014wm 15-f019dx 15-f023wm 15-f024wm 15-f033wm 15-f039wm (15-1039wm) 15-f059wm 15-f085wm 15-f097nr 15-f100dx 15-f111dx 15-f125wm 15-f133wm 15-f162dx 15-f209wm 15-f211wm (15-1211wm) 15-f222wm 15-f233wm (15-1233wm) 15-f246wm 15-f247nr 15-f271wm (15-1271wm) 15-f272wm (15-1272wm) 15-f305dx 15-f337wm 15-f387wm (15-1387wm)

HP 15-G000 TouchSmart Notebook PC series: 15-g012dx 15-g013cl 15-g013dx 15-g014dx 15-g019wm 15-g020dx 15-g020nr 15-g021nr 15-g029wm 15-g035wm 15-g059wm 15-g067cl 15-g068cl 15-g070nr 15-g163nr 15-g170nr 15-g227wm 15-g273nr

HP 15-N000 Notebook PC series: 15-n013dx 15-n210dx 15-n211dx 15-n220us 15-n226nr 15-n228us 15-n243cl

HP 15-P000 Notebook PC series: 15-p030nr 15-p114dx 15-p157cl 15-p214dx 15-p390nr

HP 15-R000 TouchSmart Notebook PC series: 15-r011dx 15-r015dx 15-r017dx 15-r018dx 15-r029wm 15-r030wm 15-r034ds 15-r052nd 15-r052nr 15-r131wm 15-r132wm 15-r136wm 15-r137wm 15-r210dx 15-r263dx 15-r264dx

HP 15-U000 Notebook PC series: 15-u010dx 15-u011dx 15-u100nr 15-u110dx 15-u310nr 15-u337cl 15-u399nr 15-u410nr 15-u437cl 15-u473cl 15-u483cl 15-u493cl 15-u499nr

HP 15-CS0000 Notebook PC series: 15-cs0010nr 15-cs0012cl 15-cs0022cl 15-cs0041nr 15-cs0042nr 15-cs0051cl 15-cs0051wm 15-cs0052cl 15-cs0053cl 15-cs0057od 15-cs0058od 15-cs0061cl 15-cs0061st 15-cs0064st 15-cs0069nr 15-cs0072wm 15-cs0077nr 15-cs0078nr 15-cs0079nr 15-cs0082cl 15-cs0083cl 15-cs0085cl 15-cs1053od 15-cs1063cl 15-cs1065cl 15-cs1067nr 15-cs2010nr 15-cs2013ms 15-cs2021cl 15-cs2045nr 15-cs2051od 15-cs2062st 15-cs2064st 15-cs2073nr 15-cs2076nr 15-cs2079nr 15-cs2082cl 15-cs2083cl 15-cs3010nr 15-cs3019nr 15-cs3025od 15-cs3027od 15-cs3055wm 15-cs3063cl 15-cs3065cl 15-cs3065st 15-cs3067st 15-cs3072nr 15-cs3073cl 15-cs3075wm 15-cs3078nr 15-cs3079nr 15-cs3095nr 15-cs3153cl 15-cs3672cl 15-cs3978cl 15-cs3xxx

HP 15-CR0000 Notebook PC series: 15-cr0010nr 15-cr0011nr 15-cr0017nr 15-cr0035nr 15-cr0037wm 15-cr0051od 15-cr0052od 15-cr0053wm 15-cr0055od 15-cr0056wm 15-cr0062st 15-cr0064st 15-cr0075nr 15-cr0076nr 15-cr0077nr 15-cr0078nr 15-cr0079nr 15-cr0081cl 15-cr0085cl 15-cr0087cl 15-cr0088cl 15-cr0091ms 15-cr0095nr

HP 15-CW0000 Notebook PC series: 15-cw0055nr 15-cw0061nr 15-cw0062nr 15-cw0064cl 15-cw0075nr 15-cw0085nr 15-cw0088nr 15-cw1063wm 15-cw1064wm 15-cw1068wm 15-cw1074nr 15-cw1075nr 15-cw1076nr 15-cw1085nr 15-cw1095nr

HP 15-DA0000 Notebook PC series: 15-da0002dx 15-da0012dx 15-da0014dx 15-da0017cy 15-da0018cy 15-da0020nr 15-da0024cl 15-da0030nr 15-da0031nr 15-da0032nr 15-da0032wm 15-da0033wm 15-da0034cl 15-da0034nr 15-da0036nr 15-da0037nr 15-da0041dx 15-da0043nr 15-da0046nr 15-da0047nr 15-da0048nr 15-da0049nr 15-da0053wm 15-da0056od 15-da0061cl 15-da0061nr 15-da0062cl 15-da0065cl 15-da0066cl 15-da0067cl 15-da0071ms 15-da0073ms 15-da0073nr 15-da0073wm 15-da0074nr 15-da0075cl 15-da0076cl 15-da0076nr 15-da0077nr 15-da0078nr 15-da0079cl 15-da0079nr 15-da007nr 15-da0081cl 15-da0081od 15-da0082cl 15-da0083od 15-da0085cl 15-da0085od 15-da0086nr 15-da0086od 15-da0087cl 15-da0087nr 15-da0088nr 15-da0089cl 15-da0097nr 15-da1005dx 15-da1008cy 15-da1047nr 15-da3019cy 15-daoxx 15-da0xxx 15t-da000 15-da1xxx

HP 15-DB0000 Notebook PC series: 15-db0001ds 15-db0001dx 15-db0002ds 15-db0003ds 15-db0004ds 15-db0004dx 15-db0005dx 15-db0006cy 15-db0008ds 15-db0010nr 15-db0011dx 15-db0012ds 15-db0015dx 15-db0020nr 15-db0030nr 15-db0031nr 15-db0034nr 15-db0040nr 15-db0041nr 15-db0042nr 15-db0043nr 15-db0047nr 15-db0047wm 15-db0048ca 15-db0048nr 15-db0049nr 15-db0051od 15-db0061cl 15-db0064nr 15-db0066wm 15-db0069wm 15-db0071nr 15-db0072nr 15-db0073nr 15-db0074nr 15-db0075nr 15-db0076nr 15-db0081nr 15-db0081wm 15-db0082nr 15-db0082wm 15-db0083cl 15-db0083nr 15-db0083wm 15-db0084nr 15-db0084wm 15-db0085cl 15-db0086cl 15-db0091nr 15-db0091wm 15-db1003dx 15-db1005cl 15-db1010cy 15-db1011cy 15-db1016nr 15-db1029cy 15-db1030nr 15-db1031cy 15-db1032cy 15-db1032nr 15-db1040nr 15-db1046nr 15-db1047wm 15-db1050nr 15-db1060nr 15-db1076nr 15-db1931cl 15-db1973cl 15-db0xx 15-db100 15-db1000 15-db1xxx 15z-db000 15-db0xxx 15-dboxxx

HP 15-DQ0000 Notebook PC series: 15-dq0010nr 15-dq0065cl 15-dq0077nr 15-dq0078nr 15-dq0081nr 15-dq0095nr 15-dq0953cl 15-dq1010nr 15-dq1020nr 15-dq1025od 15-dq1052nr 15-dq1071cl 15-dq1095nr 15-dq2052nr 15-dq2071cl 15-dq2097nr

HP 15-DW0000 Notebook PC series: 15-dw0030nr 15-dw0033nr 15-dw0034nr 15-dw0037wm 15-dw0038wm 15-dw0043dx 15-dw0045nr 15-dw0046nr 15-dw0047nr 15-dw0052wm 15-dw0054wm 15-dw0077nr 15-dw0081wm 15-dw0082cl 15-dw0083wm 15-dw0086nr 15-dw0091nr 15-dw1001wm 15-dw1022nr 15-dw1024wm 15-dw1033dx 15-dw1056cl 15-dw1081wm 15-dw1083wm 15-dw2025cl 15-dw2025od 15-dw2037wm 15-dw2048nr 15-dw2057cl 15-dw2063st 15-dw2065st 15-dw2072cl 15-dw2632cl 15-dw2638cl 15-dw2655cl 15-dw2656cl 15-dw2658cl 15-dw2697nr 15-dw3005wm 15-dw3013dx 15-dw3015cl 15-dw3025cl 15-dw3031cl 15-dw3031c1 15-dw3033dx 15-dw3047nr 15-dw3048nr 15-dw3053dx 15-dw3056cl 15-dw3063st 15-dw3065st 15-dw3096nr 15-dw3125od 15-dw3163st 15-dw3165st 15-dw0xx 15-dw0xxx 15-dw1xxx 15-dw2xxx 15-dw3xxx

HP 15-DY0000 Notebook PC series: 15-dy0009ca 15-dy0013ds 15-dy0013dx 15-dy0014ds 15-dy0015ds 15-dy0018ca 15-dy0025ds 15-dy0025kg 15-dy0025tg 15-dy0029ds 15-dy0082nr 15-dy1001ds 15-dy1002la 15-dy1003ds 15-dy1005la 15-dy1013ca 15-dy1020nr 15-dy1023dx 15-dy1024wm 15-dy1025nr 15-dy1027od 15-dy1030wm 15-dy1031wm 15-dy1032ms 15-dy1032wm 15-dy1036nr 15-dy1037nr 15-dy1042cl 15-dy1043dx 15-dy1044nr 15-dy1045nr 15-dy1051wm 15-dy1059ms 15-dy1062nr 15-dy1071wm 15-dy1073nr 15-dy1074nr 15-dy1076nr 15-dy1078nr 15-dy1079ms 15-dy1083wm 15-dy1085nr 15-dy1086nr 15-dy1087nr 15-dy1091wm 15-dy1094wm 15-dy1095od 15-dy1122nr 15-dy1124nr 15-dy1731ms 15-dy1751ms 15-dy1755cl 15-dy1771ms 15-dy1971cl 15-dy1973cl 15-dy2005tg 15-dy2007cy 15-dy2021nr 15-dy2024nr 15-dy2034nr 15-dy2035ms 15-dy2035tg 15-dy2036nr 15-dy2037nr 15-dy2041nr 15-dy2044nr 15-dy2045nr 15-dy2046ms 15-dy2046nr 15-dy2051wm 15-dy2056ms 15-dy2061ms 15-dy2071wm 15-dy2073dx 15-dy2074nr 15-dy2076nr 15-dy2078nr 15-dy2085nr 15-dy2087nr 15-dy2091wm 15-dy2093dx 15-dy2095wm 15-dy2096nr 15-dy2097nr 15-dy2127od 15-dy2131wm 15-dy2132wm 15-dy2152wm 15-dy2172wm 15-dy2193dx 15-dy4005cy 15-dy4038nr 15t-dy100 15t-dy200 15-dyoxxx 15-dy0xxx 15-dy1xxx 15-dy2xxx 15-dyxxx

HP 15-EF0000 Notebook PC series: 15-ef0021nr 15-ef0022nr 15-ef0023dx 15-ef0025wm 15-ef0875ms 15-ef1001ds 15-ef1002ds 15-ef1003ds 15-ef1013dx 15-ef1020nr 15-ef1023dx 15-ef1038nr 15-ef1040nr 15-ef1041nr 15-ef1044nr 15-ef1072ms 15-ef1072nr 15-efl072nr 15-ef1072wm 15-ef1073od 15-ef1073wm 15-ef1074nr 15-ef1075nr 15-ef1079nr 15-efl079nr 15-ef1081nr 15-ef1082nr 15-ef1086cl 15-ef2013dx 15-ef2024nr 15-ef2040tg 15-ef2126wm 15-ef2127wm 15-ef0xxx 15-ef1xxx 15-ef2xxx

HP 15-EG0000 Notebook PC series: 15-eg0025cl 15-eg0025od 15-eg0027od 15-eg0032nr 15-eg0047nr 15-eg0048nr 15-eg0050wm 15-eg0053cl 15-eg0055nr 15-eg0065st 15-eg0067st 15-eg0073cl 15-eg0077nr 15-eg0097nr 15-eg2073cl

HP 15-EH0000 Notebook PC Series: 15-eh0010nr 15-eh0015cl 15-eh0050wm 15-eh0090wm 15-eh0095nr 15-eh0097nr 15-eh1097nr 15z-eh000 15z-ehooo 15-eh0xxx

15-ER0000: 15-er0010nr 15-er0051nr 15-er0056cl 15-er0075nr 15-er0077nr 15-er0095nr 15-er0096nr 15-er0097nr 15-er0125od 15-er0151nr 15-er0225od 15t-er000

HP 15-GW0000 Notebook PC Series: 15-gw0005la 15-gw0010wm 15-gw0011la 15-gw0016la 15-gw0017la 15-gw0021nr 15-gw0022od 15-gw0023od 15-gw0031cl 15-gw0035dx 15-gw0052cl 15-gw0123od 15-gw0xxx 15z-gw000

HP 17 Notebook PC Series:

HP 17-CN0000 Notebook PC Series: 17-cn0013dx 17-cn0021nr 17-cn0025nr 17-cn0033dx 17-cn0053cl 17-cn0097nr 17-cn0164st 17-cn0168st 17-cn0173st 17-cn0175st 17-cn0275st 17-cn1053cl 17-cn0xxx

HP 17-17-BY0000 Notebook PC Series: 17-by0061cl 17-by0061st 17-by1086cl 17-by3697nr 17-by4013dx 17-by4059cl







Connector size



High-quality wire core, which ensures smoother and more durable current when charging.


It is made of high temperature resistant materials, safe and intelligent



Compatible with HP Notebook 15, 17 Business Notebook 11-d010wm 11-d011wm 11-n010dx 13-c010nr 14-ax020wm 15-ac121dx 15-af131dx 15-ay009dx 15-ay039wm 15-ay041wm 15-d035dx 15-f009wm 15-f010wm 15-f033wm 15-f039wm 15-f211wm 15-f233wm 15-f271wm 15-f272wm 15-f305dx 15-f387wm 15-g019wm 15-g070nr 15-r011dx 15-r029wm 15-r132wm 15-bs289wm 15-f209wm 15-ba018wm 15-dy1074nr 15-cc067cl 15-cs0072wm Power Cord
Compatible P/N: 719309-001 719309-003 721092-001 740015-001 740015-002 740015-003 741727-001 HSTNN-DA35 HSTNN-LA35 HSTNN-CA40 HSTNN-DA40 HSTNN-LA40 tpn-c125 TPN-LA03 845611-001
100% New from Manufacturer, 100% Compatibility With the OEM Laptop AC Charger/Adapter, CE/FCC/ROHS Safety Certificate.
Our Service: Focus On Providing Quality Power Products and Excellent Customer Service,24 x 7 Email Support and12 Months warranty, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee!


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