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The HP Envy M6 Battery is a replacement battery specifically designed for the HP Envy M6 laptop model. It is an essential⁢ accessory for users who are looking for extended battery life and reliability for their device.

One of the prominent features of the HP Envy M6 Battery is its high capacity. It offers a capacity of [insert capacity] mAh, providing users with longer usage times ⁣without the need for frequent⁤ recharges. ⁣This proves to be especially beneficial for individuals who are frequently on the go or those who rely heavily on their laptops for work or entertainment purposes.

Additionally, the HP ​Envy M6 Battery is ‌built with safety in mind. Equipped with built-in⁢ circuit protection, it guards⁤ against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits, ensuring the safety of both⁤ the battery and the laptop itself. This feature brings peace

Product Description for Hp Envy M6 Battery

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Product Description



Welcome to BOWEIRUI

We are a professional laptop/tablet battery provider, dedicated to providing different types of high-quality batteries for our customers to bring their laptops back to life again. Thanks for your choice and trust, Enjoy your shopping!

Please open your laptop case, check and confirm your original battery model and appearance, compared with our battery image, and make sure that’s what you need.

Especially the location of the connector and the cable length (long or short).



How to choose the correct battery?

Method 1: Use System Information to find your laptop model

Step 1: Press “Windows + R” to open the Run window.
Step 2: Type “msinfo32” in the empty box and click OK to open System Information.
Step 3: Keep in the “System Summary” section and you will find the “System Model ” item in the right pane.

Method 2: Open the back cover of the laptop and confirm the battery type and capacity, as well as the model of the laptop.

Step 1: Turn off the laptop and unplug the power cord (to prevent electric shock)
Step 2: Remove the back panel with a screwdriver. (Please proceed with care to avoid damage to the laptop’s components.)
Step 3: Disconnect the cable connected to the battery and remove it. After that, you can check the specifications of your battery.



Battery Specification

Model Name: LP03XL
Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Voltage: 11.4V
Battery Capacity: 55Wh
Battery cells: 3-cell
Condition: 100% New from Manufacturer, Grade A Cell

Replacement for Part Number:

LP03XL, LP03048XL, TPN-C121, TPN-C122, TPN-C124, 807211-121, 807211-221, 807211-241
805094-005, 807417-005, 804072-241, 804072-541



Compatible Laptop Models (Use “Ctrl+F” to find your model quickly)

Hp Envy 14-J Series

Hp Envy 14-j116TX/ 14-j101la/ 14-j109TX/ 14-j010TX/ 14-j118TX/ 14-j102TX/ 14-j111TX/ 14-j004TX/ 14-j012TX/ 14-j120TX/ 14-j006TX/ 14-j104TX/ 14-j113TX/ 14-j014TX/ 14-j106TX/ 14-j122TX/ 14-j115TX/ 14-J001XX/ 14-j108TX/ 14-j009TX/ 14-j101TX/ 14-j110TX/ 14-j011TX/ 14-j119TX

Hp Envy 15-AE Series

Hp Envy 15-AE008NI/ 15-AE004nl/ 15-AE114NB/ 15-AE002NIA/ 15-AE008ur/ 15-AE152SA/ 15-AE101NI/ 15-AE103NM/ 15-AE030ng/ 15-AE105TX/ 15-AE040no/ 15-AE109NM/ 15-AE065na/ 15-AE117NF/ 15-AE130TX/ 15-AE153sa/ 15-AE136TX/ 15-AE190NZ/ 15-AE001np/ 15-AE002nx/ 15-AE109NL/ 14t-j000/ 15-AE007na/ 15-AE142TX/ 15-AE100NK/ 15-AE011ur/ 15-AE102TX/ 15-AE023TX/ 14t-j100 CTO/ 15-AE104NX/ 15-AE034no/ 15-AE107TX/ 15-AE053nw/ 15-AE113NB/ 15-AE123ND/ 15-AE105no/ 15-AE120tx/ 15-AE020TX(N1V55PA)/ 15-AE161NZ/ 15-AE000nk/ 15-AE000NIA/ 15-AE001ur/ 15-AE100NX/ 15-AE004ur/ 15-AE115TX/ 15-AE030NO/ 15-AE009TX/ 15T-AE100 CTO/ 15-AE101NO/ 15-AE103NS/ 15-AE031no/ 15-AE106LA/ 15-AE041TX/ 15-AE109UR/ 15-AE067nz/ 15-AE118NF/ 15-AE102nia/ 15-AE132TX/ 15-AE138TX/ 15-AE017TX(N1V49PA)/ 15-AE196UR/ 15-AE002ur/ 15-AE110NW/ 15-AE007nf/ 15-AE144TX/ 15-AE100NW/ 15-AE012nb/ 15-AE017TX-N1V49PA/ 15-AE103LA/ 15-AE025TX/ 15-AE104UR/ 15-AE035TX/ 15-AE108NF/ 15-AE058na/ 15-AE113TX/ 15-AE100nv/ 15-AE124NF/ 15-AE107na/ 15-AE121TX(P6M36PA)/ 15-AE170NZ/ 15-AE000ns/ 15-AE000NX/ 15-AE002ne/ 15-AE105LA/ 15-AE005ur/ 15-AE119NF/ 15-AE010nl/ 15-AE101TX/ 15-AE103UR/ 15-AE032ng/ 15-AE106NL/ 15-AE042TX/ 15-AE110TX/ 15-AE070nz/ 15-AE120NW/ 15-AE103nf/ 15-AE134TX/ 15-AE103nc/ 15-AE148TX/ 15-AE103NA/ 15-AE199NP/ 15-AE003TX/ 15-AE111TX/ 15-ah000sa/ 15-AE007ur/ 15-AE146TX/ 15-AE101LA/ 15-AE013TX/ 15-AE019TX-N1V51PA/ 15-AE103NG/ 15-AE027TX/ 15-AE105NF/ 15-AE037TX/ 15-AE108NM/ 15-AE061na/ 15-AE115NF/ 15-AE101nk/ 15-AE126NF/ 15-AE112nb/ 15-AE019TX(N1V51PA)/ 15-AE180NZ/ 15-AE003NE/ 15-AE002nk/ 15-AE107NF/ 15-AE006ng/ 15-AE128TX/ 15-AE076CA/ 15-AE010ur/ 15-AE102NE/ 15-AE001NT/ 15-AE104NF/ 15-AE106TX/ 15-AE046nd/ 15-AE111NL/ 15-AE090nz/ 15-AE121ND/ 15-AE104nl/ 15-AE136NZ/ 15-AE124tx(P6M39PA)/ 15-AE151TX/ 15-AH150NA/ 15-AE004nf/ 15-AE112TX/ 15-AE008TX/ 15-AE149TX/ 15-AE101NF/ 15-AE015na/ 15-AE103NI/ 15-AE029TX/ 15-AE105NS/ 15-AE039TX/ 15-AE109NG/ 15-AE061sa/ 15-AE116TX/ 15-AE101nt/ 15-AE127TX/ 15-AE133ng/ 15-AE187NZ/ 15-AE001nk/ 15-AE006NIA/ 15-AE002nu/ 15-AE108TX/ 15-AE006ur/ 15-AE141TX/ 15-AE100NF/ 15-AE011TX/ 15-AE102NO/ 15-AE022TX/ 14T-J100/ 15-AE104NO/ 15-AE033TX/ 15-AE107NP/ 15-AE050nw/ 15-AE112NL/ 15-AE100nia/ 15-AE121TX/ 15-AE105na/ 15-AE122tx(P6M37PA)/ 15-AE160NZ/ 15-AE062NIA/ 15-AE114TX/ 15-AE012UR/ 15-AE101NM/ 15-AE103NO/ 15-AE030TX/ 15-AE105UR/ 15-AE040TX/ 15-AE109TX/ 15-AE065sa/ 15-AE117TX/ 15-AE102nf/ 15-AE131TX/ 15-AE154na/ 15-AE137TX/ 15-AE195UR/ 15-AE001TX/ 15-AE002TX/ 15-AE110NL/ 15-AE007ne/ 15-AE143TX/ 15-AE100NQ/ 15-AE012la/ 15-AE016TX-N1V48PA/ 15-AE102UR/ 15-AE024TX/ 15-AE104TX/ 15-AE034TX/ 15-AE107UR/ 15-AE113NF/ 15-AE100ns/ 15-AE123NF/ 15-AE106no/ 15-AE140tx/ 15-AE166NZ/ 15-AE000np/ 15-AE000NV/ 15-AE002na/ 15-AE103NX/ 15-AE005TX/ 15-AE118TX/ 15-AE009ur/ 15-AE101NX/ 15-AE031TX/ 15-AE106NF/ 15-AE000/ 15-AE016TX(N1V48PA)/ 15-AE017TX (N1V49PA)/ 15-AE018TX(N1V50PA)/ 15-AE019TX(N1V51PA)/ 15-AE020TX(N1V55PA)/ 15-AE021TX(N1V56PA)/ 15-AE122TX/ 15-AE124TX/ 15-AE125TX

HP Envy M6-P Series

Hp Envy M6-P113DX, Hp Envy M6-P013DX

Maintenance Methods

Maintenance Methods





Battery Maintenance Methods for Optimal Use

When you get the new battery, discharge the battery to 5% (not 0%), then charge it to 95%, and cycle 3-4 times to wake up the new battery.
The important point is to perform a full discharge and charge every other month to extend the battery life.
Do not connect the adapter for a long time while using the battery. It may damage the battery.
Avoid artificial shocks, disassembly, crush or puncture. Do not dispose of it in fire or water.

Troubleshooting Methods

Could be caused by a battery loose. Please remove the battery and try to install it more than once.
This may be due to conductive material damage which the laptop motherboard and battery anode and cathode contact position, you can try to confirm it with your original battery.
Check whether the battery drive is in normal condition, if not, download the corresponding driver software to update.
Take out the battery and press the power button for about 15 seconds to consume the internal residual power (Do not connect the power cord), and then reinstall the battery. You can try several times.

True Capacity

The battery capacity is designed to meet the OEM’s specifications, be stable and last longer, provide stronger power for your laptop, and not falsely labeled battery capacity.
Problems you may encounter when installing a new battery
Q: The battery cannot be identified by your laptop or it doesn’t seem to work. That may be caused by different situations.



Package Included:

1 X Battery
Matching installation tools
1 X Instruction manual

Replacement for Part Number : LP03XL LP03048XL HSTNN-DB6X HSTNN-DB7C HSTNN-UB6R TPN-C121 TPN-C122 TPN-C124 805094-005 804072-241 807211-121 807211-221 807211-241 807417-005 804072-541 807211-241.
Replacement for :For Hp Envy 14-J Series, Hp Envy 15T-AE 15T-AE000 Series, Hp Envy 15-AE000 Series, Envy 15-AE016TX(N1V48PA), Envy 15-AE017TX (N1V49PA), Envy 15-AE018TX(N1V50PA), Envy 15-AE019TX(N1V51PA), Envy 15-AE020TX(N1V55PA), Envy 15-AE021TX(N1V56PA), Envy 15-AE122TX, ENVY 15-AE124TX, Envy 15-AE125TX, Hp Envy M6-P, Envy M6-P113DX ,M6-P M6-P013DX.
Warranty : 12 months’ warranty;30-day money back guarantee.
Support : any question, please contact us first, customer service team will help you to solve any problem.


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