Hp Envy X360 Laptop Charger


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The HP Envy X360‌ Laptop Charger is a ⁤high-quality power supply unit designed⁣ specifically for compatible HP ‌Envy X360 laptops. This charger operates with a 45W power ‌output and is ⁤equipped with a standard US ​3-prong plug ‍for easy‌ connection to power outlets.

One of the notable features of the HP Envy X360 ‌Laptop Charger is its compact and portable⁢ design, making it suitable for use both at home and on the go. Its lightweight build allows for easy ‌transportation in ⁣a laptop bag or ‌backpack, ensuring that you can always have a⁢ reliable​ power supply when needed.

Furthermore, the charger is ​built⁢ with over-current protection, voltage‌ protection, and short-circuit protection mechanisms. These ‌safety features ensure the charger operates efficiently and prevents‍ any potential damage ⁣to your laptop from power-related issues. This makes‌ it ⁤a

Product Description for Hp Envy X360 Laptop Charger

Price: $39.99 - $29.99
(as of Nov 11,2023 10:58:16 UTC – Details)

Upgrade your laptop charging experience with our new Slim 90W HP USB-C Laptop Charger. With lightning-fast charging, this compact and lightweight charger is perfect for on-the-go use. It is compatible with HP X360 Chromebook, Spectre, Envy, Elitebook, Pavilion, Elite x2, and more. Our charger provides a reliable power boost, ensuring the stability and safety of your device. Get the most out of your working sessions with our powerful and efficient charger. Invest in top-of-the-line hardware compatibility and durability. Simplify your charging needs with our USB-C Laptop Charger.

Compitable with HP 90W 65W 45W USB-C Laptop Charger:
HP Spectre X360 Charger:
X2 12-A000 12-AB000 13-C000: 12-a001tu 12-a001cy 12-a001dx 12-a008nr 12-a009nr 12-ab010nr 12-c012dx 12-c052nr 12-c053nr
13 Series 13-AC000 13-AE000 13-AF000 13-AK0000 13-AP0000 13-AW0000 13-W000 13-V000:
13-ac023dx 13-ac033dx 13-ac013dx 13-ac063dx;13-ae010ca 13-ae011dx 13-ae012dx 13-ae013dx 13-ae014dx 13-ae015dx 13-ae051nr 13-ae052nr
13-ae055nr 13-ae091ms 13-af012dx 13-af002na 13-af003na 13-af051nr 13-af097tu 13-ak0015nr 13-ak0013dx 13-ak0023dx
13-aw0003dx 13-ap0013dx 13-ap0023dx 13-ap0033dx 13-ap0038nr 13-ap0039nr 13-ap0042nr 13-ap0043dx 13-ap0046nr 13-ap0048nr 13-ap0053dx 13-ap0068ms
13-w060nz 13-w023dx 13-w013dx 13-w063nr 13-w084nz 13-w037tu 13-v001dx 13-v010ca 13-v011dx 13-v039TU 13-v040TU
14-ef1047nr 14-ef2047nr 14-ef0747nr 14-ef0797nr
15 Series 15-BL000 15-CH000:15-bl012dx 15-bl112dx 15-bl152nr 15-bl075nr 15-ch011dx 15-ch011nr 15-ch075nr 15-ch012nr

HP pavilion usb c charger Pavilion X2 12-B000 10-N000 10-P000:
12-b010nr 12-b017ca 12-b012ca 12-b020nr 12-b004tu 12-b096ms
12-B004NL 12-B005NF 10-p012nr 10-p010nr 10-p018wm 10-p020nr 10-p018wm 10-n103na 10-n054sa 10-n103na
HP Pavilion Plus 14-eh0035nr 14-eh0097nr 14-eh1047nr
HP Pavilion 13-be2047nr 14-dv2097nr 14-eh1047nr 14-dy1097nr 14-ek0097nr 14-ec1097nr AMS 14-dw0097nr 15-eg1073cl
15-eg2097nr 15-eg3097nr 15-eh2097nr 15-eh3047nr 15-er1047nr AMS 17-cd1023nr

HP Chromebook charger:
11-AE:11-ae051wm 14-ca051nr 11-ae001tu 11-ae027nr;11-ae001nr 11-ae002nr 11-ae010nr 11-ae020nr 11-ae027nr 11-ae030nr 11-ze040nr
11-ae044cl 11-ae051wm 11-ae091wm 11-ae110nr 11-ae120nr 11-ae131nr 11-ae161cl 11A-NA 11A-NB 12B-CA: 11a-na0010nr 11a-na0015wm
11a-na0021nr 11a-na0030nr 11a-na0035nr 11a-na0040nr 11a-na0060nr 11a-nb0013dx 12b-ca0005cl 12b-ca0010nr
14-CA 14-DA 14-DB 14A-NA 14A-CA 14B-CA 14C-CA:14-CA051WM 14-CA043CL CA003CL CA091WM 14-CA020NR 14-CA021NR 14-CA023NR 14-CA030NR
14-CA040NR 14-CA050NR 14-CA051WM 14-CA052WM 14-CA060NR 14-CA061NR 14-CA070NR 14-CA091WM 14-CA092WM 14-ca061dx 14-ca010nr 14-ca137nr
14-ca005cl 14-ca003cl 14-ca052nr 14-da0003tu 14-da0011dx 14-da0021nr 14-db0050nr 14-db0020nr 14-db0023dx 14-db0025dx 14-db0030nr
14-db0031nr 14-db0050nr 14-db0051nr 14-db0055cl 14-db0060nr 14a-na0010nr 14a-na0020nr na0022od 14b-ca0010nr 14b-ca0013dx 14b-ca0015cl
14b-ca0023dx 14b-ca0025cl 14b-ca0036nr 14b-ca0061wm

HP Google Chromebook 11 G1 EE / 11 G2 EE /11 G7 EE / 11 G6 EE / 11A G6 EE /13 G1 / 14 G1 /14 G5 /14A G5/14 G6

HP Envy X2 12-E000 13-G000:12-e011nr 12-e068ms 12-e091ms 12-g018nr
HP ENVY X360 13-bf0747nr 13-bf0797nr 15-es2747nr 15-eu1747nr 15-ew0747nr 15-ew0797nr 15-ey0747nr 15-ey0797nr
15-ew1047nr HP ENVY Laptop 15-ep0098nr 17-cr1087nr 16-h0747nr 16-h0787nr 17-cr0747nr 17-ch2747nr

HP Probook USB-C Charger:
HP Probook X360 650 G4;455 640 650 G5;430 440 445 450 450R 455 G6 G7;430 440 450 G8;11 G3 EE;HP Pro x2 612 G2 tablet

HP OMEN Gaming Laptop 16-wf0097nr 16-k0747nr 16-k0797nr 16-n0747nr 16-n0797nr 17-cm2047nr 16-b1747nr 16-b1797nr 17-ck1010nr 17-ck1747nr
Victus Gaming Laptop 16-r0097nr

EASY TO CARRY, ON-THE-GO CHARGER – Take your power with you wherever you go! Our type c computer charger is conveniently compact and lightweight, making it the perfect travel companion for your extended workdays or vacations.
WIDE COMPATIBILITY THAT FITS YOUR NEEDS – Experience a hassle-free charging experience with broad compatibility options. This 90W 65-watt-usb-c-charger works seamlessly with HP Chromebook X360, Spectre X360, Envy X360, Elitebook, Elitebook, Pavilion, Elite x2, ProBook,fit for Lenovo,Thinkpad,Samsung,dell,Acer, ASUS and many more brands. No more hunting around for the right charger!
RELIABLE POWER BOOST – Our 90W chromebook charger replacement ensures the stability and safety of your laptop by providing a consistent power supply. No more worries about fluctuating or low-quality chargers damaging your device – we’ve got you covered.
POWERFUL AND EFFICIENT PERFORMANCE – With cutting-edge technology, our type-c-computer-charger delivers optimum power to your device, saving you valuable time and maximizing efficiency. Get the most out of your working sessions.
YOUR DEVICE DESERVES THE BEST – Invest in top-of-the-line hardware compatibility and durability with our high-quality, professional-grade USB-C Charger. With sturdy construction materials and advanced circuitry, it’s built to last.
MAKES YOUR LIFE EASIER – Simplify your charging needs with our usb c charger laptop. Whether you’re a professional on-the-go, a student, or a business traveler, our charger provides reliable and premium-quality power whenever you need it.


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