Hp Pavilion X360 Convertible Battery


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The HP Pavilion ⁤X360 Convertible Battery is a high-quality and efficient battery ​specially designed‌ for ⁣the HP Pavilion X360 Convertible laptops. ​This battery⁣ provides a reliable and long-lasting power supply, allowing users to use their laptops without any interruption.

One of the main features of‍ this battery is its high capacity, which ensures prolonged usage time. With a​ capacity of XX watt-hours, it can support the laptop for extended periods,⁣ making it⁢ perfect ⁣for travelers, students, or professionals ⁢who ‌are always ⁤on the go.

The HP Pavilion X360 Convertible Battery is also known for its durability and reliability. It is ‌made from quality materials, ensuring a longer lifespan ⁢and resistance to ‌wear and tear. This means users can rely on it‌ as their primary ‌power source without worries of ​sudden power failures‍ or loss of charge.

Another noteworthy feature is‌ its quick charge

Product Description for Hp Pavilion X360 Convertible Battery

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Product Description










Voltage: 11.55V


Battery Condition: Brand New

Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Compatible Part Numbers:

PC03XL HSTNN-OB1W M24421-271 M24421-AC1 M24648-005 PC03043XL TPN-DB0E

PCO3XL PC03 PCO3 3ICP5/68/73

Package included :

1* battery+1*tool



Compatible Machine Models:

HP Pavilion X360 14-DW 14-DW0000 series:

14-DW1095CL 14-DW1051CL 14-DW1023DX 14-DW0021NA 14-DW0955ND 14-DW0158NG

14-DW1011NL 14-DW0097NR 14-DW1024NR 14-DW1025NR 14-DW1134NR 14-DW0521SA

14-DW0136TU 14-DW1020TU 14-DW1021TU 14-DW1039TU 14-DW1040TU 14-DW1514TU


HP Pavilion X360 14-DY 14-DY0000 series:

14-DY2095CL 14-DY0012LA 14-DY0016NA 14-DY0018NF 14-DY0008NF 14-DY0157NG 14-DY0243NG

14-DY0732NG 14-DY0002NH 14-DY0005NH 14-DY0097NR 14-DY1097NR 14-DY2035NR 14-DY0003NS 14-DY0026T 14-DY0018TU 14-DY0113TU

HP Pavilion x360 14 14M-DY 14M-DY0000 series:

14M-DY0113DX 14M-DY1033DX 14M-DY0013DX

HP Pavilion X360 14-DH 14-DH0000 series:

14-DH004LA 14-DH1008LA 14-DH267LCL 14-DH1937ND 14-DH1153NG 14-DH1007NL 14-DH1005NR 14-DH2075NR 14-DH0525SA

14-DH1177TU 14-DH1178TU 14-DH0006TX 14-DH1062TX 14-DH1038TX 14-DH2051WM

HP Pavilion X360 14-BA 14-BA0000 series:

14-BA253CL 14-BA125CL 14-BA153CL 14-BA125CL 14-BA110NR 14-BA190NZ

HP Pavilion X360 14-CD 14-CD0000 series:

14-CD1053CL 14-CD1055CL 14-CD2053CL 14-CD0004LA 14-CD0520NA 14-CD0011NR 14-CD1075NR 14-CD0005NX 14-CD1511SA

14-CD0061TU 14-CD0081TU 14-CD1021TU HP Pavilion x360 14 14-EK 14-EK0000 14-EK0033DX 14-EK0013DX

HP Pavilion X360 15-ER series:

15-ER0056CL 15-ER0950ND 15-ER0960ND 15-ER0002NF 15-ER0014NF 15-ER0024NF 15-ER0133NG 15-ER0155NG 15-ER0210NG

15-ER0355NG 15-ER0537NG 15-ER0755NG 15-ER0779NG 15-ER0000NH 15-ER0001NH 15-ER0002NH 15-ER0427NO 15-ER0095NR

15-ER0097NR 15-ER0776NZ 15-ER0125OD 15-ER0225OD 15-ER0006UR







Install A New Battery:

1,Disconnect the connection between the old battery and the motherboard to avoid unnecessary damage caused by disassembling the battery. Then unscrew the old battery screws one by one and carefully save each.

2, Remove the old battery, carefully install the new battery on the battery case, and connect the wiring of the new battery.

3, If you don’t understand the above steps, you can search for the video about laptop battery installation on YouTube. Maybe it will help you

Battery can’t be recognized by my laptop:

Remove all battery drivers

Remove battery

Connect laptop using AC charger, double check no battery drivers installed

Connect battery

Drivers will install automatically

Full charge the battery by ac adapter

Leave charger and let the battery drain to shut off

Unparalleled Expertise:

We’ve been doing this for the many years.

We know how to get the most out of our batteries for you.

The safety and longevity of battery is our goal for the buyer.

Before placing an order, please open the back cover of your laptop,

check and confirm your original battery model and appearance,

and compare with our battery pictures to ensure that this is what you need.

It helps you to buy the correct battery

【Compatible P/N】PC03XL HSTNN-OB1W M24421-271 M24421-AC1 M24648-005 PC03043XL TPN-DB0E PCO3XL PC03 PCO3 3ICP5/68/73.
【Compatible Models】for HP Pavilion X360 14-DW 14-DW1023DX 14-DW0021NA series; for HP Pavilion X360 14-DY 14-DY0016NA 14-DY0018NF series; for HP Pavilion x360 14 14M-DY 14M-DY0000 series; for HP Pavilion X360 14-DH 14-DH1937ND 14-DH1153NG series; for HP Pavilion X360 14-BA 14-BA110NR 14-BA190NZ series; for HP Pavilion X360 14-CD 14-CD0004LA 14-CD0520NA series; for HP Pavilion X360 14-EK0000 14-EK0033DX 14-EK0013DX series; for HP Pavilion X360 15-ER 15-ER0056CL 15-ER0950ND series
【DG Quality】Grade A cells mitigate the risk of battery leakage and maximize output stability. Built-in circuit protection, enhances safety of usage and extends battery life.
【DG TIPS】For the initial installation, please reinstall and check the interface fully connected, discharge the battery to 5%(not to 0%) and then charge to 95%, and cycle 3-4 times.


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