Hp Pavilion X360 Laptop Battery Replacement


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The HP Pavilion X360​ Laptop Battery Replacement is a reliable and ‌efficient solution‌ for individuals who own the HP Pavilion ⁤X360 laptop and​ are⁤ seeking ⁢to ⁤replace their battery. This⁣ replacement battery is specifically designed to‌ fit the HP Pavilion​ X360 ‌model, ensuring a perfect fit and compatibility.

One of the key features⁤ of the HP Pavilion X360 Laptop Battery Replacement ⁢is its excellent performance and longevity. ‌It is engineered with high-quality lithium-ion ⁣cells that provide​ a stable and consistent power supply⁣ to your laptop. With a capacity of [insert capacity], ​this battery‌ allows for extended ‍hours of usage, without the ​need⁣ for frequent recharging.

Furthermore, ⁣the HP Pavilion X360 Laptop Battery ‍Replacement is equipped with advanced​ safety features to ‌protect against overcharging and overheating. This ‌ensures⁤ the safety of your laptop⁣ and prevents any potential ⁢damage caused by power surges or

Product Description for Hp Pavilion X360 Laptop Battery Replacement

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Product Description



How to choose the correct of battery?

How to choose the correct of battery?

How to choose the correct of battery?

Methord 1: You have to find your specific laptop model before ordering a correct battery.

Step 1: Press Windows + R to open Run window.
Step 2: Input “msinfo32” in the empty box and click OK to open System Information.
Step 3: Keep in the System Summary section, and you will find the System Model item in the right pane.

Methord 2: Take the battery out of your computer and see the model of your battery.

Step 1: Switch off the laptop and unplug the power cable in case of electric shock.
Step 2: Remove the back panel with the screwdriver. You should to this with care avoiding any harm to the laptop components.
Step 3: Disconnect the cable connected to the battery and then take out the battery. After that, you can check the specifications of your battery.

PV03XL Laptop Battery

PV03XL Laptop Battery

PV03XL Laptop Battery Replacement for HP Pavilion x360

Main Features:

Economical alternative to costly OEM batteries.
100% compatible to meet OEM specifications for safety and performance.

Main Benefits:

True capacity.
Constructed of high quality materials and circuit board to ensure durability and performance.
Grade A cells – Ensure longer life and dirability.
Smart control chip – Quicker charging, lower power consumption and longer discharge time.
Built in multi-protection functions – short circuit, overheat & overload.
Up to 1000 recharge cycles.

About EFOHANA Laptop Battereies

We are committed to create high quality Electronics Products and positioning is high quality, simplicity and durability.Our new replacement batteries use premium battery cells and are made of the highest quality materials for an overall life expectancy of over 1000 charge cycles. Bring your laptop back to life.


Model Name: PV03XL
Battery type: Li-ion
Capacity: 43.3Wh/3560mAh
Cells: 3-cell
Condition: 100% New from Manufacturer

Replacement Part Number:

PV03XL / PP03XL / L83388-421 / M01144-005 / L83393-005 / L83388-AC1 / M01148-421 / M01118-AC1 / HSTNN-LB8S / HSTNN-DB9X / HSTNN-OB1P / 3ICP/5/68/73 / PPO3XL / PVO3XL

Compatible Models (use “Ctrl+F” to find your model quickly)

For HP Pavilion x360 13-BB 13-BB0000 series:

13-bb0xxx 13-BB0000NC 13-BB0005TU 13-BB0013NF 13-BB0014TU 13-BB0015CL 13-BB0015TU 13-BB0047NR 13-BB0062TU 13-BB0069TU 13-BB0075TU 13-BB0750NG

For HP Pavilion x360 14-DV 14-DV0000 series:

14-dv0xxx 14-DV0003TX 14-DV0004TX 14-DV0005TX 14-DV0006TX 14-DV0007TX 14-DV0008TX 14-DV0009TX 14-DV0165ST

For HP Pavilion x360 14-DK 14-DK0000 series:

DK1032WM 14-DK1035WM 14-DK1025WM 14-DK1022WM 14-DK0002DX 14-DK1013DX 14-DK1003DX 14-DK0028WM 14- DK0022WM

For HP Pavilion x360 14M-DW 14M-DW0000 series:

14m-dw0xxx 14m-dw0023dx 14m-dw1023dx 14m-dw1013dx 14m-dw0013dx 14m-dw1033dx

For HP Pavilion x360 14-DW000 series:

14-dw0xxx 14-dw1xxx 14-DW1024NR 14-DW1025NR 14-DW1095CL 14-dw0013dx 14-dw1010wm 14-dw1085cl 14-dw1038tu 14-dw1036tu 14-dw1002ne 14-dw1047tu 14-dw1048tu 14-dw1040tu

For HP Pavilion x360 15-EH 15-EH0000 series:

15-EH0050WM 15-EH1070WM 15-EH1052WM 15-EH1097NR 15-EH0076NR 15-EH1085CL 15-EH2097NR

Grade A Cell

Grade A Cell

Top Circuit Boards and Smart Chip

Top Circuit Boards and Smart Chip

Product details

Product details

100% Compatible

100% Compatible

Grade A Cells

We wanted to deliver a battery that doesn’t only only last long, but also safe for use. We’ve incorporated Grade A battery cells to ensure longer battery life, durability, and lower power consumption. All of our batteries offer 1000+ recharge cycles over life of battery.

Top circuit boards and smart chip

Each battery contains built in multi-protection functions such as short circuit, overheat & overload for maximum safety.

Product details

Power Interface: Gold-plated connector points to ensure current transport excellently and serve stably.
Enclosure: The enclosure is made of ABS + PC high quality material, it has high temperature resistant function to protect your laptop overheat.
Battery Buckle: The battery buckle is closely connected to the laptop, and the metal interface is stably powered.

100% compatible

All of our batteries are brand new and are 100% compatible to meet OEM specifications for safety and efficiency. Same size as original battery, Don’t worry about assembly and adaptation issues.









Install A New Battery:

You need to turn off your laptop and disconnect the power.
Disconnect the connection between the old battery and the motherboard to avoid unnecessary damage caused by disassembling the battery. Then unscrew the old battery screws one by one and carefully save each screw.
Remove the old battery, carefully install the new battery on the battery case, screw in the screw, and connect the wiring of the new battery.
If you don’t understand the above steps, you can search for the video about laptop battery installation on YouTube. Maybe it will help you.

Laptop Maintenance Tips:

New battery: For use a new battery, you’d better try a few cycles of discharging to 5%. then charging up to 95%. So that it can be activated completely.
Overuse: Do not always run out of a battery to 0%, this would make it damaged or usage life shortened.
Charging sequence: when charging, first install the battery, then turn on the power, when fully charged, first cut off the power, then pull the power plug.
Long-term storage:Please store the unused battery fully charged.(Charge it once a month) Do not store at low power to prevent reduce the lifespan of a battery.

The following are troubleshooting: methods:

Turn off the laptop.
Unplug AC power.
Remove the battery.
Replace AC power.
Turn on laptop,allow OS to boot.
Once logged in to the machine,perform a normal shut donw.
Unplug AC power.
Replace battery.

Why should we choose efohana battery?

About battery safety: Compatible with laptop, safety and stability.
Regarding the capacity of the battery: The capacity of the new battery cell consumes power slowly and has little loss.
About battery life: The average life of a brand new battery is 2-4 years.

【Replace Part Number】PV03XL PP03XL HSTNN-LB8S HSTNN-DB9X HSTNN-OB1P M01144-005 M01148-421 L83388-421 L83388-AC1 L83393-005 PPO3XL PVO3XL 3ICP/5/68/73.
【Compatible Models】HP Pavilion x360 13-BB 13-BB0000 13-bb0000nc 13-bb0005TU 13-bb0013nf 14-DV 14-dv0000 14-dv0003TX 14-dv0004TX 14-dv0005TX 14-dv0006TX 14M-DW 14M-DW0000 14M-DW0023DX 14m-dw1023dx 14-DK 14-DK0000 14-dv0003TX 14-dv0004TX 14-dv0005TX 14-dw000 14-dw1024nr 14-dw1025nr 14-dw1095cl series; HP Pavilion x360 15-EH 15-EH0000 15-eh0050wm 15-eh1070wm 15-eh1052wm series.
【Safe and secure】PV03XL HP laptop battery replacement have passed UL/CE-/FCC-/RoHS safety certification, and have passed a series of tests such as short circuit, overheating, and overload protection before shipment.Grade A cells ensure fast charges and low power consumption.
【After-sales】Refund in 30 days ,90 days free replacement,12 months warranty. 24h*7 Mail support.We specialize in providing quality power products and quality customer service.If anything goes wrong, we will replace your battery with a new one or refund you.


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