Ice Cream With Jimmies

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Brand Baker’s Choice
Color Rainbow
Weight 10 Ounces
Specialty Kosher
Allergen Information Dairy Free, SoyAbout this item
BAKING SPRINKLES: Add our delicious sprinkles for baking to your batters and doughs. Create masterpieces with our sprinkles for cake decorating. Use it as toppings for pancakes, cake, cupcake or cookies.
ICE CREAM TOPPING: Our gourmet ice cream sprinkles are the perfect addition for all your ice cream sundae toppings. Sprinkle them over syrups, sauces, whipped cream and other garnishments to add a touch of added flavor, a pop of color and tasty crunch.
EASY TO USE: The two sided sprinkle top lid makes it easy to pour or shake our fancy sprinkles over foods and desserts without making a mess. The perforated and wide opening makes it’s easy for kids to use too. Resealable container keeps our ice cream and cake sprinkles fresh always!
QUALITY PRODUCTS: Baker’s Choice premium quality baking ingredients provide the best flavor and taste. We search around the world for unique flavors to help make your baked goods taste spectacular!
KOSHER: Our jimmies sprinkles are certified kosher by STAR K and NSK. They are Non Dairy, Trans Fat Free and Vegan.Baker’s Choice Rainbow Jimmies Sprinkles add flavor, texture and color to your favorite sweets and desserts. With our wide variety of sprinkles and ice cream toppings to choose from you can make all of your homemade goodies just the way you like. Add vibrant colors with our colored and rainbow sprinkles or satisfy your chocolate cravings with our chocolate sprinkles. Ice cream isn’t complete without our gourmet ice cream sprinkles and our sprinkle top lid makes it easy to pour, easy to use with no mess.
Decorate desserts for holidays and special occasions. They’re the ideal sprinkles for cookie decorating and can be used for all cake sprinkles and toppings. These baking sprinkles will instantly add fun, color and flavor to your brownies, cake pops, donuts, pretzels, candied apples and all traditional dessert dishes. The flip top bottle features two openings that make shaking and pouring easy.
Available Colors and Flavors:
Rainbow Sprinkles
Chocolate Sprinkles
Blue Sprinkles
Green Sprinkles
Orange Sprinkles
Pink Sprinkles
Red Sprinkles
White Sprinkles
Yellow Sprinkles
Our value pack bulk sprinkles ensure that your pantry is stocked at all times so you can make all of your signature dessert. It’s perfect for big families and it stays fresh for as long as you need it. Shop smart and invest in long-lasting quality baking ingredients and sprinkles bulk. All of our candy toppings are perfect for all types of parties, birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.
At Baker’s Choice, we believe it’s all about quality. Established in 1997, we’ve been working hard to provide ready-made baking ingredients for our customers. We source the globe for a unique variety of premium quality ingredients to make our toppings and dessert decorations. You can count on our fresh ingredients to make your signature treats even more delicious.

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