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The “Infiniti Car Tracker” is a cutting-edge GPS ​tracking system designed specifically for Infiniti vehicles. ‍This innovative device offers a comprehensive range of features ⁣that prioritize the safety and security of ⁢your ‍Infiniti car.

One ‍of the primary features⁢ of the⁣ “Infiniti Car ⁣Tracker” is its real-time GPS ‌tracking⁣ capability. This allows you to monitor the exact location‍ of your vehicle at any​ given time. With the help of advanced satellite‌ technology, you can access ⁤accurate location data through ⁣a user-friendly interface on your mobile device or ​computer. This feature​ comes⁣ in handy if⁣ your car gets stolen or​ misplaced, enabling you to quickly pinpoint its whereabouts ‍and take appropriate action.

In addition to real-time tracking, ‌the‌ “Infiniti Car Tracker” ‌also ‍provides geofencing technology. With this‌ feature, you‍ can set up virtual ⁤fences or boundaries ​for your vehicle.

Product Description for Infiniti Car Tracker

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Product Description

SinoTrack Logo

SinoTrack Logo

SinoTrack GPS Tracker for Vehicle ST-908L–Instant Usage with Complimentary SIM Card

SinoTrack GPS Tracker for Vehicle ST908L

SinoTrack GPS Tracker for Vehicle ST908L

Why Choose SinoTrack GPS Tracker ST-908L?

Without Additional Costs First Use: With the added convenience of a complimentary SIM card offering 1 month’s free use, start using this device immediately. Warm Tips: $5/month fee to Speedtalk if you choose to continue to our SIM card after the free 30-day introductory period. Otherwise, you are free any SIM card you wish with the device.

Reliablity: SinoTrack Team is a professional GPS tracker manufacturer with years of industry experience and technical strength. Our GPS trackers undergo strict quality control and have stable and reliable performance.

Multi-functionality: ST-908L GPS trackers have real-time positioning, historical track playback, electronic fences, speeding alarms, and so on. These functions can meet the needs of different users and provide all-round vehicle management and security.

High Battery Capacity: The 3000mAh battery capacity can provide long battery life and ensure the car GPS tracker can keep working for a longer time. It is useful for long-distance traveling, the inability to recharge in time, or when you need to monitor your vehicle for a long period of time.

Low Power: With low power consumption maximize battery life. Perform smart sleep and wake-up, and activate the positioning function only when needed to reduce power consumption.

Support Energy Saving Mode: Set to reduce power consumption and extend battery life. Users can adjust the positioning frequency and positioning mode according to their needs to balance the accuracy and endurance.

SOS Function: Press the button 4 times in succession to initiate an SOS alert. Quickly sends an SOS signal to the control number person in an emergency for prompt assistance and help. Provides an extra level of security and peace of mind.

Quality service: SinoTrack is committed to providing users with quality pre-sales and after-sales service. We have a professional team that can answer users’ questions and provide Q&A service on time.

Free to seamlessly track and manage all the connected GPS trackers–“SinoTrack PRO”

Sinotrack GPS Tracker ST-908L has alarm function about overspeed, sos, gep fence,shake alert

Sinotrack GPS Tracker ST-908L has alarm function about overspeed, sos, gep fence,shake alert

Additional Features Enhance Convenience and Safety

Shake Alarm:

When the object where the GPS tracker is located vibrates, the ST-908L GPS locator will automatically trigger an alarm and send an alert message via SMS. It can help users to detect the object being moved or stolen in time and take appropriate measures.

Speed Alert:

Set speed thresholds to monitor vehicle speed and receive alerts when speeding, promoting safe driving habits.


Protect your loved ones, pet,s or valuables by setting up a geo-fence to be notified as soon as a tracked item enters or leaves a designated area.

SOS Button:

Use the SOS button to send an SOS signal in an emergency, instantly notifying a designated contact and providing precise location information for quick action.

At the same time, the ST-908L GPS tracker will record the time and location information of the vibration/speeding/entry/exit fence/SOS, etc., and upload it to the cloud server.

Users can log in to their account via mobile phone “SinoTrack PRO” or computer to view the relevant information in order to understand the movement trajectory and status of the object in real time.

It can help users find out the car being moved or stolen in time and take corresponding measures.

Real-time, Portable, High Battery Capaticy, SOS Alert

Voice monitoring

Voice monitoring

ST-908L Size Detail

ST-908L Size Detail

3000mAh Recharge Battery

3000mAh Recharge Battery

SOS Control

SOS Control

Built-in Microphone

It is able to understand the environmental situation around the monitored object in real-time and transmit it to the user side to achieve the function of remote monitoring. For example, conversations occurring in the car, background noise, etc.

Lightweight and Portable

The mini design makes it easier to hide or attach the GPS locator to items that need to be tracked, such as key chains, luggage, vehicles, etc. Some locators can even be placed in pockets or attached to pets.

3000mAh Recharge Battery

The reliability and stability of high-capacity batteries can support long periods of use, and the Type-C charging port is convenient. No worry about frequent charging or battery failure.

One-button SOS Function

Press the button 4 times in succession to initiate an SOS alert. Quickly sends an SOS signal to the appropriate person in an emergency for prompt assistance and help. Provides an extra level of security and peace of mind.

Easy to Use& APP No Monthly Fee—Active SIM, Insert SIM, Download “SinoTrack PRO”, Click to Star

Easy to Set& No Month Fee APP

Easy to Set& No Month Fee APP

The SIM and tracker user manual are included, you also can refer to the listing video.

STEP 1: Activate SIM.

Visit speedtalk com to activate the SIM card, please see the SIM user manual.

STEP 2: Insert the SIM. (Chip facing down, notch facing left)

Unscrew the screws, open the cover, and waterproof the pad.Please note the direction of the SIM card installation, the side with the chip is down and the side with the notch is to the left, refer to the picture in the attachment.

STEP 3: Download the “SinoTrack PRO” and Login

Server: SinoTrack

Account: ID on the tracker

Password: 123456

STEP 4: Turn on the tracker

Charge for 1 hour. Press the button after inserting the SIM to start the tracker.

Yellow and blue lights flash when searching network and GPS.

Wait in an area with a strong signal, such as by a window or outside, for 5 minutes until both lights turn on.

Security for Your Famliy, Young Women, Elderly, Child

SinoTrack GPS tracker for family and child

SinoTrack GPS tracker for family and child

4G Network-Enables high-speed and stable data transmission

SinoTrack GPS tracker ST-908L has 4G network coverage, which means that it can anywhere in the United States will be able to connect to the network and transmit location information in real-time. It provides a reliable solution for the safety of family members, children, and women living alone.

By using a GPS locator, family members can track their location in real-time to ensure their safety. Especially for children and women living alone, this technology can keep them in a safer environment and provide emergency help.

Moreover, equipped with an emergency help button, an SOS alert can be sent at the press of a button to notify friends, family or relevant organizations.Whether it’s during the day or in the event of an emergency, a GPS locator can provide them with a greater sense of safety and security.

By using SinoTrack 4G GPS locator, family members and women living alone are able to go about their daily activities with greater confidence, while giving loved ones greater peace of mind.

Package Included

Package included

Package included

Troubleshooting (check the last page of the manual for details):

If the device does not work normally, please check the following conditions

A. Check that the SIM card is activated according to the instructions
B. Check whether there is a SIM card inserted
C. Check the SIM card insertion direction (Chip facing down, notch facing left)
D. The device is out of battery, it is recommended to charge the device for one hour before using it.
E. Insert the card and press the round button once to turn on the device.
F. Yellow light keeps flashing when the network cannot be found, move the tracker to another location.
G. Make sure you’ve turned ON the power in the device, and place it in a good reception area.

SIM Card Included: Enjoy a 1-month trial of the SIM card service with the ST-908L tracker device for vehicles. Simply activate the SIM card and download the no-monthly fee SinoTrack PRO app. Warm Tips: There is a $5/month fee to Speedtalk if you choose to continue to our SIM card after the free 30-day introductory period. Otherwise, you are free any SIM card you wish with the device
High Accuracy Positioning: Equipped with state-of-the-art positioning technology, you will precisely know the exact location and trajectory of items. Our car tracker provides accurate location information through the app and web on phones, tablets, or computers
Essential SOS Alert: In emergencies, simply press the button four times of the GPS tracker to alert preset contacts with accurate location information for quick assistance and protection.
Stable 4G Network Coverage: The GPS locator ensures a reliable, stable, and uninterrupted signal connection. It means you can explore more places without worrying about losing contact and enjoy worry-free travel
Extended Battery Life: Equipped with a high-capacity battery of up to 3000mAh, this GPS tracker Locator allows for extended usage without frequent recharging. Conveniently charge with USB or car chargers for long-lasting usage
Overspeed Alert & Geofence: The GPS car tracker monitors vehicle speed in real time and triggers alarms when speed thresholds are exceeded, encouraging safe driving habits. Setting up designated areas to receive instant notifications when tracked items enter or leave the specified areas
Lifetime Customer Support: The SinoTrack team provides premium customer support services, ensuring timely responses within 12 hours to resolve any problem or concerns. We prioritize customer satisfaction by providing exceptional support and effective solutions.


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