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If you are looking for a cream that is going to give you a lot of bang for your buck, then Kenalog Cream For Keloids may be the right product for you. It is well known that there are not a lot of products out there that have the same kind of ingredients but the results they produce will make people think they have been duped and tricked into buying something else. But this product is definitely different from anything else; it has all the good stuffs that your skin needs plus what it deserves. Try Kenalog Cream For Keloids today and see just how this cream works on your face. Kenalog Cream For Keloids is the best cream money can buy in Nigeria. Kenalog Cream For Keloids is one of the most popular products out there and there are so many reasons why. The first reason is that it is made from the best of the very best quality materials,the attention to detail is top notch, and you are sure to never get enough of Kenalog Cream For Keloids . This product pulls its weight when it comes to keeping your budget in check and ensuring you do not break your bank. Whatever your desire concerning this Scars & Wounds products, Kenalog Cream For Keloids is definitely the product for you. There is a reason this item is among the most popular items for sale currently, and that is because of how well it dos its job when it comes to meeting your needs. Take a look for yourself and see if it does not meet all your expectations as well as exceeding them

Recommended Uses For Product Pain
Scent Fragrance Free
Specific Uses For Product Scars, Redness, Acne
Item Form Gel
Product Benefits SofteningAbout this item
WORKS ON OLD and NEW SCARS: Kelo-cote is a clinically-tested silicone scar gel that reduces the appearance of scars resulting from surgery, injury, burns, acne, insect bites, cuts and scrapes. Reduces redness, softens and flattens raised scars
EFFECTIVE SCAR PREVENTION: >80% of patients rated Kelo-cote’s patented technology effectiveness as good/very good on a wide range of scars. Sepehrmanesh M, Komp Dermatologie 2006;1:30-32
PATIENT PREFERRED: Kelo-cote is self-drying, colorless, odorless, silky smooth, non-greasy and water resistant. Once dry, can be worn under makeup. Suitable for kids and those with sensitive skin. Works to diminish the appearance of hypertrophic scars.
AM | PM: Kelo-cote is effective 24 hours a day with twice daily application. Treatment duration will vary from person to person and from scar to scar. Individual results will vary. Recommended duration of treatment is 60-90 days.
ADVANCED SILICONE TECHNOLOGY: Kelo-cote Advanced Formula Scar Gel’s unique blend of silicones cross-links & binds to skin to form a flexible, breathable layer that helps reduce redness, softens and flattens raised scars for a less noticeable appearance.From the manufacturer
Kelo-cote Advanced Formula Scar Gel
2.12 oz (60g) Gel 0.35 oz (10g) Gel
100% Silicone Gel ✓ ✓
24 Hour Efficacy ✓ ✓
Non-Greasy ✓ ✓
Reduces Redness ✓ ✓

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