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Recommended Uses For Product Scars, Stretch Marks
Scent Citrus
Specific Uses For Product Scars, Stretch Mark
Item Form Cream
Product Benefits Hypoallergenic, SoothingAbout this item
PREGNANCY MUST-HAVE: Our Maternity Stretch Mark Prevention Cream is a pregnancy lotion every mom must add to their skincare routine. It’s formulated to reduce visible scars during and after pregnancy.
SAFE FOR MOMMY AND BABY: This stretch mark cream for pregnancy is paraben-free and hypoallergenic. It’s safe for you and your baby. You can use it daily on your belly to boost collagen production and skin elasticity.
NATURALLY-SOURCED: Complete your pregnancy skin care regimen with this nourishing blend of botanical oils. Our stretch mark remover is a mix of natural plant-based extracts and shea butter.
NON-GREASY FEEL: Our pregnancy stretch mark cream has a subtle fragrance and leaves you feeling refreshed and clean with no sticky or greasy residue
RESULTS AS EARLY AS 3 WEEKS: Get the best results with our Complete Prevention 3-Step Bundle. It’s a first-trimester pregnancy essential! Apply twice daily, paying special attention to stretch-prone areas.Product Description

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