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Makeup ‍brushes ‌are essential tools ‌that every beauty enthusiast and professional makeup‍ artist requires to create ⁣flawless looks. Nigeria, being a hub for beauty ‌and cosmetics, offers a wide⁣ range of makeup ​brushes at varying prices​ to cater to the diverse‌ needs and budgets of consumers.

The price of makeup brushes in Nigeria can ⁢vary depending on various factors ‌such ‌as the brand, quality, and ⁣type ‌of brush. ‍Generally, there are affordable​ options⁤ available for beginners or those on ⁢a tight budget, as well as high-end brushes⁢ for those seeking professional-quality tools.

The features of makeup brushes in Nigeria include:

1. Bristles: The bristles of ⁣makeup brushes are typically made from synthetic or⁣ natural materials such‌ as nylon, taklon, or animal ⁣hair. Synthetic brushes are cruelty-free and suitable ⁤for applying liquid or cream ⁤products, while natural brushes are best for ⁢powders.

2. ⁤Design and Shape: Makeup brushes come in various designs and shapes⁣ to fulfill ‌different purposes. You can find brushes specifically designed for applying foundation, blush,‌ eyeshadow, contouring,‌ and more. The shape‌ and ⁢density of the bristles ‌determine the precision and ease of application.

3. Handle:⁢ The handle‍ of a makeup‍ brush affects the overall quality and ease of use. Handles can be made from wood

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From the brand

omaniac makeup

omaniac makeup



We are born into a world where we are constantly pleasing and being pleasing, where we live every day wearing masks and forgetting ourselves. The inherent sign of this age is the fear to speak and act. Psychologists believe that color is an emotional language that expresses extremely complex psychological feelings. People often express themselves through different colors.

OMANIAC Makeup Brushes




Founder Kristina’s experience when she was young made her feel that beauty doesn’t depend on trends or not, what suits you is right. She defines OMANIAC as a classic makeup, proving to people that beauty doesn’t have to be exaggerated, and that simple and classic colors can show the truest side of your heart, practicing the concept of “Dare to be excellent, live your true self”.



It doesn’t matter who you are, what matters is who you are.

In order to truly express yourself, you must first “dare” to speak up for yourself and face the doubts of others, and color has such a magical power. If you need courage, you can have a red lipstick, the warm color can dispel the shyness inside.



In the past, people wore makeup more for work and to show others. Now, with the development of time, people wear makeup more to please themselves. This is because makeup not only brings beauty, but also changes one’s mood and charm.

When a person dares to express himself and do what he likes. This is “living your true self”.

How do you define OMANIAC?

Being free from the rules of life is the best definition of fashion.

What is the philosophy of OMANIAC makeup?

OMANIAC’s philosophy: “Dare to stand out, be true to yourself” means that people can express their true selves through the simplest colors.

What is the difference between OMANIAC and other brands?

Many people just choose cosmetics randomly. Here, we would like to say that it is very important to choose the right color and product for you.

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 4.33 x 1.57 x 1.57 inches; 1.45 Ounces
Item model number ‏ : ‎ OMANIAC-12
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ OMANIAC
Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ China

High quality synthetic fiber bristles, bristles are soft as silk, good skin touch, no damage to skin, obvious effect, easy to clean, bristles dry fast and will not absorb too much product.
The foundation for powder, liquid, concealer, cream, blush, concealer, foundation cosmetics. Of course, many buyers feedback that this foundation brush as a holiday gift is also a good choice
Sturdy and durable wooden brush handle, longer lasting, smoother to use, can improve the use experience.I believe you will also love this foundation brush.
Focus on making makeup brushes suitable for the public, foundation brushes are suitable for makeup beginners as well as professional makeup artists, which are recognized by buyers and can add points to personal temperament and make users look more attractive.


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