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If you are looking for something great, then look no further. Miconazole Cream Price is the one product that will get the job done for you. This amazing invention could be a life-saver in regards to giving your skin the right nutrients and nutrients it needs to stay young and healthy. No matter how old you are, your skin can stay youthful and beautiful when you properly feed it. If you want to keep your skin looking young and healthy while also keeping wrinkles under control, then this product is exactly what you are going to want to use daily. Miconazole Cream Price is one of the best items out there in terms of beauty, and it is no secret. This product comes from the most reliable of manufacturers, and you are sure to never be disappointed by its performance. When it comes to Yeast Infection Treatments , Miconazole Cream Price is the cream of the crop, and there is simply no other comparable substitute out there. Whether or not you want Miconazole Cream Price as a gift or for yourself, you are sure to get your money’s worth and then some. As far as quality goes, this product has it in spades, plus it also goes above and beyond in terms of value for your hard earned money. Once you have used Miconazole Cream Price , there will be no going back after that experience.

Specific Uses For Product Yeast Infections
Item Form Cream
Brand Monistat
Dosage Form Ointment
Package Information BoxAbout this item
1-Dose Yeast Infection Treatment Combination Pack containing an Ovule insert with the maximum strength dose available over-the-counter along with external itch cream for symptom relief
Ready-to-use Ovule insert contains 1200 mg Miconazole Nitrate with a disposable contoured applicator
Ovule insert stays in place and can be used day or night, making it a great solution for women who don’t want to wait until bedtime to begin treating their yeast infection, or for those who exercise frequently or engage in high levels of activity
Relieves yeast infection symptoms 4x faster than the leading prescription pill
MONISTAT is the No.1 gynecologist-recommended brandFrom the manufacturer
Care Options
MONISTAT 1-Dose Treatment
MONISTAT 1-Dose Treatment
MONISTAT 3-Dose Treatment
MONISTAT 3-Dose Treatment
MONISTAT 7-Dose Treatment
Number of Doses
1-Dose Treatment 1-Dose Treatment 3-Dose Treatment 3-Dose Treatment 7-Dose Treatment
With Itch Relief Cream
✔ ✘ ✔ ✔ ✘
Type of Treatment
Maximum Strength For Sensitive Skin Regular Strength Regular Strength Low Dose**
Active Ingredient
1200 mg Miconazole 6.5% Tioconazole 200 mg Miconazole 200 mg Miconazole 100 mg Miconazole
Product Form
Ovule Insert Prefilled Ointment Applicator Prefilled Cream Applicator Ovule Insert Empty Applicator and Cream
When to Use
Day or Night Night Night Night Night
Other information
Our best-selling treatment††† Option for sensitive skin Ready-to-use out of the box Features contoured applicator For diabetes and pregnancy**
*According to the ProVoice Survey, MONISTAT is the #1 Gynecologist-Recommended Brand Over-the-Counter product in the Vaginal Anti-Fungal category in the US among OB/GYNs.
**For vaginal yeast infections in pregnant women, 2015 CDC Treatment Guidelines recommend use of a 7-day topical azole therapy. If you are pregnant, consult your healthcare professional before using any yeast infection drug.
†Miconazole treats more of the most common species responsible for vaginal yeast infections than fluconazole.
††Based on clinical study of MONISTAT 1-Dose Ovule Combination Pack versus Fluconazole 150 mg tablet.
†††Based on units sold per IRI MULO+C, L52 weeks ending 6-14-20.

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