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You are going to be making the biggest mistake of your life if you do not buy this product. This cream is among the most popular products in Nigeria, and there are so many reasons why. The first reason is that it is made from the best of quality materials, attention to detail is top notch, and you are sure to never get enough of it. It pulls its weight when it comes to meeting your budget and ensuring you do not break your bank. Whatever your desire concerning this Serums products, this product is definitely the product for you. There is a reason that this item is among the most popular items for sale currently, and that is because of how well it does its job when it comes to meeting your needs. Take a look for yourself and see if it does not meet all your expectations as well as exceeding them.”

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Item Form Cream
Product Benefits Moisturizer,Moisturizing,Moisture
Use for Face
Active Ingredients Hyaluronic_acidAbout this item
Why Pyunkang Yul? – Along with know-how recipe of Pyunkang Yul Eastern Medicine Clinic, specialized in treating skin and respiratory diseases for about 50 years, the toner helps calm angry skin comfortably by carefully selected ingredients found in nature and rigorous testing
No Harmful Substances – It has a mild, low pH formulation similar to that of smooth healthy skin and has completed skin irritation test with zero-irritation result; 20 kinds of harmful ingredients are not added; in addition, all ingredients are in EWG safety grade
Perfect for Irritated and Sensitive Skin Types – Through Centella Asiatica extract (also called as Cica or Madecassoside), Tea Tree and Lonicera Japonica Flower Extract, known as a representative soothing ingredient, that quickly calms angry skin in a healthy way and controls excess sebum also moisturizes irritated skin without worrying about irritation
Strong Moisturizing – Ceramide strengthens Moisture Barrier, Panthenol and 5 Hyaluronic Acid attract moisture up to 1000 times its weight, provides a deep hydrating feeling by quickly supplying moisture to dry skin. A minute particle of Squalene does not clog pores, gives strong moisturizing power to skin and rich vitamins and nutrition included in Shea Butter vitalizes skin from external stimuli
100% Satisfaction & 100% Money Back Guarantee – Pyunkang Yul has eliminated all the scents, colors, and unnecessary ingredients that may cause skin irritation. Only carefully selected healthy ingredients are put into the product through rigorous testing and certification. We promise 100% refund in case of skin troubles caused by product within one month.From the brand
We stay true to our 50-year heritage in harvesting only the bare, essential ingredients from nature, thoughtfully formulated to help the sensitized skin rest and heal itself

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