Plant Therapy Tea Tree Essential Oil 100% Pure

Our Plant Therapy Tea Tree Essential Oil 100% Pure is formulated to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise the skin all in one simple step, combining the benefits of pure Moroccan argan oil with natural ingredients such as chamomile, sage and red clover. The Plant Therapy Tea Tree Essential Oil 100% Pure combines the distinctive scent of lavender with other essential oils, including Moroccan rose and orange flower. Our Deep Cleansing Plant Therapy Tea Tree Essential Oil 100% Pure is created using a unique blend of Moroccan herbal extracts such as [origin]. The combination of these ingredients provides rich moisture for your skin, cleansing it effectively, and leaving you with a feeling of complete awakening. Our product, which is lab tested, naturally reduces the appearance of pores and keeps your skin soft, healthy, and glowing! Our Plant Therapy Tea Tree Essential Oil 100% Pure is a thorough, yet gentle cleanser that effectively removes impurities. The fresh, herbal scent of Plant Therapy Tea Tree Essential Oil 100% Pure penetrates the senses and leaves skin feeling clean, soft and refreshed. The Plant Therapy Tea Tree Essential Oil 100% Pure is available in a 200ml tube and a 227g bar, all with an environmentally friendly packaging to ensure customers have what they need to maintain healthy, beautiful skin.

Scent Tea Tree
Brand Plant Therapy
Item Form Oil
Liquid Volume 0.33 Fluid OuncesAbout this item
100% NATURAL: Tea Tree Oil contains no additives or fillers. Easy to use melaleuca products can be applied directly to a skin blemish or apply to wrists or back of the neck.
REMARKABLE PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS: Therapeutic grade makes it perfect for aromatherapy and provides a calming effect.
BATCH SPECIFIC GC-MS REPORTS ON EVERY OIL: Every bottle of oil from Plant Therapy goes through multiple rounds of testing including organoleptic testing and multiple rounds of GC-MS testing by several third-party laboratories.
HIGH-QUALITY AFFORDABLE ESSENTIAL OILS: Plant Therapy is a member of ATTIA (Australian Tea Tree Industry). All ATTIA members subscribe to and support the ATTIA Code of Practice to ensure that quality standards as well as sound environmental practices are adhered to throughout the supply chain.
CERTIFIED AROMATHERAPISTS ON STAFF: Our customers are our #1 priority and we’d love for you to join the Plant Therapy Family. Our Certified Aromatherapists are happy to help you with all of your Essential Oil questions. In addition, we offer a risk free 100% satisfaction guarantee!From the manufacturer
Plant Therapy Tea Tree Essential Oil
Diffuse it alone or with a floral essential oil, like Jasmine Absolute or Lavender, to eliminate unpleasant odors and refresh a stale or musty room. For an all-natural antiseptic surface cleaner, dilute Tea Tree to 2% in your favorite DIY recipe.
Naturally improve the overall appearance of your skin with our Tea Tree essential oil, known to treat many ailments including zits, spots, blemishes, redness and irritated skin. You should not apply tea tree oil directly to skin. It’s important to dilute the oil with a carrier oil
Love making DIY essential oils recipes? Our natural essential oil blends well with: Bergamot, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Grapefruit Pink, Juniper Berry, Lavender, Lemon, Marjoram, Nutmeg, Pine, Rose Absolute, Rosemary and Spruce. Get creative while making your life better!
KidSafe Essential Oil Blends
KidSafe by Plant Therapy is the first-ever line of essential oils developed especially for children. Formulated by Robert Tisserand for children ages 2–10, KidSafe features a variety of synergies and single oils targeted for common issues in this age range. All are available as 100% pure, undiluted essential oils as well as pre-diluted roll-ons.
As parents ourselves, the Plant Therapy team wouldn’t settle for anything less than absolute safety, and these oils aren’t just safe for children, they’re effective too!
KidSafe Blends
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Plant Therapy Essential Oils
At Plant Therapy we strive to stay on the cutting-edge of Aromatherapy safety and education. To ensure the quality of our oils, every single oil is GC/MS tested by third-party experts, and those results are open to the public. We strive to set a standard for safety and transparency in the industry, continue to educate our customers and share up-to-date information with every member of our staff. We take great pride in making sure our oils are safe, pure and natural.
All of our oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade. Our oils are unadulterated, free of synthetics and entirely pure.
Plant Therapy has certified aromatherapists on staff who are always continuing their education and available for customer concerns. Our aromatherapists contribute to our educational and DIY blog posts, and are on call to answer any questions.

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