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A Sensor for Car Parking is a technology-based ⁤device that‍ is used ‍to detect the presence of vehicles in parking areas. It is primarily designed to assist drivers in parking their vehicles accurately and efficiently. These sensors are commonly found in parking⁤ lots, garages, and​ even in smart​ cities.

The features of a‌ Sensor for Car Parking include:

1. Detection Capability: These sensors are ⁣equipped⁣ with advanced technology such as ultrasonic or ​electromagnetic sensors that accurately detect the presence of a vehicle. They ⁤can easily detect both stationary and moving vehicles, ​ensuring accurate parking⁣ assistance.

2. Real-time ⁣Monitoring: The sensors provide real-time monitoring and feedback to the ‌driver‌ about the availability of parking‍ spaces. This helps in reducing⁢ the time and effort spent in finding a vacant spot, especially during peak​ hours.

3. ‍Easy Installation: ​These sensors are designed for easy installation and‍ integration into ⁤existing parking ‍systems or infrastructure.

Product Description for Sensor For Car Parking

Price: $114.98 - $89.99
(as of Nov 11,2023 22:19:36 UTC – Details)

Product Description

P1 Duo Dash Cam front and rear

P1 Duo Dash Cam front and rear

Pelsee P1 Duo Dash Cam Front and Rear, 4K Single Front Dash Camera and 2K+1080P Dual Car Camera with Built-in Wi-Fi

4K Single Front Camera –With a stunning resolution of 3840*2160P, P1 Duo dash cam allows you to relive your journeys with remarkable precision and never misses a single detail of your driving. The 6-Glass Lens and F/1.5 aperture allows a lot more light than other products in the market, bringing you better, brighter photography in low-light conditions.

2K + 1080P 2-Channel Dual Recording — With its expansive 160-degree and 150-degree field of view, the front and rear dash cam gives you a complete recording of your surroundings. Nothing escapes.

Effortless Control with Built-in Wi-Fi — With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can easily access the live preview of your dashcam’s video and take control of its settings using our dedicated “Pelsee Cam” app. And you can easily share videos with friends on social media.

Warm Tips:

✔Please check the functionality of the dash cam with its all accessories before installation.

✔Please use the original safety-tested accessories provided in the package, just in case of compatible issues after using others’.

✔Please use a class 10 or higher speed card(support up to 256GB, NOT included in the package).

✔Parking monitoring function requires the installation of an extra hardwire kit. (Search on Amazon for ASIN: B0C773GYNX)

✔Please feel free to message us if any professional help in need.

Dashcam with Built-in Wi-Fi, car camera - dash cam front and rear

Dashcam with Built-in Wi-Fi, car camera - dash cam front and rear

4K dash cam

4K dash cam

pelsee dash camera

pelsee dash camera

What’s in the box:

1 x P1 Duo Mini WiFi Dash Cam
1 x Rear Camera Kit (19.7ft/6m)
1 x Car Charger
4 x Adhesive Cable Clip
3M Adhesive Pads
1 x Easy Pry Tool + Screw Driver + Cleaning Cloth
4 x Static Sticker
1 x User Manual

P1 Duo 2K Front + 1080P Rear Dual Dash cam

Your Smart Driving Assistant

Equipped with an impressive F/1.5 aperture and a high-quality 6-layer glass lens, P1 Duo dash cam captures every detail with unparalleled clarity. Whether it’s day or night, our enhanced sensitivity and image processing capabilities ensure optimal image quality, resulting in brighter and sharper images even in low-light conditions.

4K 2160P Single Front Camera Recording
2K + 1080P Dual Channel Recording
Built-in WiFi & App Control
Smart Voice Control
Sensitive G-sensor
Loop Recording
Compact and Super Easy to Install
24-hour Parking Monitor(Exclusive hardwire Kit Required, ASIN:B0C773GYNX)

4K WDR dash cam

4K WDR dash cam

dashcam loop recording

dashcam loop recording

dash camera parking monitor

dash camera parking monitor

Vivid 4K Front Resolution

Thanks to 4K resolution with WDR technology, the car camera intelligently adjusts exposure, delivering balanced and realistic images and ensuring you never miss a single detail. (Note: 4K front resolution is enabled only when the rear camera is disconnected)

Endless Loop Recording

The dash cam overwrites the oldest videos when the SD card reaches full, ensuring continuous recording without any interruptions. You can effortlessly set the video file length to 1/2/3 minutes. No more manual deletions. But to ensure optimal performance and prolong the lifespan of your SD card, we highly recommend formatting it every 3 weeks.

24 Hours Parking Surveillance

The front and rear dash cam’s parking mode keeps your vehicle protected 24/7. With collision sensors, it automatically records any incidents when you are parking, providing valuable evidence. Don’t worry about hit-and-runs. Note: Please purchase an additional hardwire kit for this function.

dash cam G-sensor

dash cam G-sensor

dash cam SD card

dash cam SD card

car dash cam front and rear

car dash cam front and rear

Upgraded G-Sensor

Equipped with a highly sensitive G-sensor, P1 Duo dash camera detects sudden movements or impacts, instantly locking the footage to prevent the video from being overwritten by the loop recording. You can adjust the sensitivity settings with our APP.

Support up to 256GB

We highly recommend using a larger storage SD card with a capacity of up to 256GB, so that you can capture and store more video footage without the worry of running out of memory. And make sure you are using a Class 10 or faster speed SD card. Note: the SD card is not included in the package.

Dual Wide Recording Angle

With its compact and sleek Design, the dashcam for cars takes up tiny space in your car and remains hidden. Capture crystal-clear footage in 2K resolution with a 160-degree front view and 1080P with a 150-degree rear view, no more missing out on important details

P1 Duo
P12 Pro
P10 Pro


2K(F) + 1080P(R)
4K(F) + 1080P(R)
2.5K(F) + 1080P(R)
4K(F) + 1080P(R)

Smart Driving Assistance


Parking Monitor

Recommended SD Card
32GB~256GB, Class 10
32GB~256GB, Class 10, 32GB Card included
32GB~256GB, Class 10, 32GB Card included
32GB~256GB, Class 10, 32GB Card included

Voice Control

2K + 1080P Dual Recording Mode: P1 Duo dash cam features both front and rear cameras that simultaneously capture crystal-clear footage in 2K 1440P and 1080P. With wide angles of 160 degrees in the front and 150 degrees in the rear, you won’t miss a single detail of your drive, helping provide crucial evidence in the event of an accident
Excellent Night Vision: With a 1.5/F aperture and 6 layers, the car camera captures every detail, from license plates to road signs, even in low-light conditions and utilizes advanced image processing technology to minimize glare distortion caused by daylight or vehicles behind you
Built-in WiFi & APP Control: Enjoy real-time preview of your video and easily share your travel moments with friends and family. With fast WiFi and a dedicated “Pelsee Cam” app, you can download, view, playback, and edit footage right from your smartphone. Connect easily and start recording!
Hands-Free Voice Control: Effortlessly control the dash cam front and rear with spoken commands, allowing you to focus on driving for safety. Simply speak to turn on or off recording audio, take photos and lock video
24-Hour Parking Mode: The dash camera automatically switches to Parking Mode when your car is parked, providing continuous surveillance and protection. Time-lapse Recording condenses every 30 minutes of video, helping save power and storage space. An extra ACC hardwire kit is needed for this function
Loop Recording/G-sensor: the car dash cam automatically overwrites the oldest files, ensuring continuous recording even when the card reaches full capacity; G-sensor detects sudden collisions or impacts, instantly locking the corresponding footage from being overwritten


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