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Free Gift: Sacnahe Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine comes with 20 Sheets Tattoo Stencil Paper(4 Layers 8 1/2″ x 11″), which is convenient for testing the machine and can also be used. It can help professional tattoo artists save time and money.
More economical:No ink and no replacement parts needed. Suitable for Tattoo Stencil Paper , which provides fast printing speed, little noisy sound.Lightweight, simple, reliable copier that will make your life easier.
High quality stencil print:Tattoo thermal copier printer machine that works well in most areas; it is almost equally good for lines, as well as faded lines and some shades.And very friendly to Paper.
Easy to use:The machine offers a mirror, and a normal photo copy mode, 2 pairs of depth levels, and commands for copy, power, and stop. Copy your design to skin perfectly without error.
Note :1. To make better transfer effect, the tattoo transfer stencil machine should rest for a few minutes after 1-2 sheets transfer. 2. To protect the tattoo transfer printer machine, please do not transfer continuously, cool down after long time use.Product Description
Sacnahe Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine Copier Printer
The tattoo stencil machine (also known as a thermal copier) will cut the prep time in half by letting you work on the tattooing itself, instead of you hand-drawing the sketches and stencils before you apply them on the client’s skin.
– Made of plastic material, which is environmental, safe and durable for long term use.
– There are several buttons/ keys for different functions, you can choose the copy methods, deepness etc.
– Suitable for printing transfer printing paper, which provides fast printing speed, little noisy sound.
– This tattoo transfer machine is created specifically for the artist.
– Lightweight, simple, reliable copier that will make your life easier.
But maybe not the ideal choice for complex shadow designs,Some ink spots might be smeared or blurry.
The scanning resolution width is 210 mm.
Operation method
1. Press the buckles at both ends and open the cover.
2. Turn on the Power Switch of the transfer machine. Warm up the machine for a few minutes.
3. The three indicator lights are on and it is in normal working condition. If not, please adjust the button.
4. Prepare a A4 4-layers Tattoo Transfer paper and transfer pattern document.
5. Take out the transfer paper and remove the protective sheet.
6. Put the yellow bottom paper into the Transfer Paper Input Mouth as shown in the figure below.
7. Insert the printed pattern document with your back facing us.The machine sucked the pattern paper
8. Press the Copy button and wait for the transfer. Transfer paper can be hand-held to assist transfer.
Comparison of printing effects of several types of patterns
Totem pattern:
The totem pattern is simple, the copy effect is good, and there will be no problems.
Attention before purchasing the transfer machine!!
1. This transfer machine is not a printer and has no printing function.
2. This printer is suitable for line drafts and totem-type manuscripts with white background. The transfer effect is not good for images with heavy matte or blurred background.
3. The only consumable is transfer paper, no ink is needed.
4. The maximum transfer size is A4, if large area patterns are required, separate transfer is required.
5. Cannot connect to mobile phone or computer.

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