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A vacuum cleaner for cars is a compact and portable cleaning device designed specifically for cleaning the interior of vehicles. It is a must-have tool for car owners who strive to maintain a clean and hygienic environment in their​ vehicles.

One of the key features of a vacuum cleaner⁣ for cars is its compact size and lightweight design, making it⁢ easy to maneuver‌ and carry around⁢ the vehicle. It‍ often‍ comes⁤ with a long power cord or a rechargeable battery, allowing users to reach all corners of the car without limitations.

Most vacuum ⁢cleaners for cars also come with a variety of attachments and accessories designed to tackle different cleaning tasks. These attachments include​ crevice tools, upholstery brushes, and dusting brushes, providing versatility in reaching and cleaning hard-to-reach areas, upholstery, and different surfaces in the car.

The⁤ suction power of a car vacuum ‍cleaner is another

Product Description for Vacuum Cleaner For Cars

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Product Description

DS is a tool brand with the most professional designers and operations teams is committed to offering families the simple and friendly tool products.



Five modes all corners of the car can be sucked.

Mainframe mode: efficiently clean seats, sofas, etc.; Long nozzle: suitable for cleaning deeper, narrower spaces; Fine nozzle: efficiently clean tiny crevices; Long nozzle blowing head to blow away large stains or blow up balloons, blow up barbecue charcoal and more.

Product list and product information

Product list and product information

Product list and product information

Dyngshoo may be the tip of the iceberg among many tool brands, but Dyngshoo staff are all passionate about this brand, devoted to cultivating this brand into a household logo in the American tool industry.

Dyngshoo believes he can bring as much convenience and enjoyment as possible to every American family. Do our best to turn the troubles and dangers of industrial work in popular impression into high efficiency and safety in the modern sense.

Product list:

Brushless hostX1

Aviation bag X1 for special storage

Blow Long Nozzle + Brush

Long And Flat Suction Mouth + Brush

Multi-function Air BlowerX1

Multi-function Pumping NozzleX1

Hepa Filter X2 (Washable)

Storage BagX1

USB-C Charging CableX1

Floor BrushX1



Brushless motor provides 15,000PA suction power and large capacity battery provides long-lasting life.

Cordless vacuum with brushless motor is made of high-quality aviation alloy. It features a double-turbinee blade structure with a speed of up to 35500 r/min, providing a powerful suction of 15000PA;Mini vacuum cleaner has a built-in 4000mAh battery that passes charging cycle tests to ensure safety during use. Car vacuum cordless rechargeable takes 3-4 hours to charge and provides 25-30 minutes of use to meet your cleaning needs. The 7.4V voltage and USB charging cable allow charging car vacuum in your car or anywhere else.



Brushless motor, wet and dry use; all kinds of garbage can be cleaned in one suction

Brushless motor, wet and dry use; all kinds of garbage can be cleaned in one suction

Easy to deal with peel, confetti, mud, hair, pet hair, sewage; suction and blowing as a whole, can be aimed at the dead ends of the doorway comprehensive blowing dust.



Suction test

Sucks up the phone steadily and sucks up water without falling back downwhich can empty an 18.9L water bucket in just 5 seconds. We that the images show a natural cleaning effect. Dyngshoo portable vacuum and see the magic of garbage disappearing before your eyes!



Swimming ring inflation, vacuum bag pumping

Dyngshoo car vacuum cleaner uses cone seal technology to double the air pressure, making vacuuming, blowing and suctioning equally powerful! Can be used to blow up keyboards, blow up engine compartments, blow up cases, blow up balloons, blow up charcoal grills, blow up rubber boats, blow up swimming rings, blow up air column bags, vacuum food, vacuum clothes, comes with a brush and nozzle that helps to easily clean crumbs, dust, or pet hair from crevices. It has two pressure levels 9000PA and 15000PA, buy this cordless vacuum cleaner now and explore its many uses.

Product list and product information



Washable Hippa Filter

reusable Can be used for 10 years, instantly cleaned by water

【The three in one multifunctional mini car vacuum cleaner】Brushless car vacuum cleanerfeatures conical sealing technology, doubling the air pressure and equally powerful suction, blowing, and suction functions! It can be used for blowing keyboards, engine compartments, boxes, balloons, charcoal grills, rubber boats, swimming circles, air column bags, and vacuum food and clothing. The built-in brush and nozzle help easily clean debris, dust, or pet hair from gaps.
【Lightweight & Washable】Cordless Car Vacuum, 3 in 1 Keyboard Wireless Handheld Vacuum with Brushless Motor 15000PA High Power and TypeC, weighs only 0.82 pounds, lighter than a bottle of Fanta, allowing you to clean without getting tired. Portable car vacuum with 0.5L large-capacity dustbin requires less dumping, and the reusable HEPA filter is washable and air-dried. Efficient cleaning leads to an elegant life. Buy handheld vacuum now and enjoy it
[Long battery life] Car portable vacuum cleaner built-in 4000mAh battery, through the charging cycle test to ensure safe use. The charging time of the car cordless charging vacuum cleaner is 3-4 hours and the use time is 30 minutes to meet your long-term cleaning needs. The 7.4V voltage and USB charging cable can vacuum charge the car inside the car or anywhere else.
[Beautiful storage case with additional HEPA Filter X2] Cordless handheld car vacuum cleaners come with a beautiful hard storage case to neatly store the vacuum cleaner and its accessory accessories. It also includes additional HEPA filter X2, floor brush X1, small brush for cleaning filter X1, small cloth bag X1, blow long nozzle and flat suction + brush X1,USB-C charging cable 1. This user-friendly set is an excellent gift choice for individuals, parents, friends or business associates.


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