Whipped Cream For Fruit Salad


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Compatible Material Plastic
Color Rainbow Color Set
Package Information Bottle
Item Volume 50 MillilitersAbout this item
【Package Contains】9*50ml Simulated Whipped Cream Glue, 14 random plastic cake decorating tips, and a pack of random resin decorations. Enough materials are enough for you to make handicrafts or mobile phone cases.
【High-Quality Ingredients】Our simulated cream glue is made of Deionized water, Emulsifier, Water-based resin, Food coloring, Food flovor. Non-toxic and safe, easy to squeeze and smell sweet. Perfect for making whipped food cookies cake with your kid or friends!
【Instructions for Use】 The fake whipped cream comes in this incredibly convenient bottle with free icing tips, just screw the tip on and go! Then paste the resin decorations and wait for it to dry. The formula is a nice thick formula and holds its shape very well for use as cupcake frosting or cream dollops. Great for any Decoden, polymer clay, or any miniature food type project.
【Simulation Fake Whipped Cream】 Our product is a water-based product, it is very convenient to use, easy to squeeze, and fast curing. The color of the dried product is natural, and it is not easy to deform and crack. After you finish your DIY product, you need to dry it in a cool and ventilated place for 2 to 3 days. The drying time depends on local ambient temperature.
【YOU NEED TO KNOW】 If the weather reaches -10 degree Celsius, please don’t buy it because it will harden.Due to different environmental factors, the cream glue is a water-based simulation cream glue. If the cream glue becomes dry, please soak it in hot water to make it soft. The soaking time refers to the dryness of the cream glue.Product Description
Product description:
Water-based product, easy to use and naturally air-dried, no shrinkage, no deformation, non-toxic
Fast solidification, good gloss after drying, no cracking and long-term storage.
Fast solidification. Normally dry 2-3 days.
Curing time:
Please wait in the dry room for about 2 to 3 days (depending on the thickness of the production and the ambient temperature)
Let’s Enable Fancy!
Rose red
Watermelon Red
What You Get
9 PCS Simulation Whipped Cream Glue
14-16 Free Nozzle
Water, Emulsifier, Water-based Resin, Edible Coloring, Food flavor
Warm Tips:
Since cream glue is a water-based product, some of the decoden cream glue was a little watery at first, which is normal.
The simulation cream finished products need be dry in the shade, can’t be blown by wind or heating by electric hair dryer.
All cream glue will shrink more or less after drying, so try to squeeze as full as possible.
After the cream glue dries, the texture will become clear, hard, and the color will become darker, so there is a little difference between just making it and drying it.
Something Tips You Need To Know
Good Quality- The Best DIY Program
Simulation Cream Glue Can Decorate Anything!
Children must be used under the protection of adults and avoid eating.
Please put it in a cool and dry place indoors. Avoid direct sunlight, and close the lid after use.
It should be used up within a week after opening, otherwise it will dry out.
Sharing your DIY works generously & Share your happiness with us!
35pcs cream hairpin kit 2PCS Simulation cream glue
Name cream hairpin kit 2pcs simulation cream

Whipped Cream For Fruit Salad Product Information

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