Women’S Dress For Baptism

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This is the best dress money can buy in Nigeria. It is made from the very best quality, and you are sure to never get enough of it. Women’s Dress For Baptism

A dress that is appropriate for a baptism is a simple, modest gown. The woman should not wear anything that will draw attention to herself, but rather she should focus on the child being baptized.

The dress should be white or off-white, and it should have sleeves (although they don’t have to be long). The skirt can be any length from below the knee to just above the ankle—the important thing is that it isn’t too short to make you feel uncomfortable or like you’re showing too much leg.

If you choose to wear something other than white or off-white, make sure it has no patterns on it at all. The only pattern allowed would be a small floral print in shades of light pink, blue or green—nothing too bold and certainly nothing with reds or oranges in it. This rule applies equally well whether your dress has sleeves or not!

The neckline must also be modest; this means that there should be enough material around your neck so that when you look down at your chest from above, you can’t see any cleavage at all—just smooth skin where your collarbones meet up with each other (and no lines of any kind).

95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
Pull On closure
Short sleeve, v-neck, A-line, floral patterned with both side pockets design, breathable, skin-touch, makes you feeling relaxed and comfortable.
This v-neck pattern dress cut simply and knee length, with simple wrap waist design, and useful for nearly any occasion.
Match tips:Shoulder Bag;High Heels;Different types of shoes
The vivid pattern of this v-neck pattern dress is minimal to call attention to the wearer without distracting.
The v-neck pattern dress will great to worn with pumps for daytime business or with more ornate jewelry and accessories for holiday party.From the brand
How did we get our start?
Few years ago, founder bought a dress for his wife from the Internet. He was very disappointed after the dress received. Poor design, terrible quality and size. Finally, he didn’t give it to wife. But on that day, a new idea came into his mind. As you can see now, here is our brand, OUGES.
What makes our products unique?
We have professional design team and stable supply chain.
Why do we love what we do?
We want to fill every woman’s wardrobe to bring fashion and confidence to all women, so that every woman can be confident and charming. Follow OUGES, Live Confident.
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