Yeast Infection Cream Without Applicator

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Yeast infections are caused by a fungus called Candida albicans, which normally lives in our bodies but can sometimes overgrow and cause an infection. Symptoms include redness and itching of the vaginal area, as well as pain with urination or sex. Yeast infections aren’t serious and can be treated with over-the-counter creams that contain antifungal medication. These creams don’t require a prescription and can be purchased at most drugstores. You should use an applicator to apply the cream to your vagina or anus, but you can buy yeast infection treatments without applicators if you prefer not to use one.Yeast infection is a common infectious disease that affects the vagina and the vulva. It occurs when there is an overgrowth of Candida, a type of fungus that normally exists in the vagina and on the skin. The fungus causes irritation, itching and inflammation of the vagina, cervix and vulva, which can result in pain during urination and intercourse.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of patients suffering from yeast infections. This is due to several factors including hormonal changes, stress levels, travel, clothing choices and so on.

Yeast Infection Cream Without Applicator

A cream for treating yeast infections should be applied directly to the affected area and rubbed gently until absorbed into your skin. This can help reduce itching, burning sensation and redness associated with yeast infections. In addition to this, it will also help reduce swelling caused by excessive moisture around your vagina or groin area as well as prevent any further damage caused by scratching at itchy areas during sleep or while sitting down with legs crossed (e.g., at work).

If you are looking for a cream that works fast then you need look no further than [your product name]. With ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil & Peppermint Oil – these ingredients have antibacterial properties.

Brand Monistat
Active Ingredients
Purpose: Miconazole Nitrate 2% (100 mg in each applicator) – Vaginal Anti-fungal. Miconzaole Nitrate 2% (External Cream) – Vaginal Anti-fungal. Inactive Ingredie… See more
Specific Uses For Product Yeast Infections
Item Form Cream
Product Benefits Itch ControlAbout this item
Vaginal yeast infection treatment: 7 empty disposable applicators, 1 tube of antifungal cream (100 milligrams Miconazole Nitrate cream) and 1 tube of external anti-itch cream
Pregnant women and diabetics: The CDC recommends only a 7 day topical yeast infection treatment (consult a doctor before use)
Number 1 Doctor and Gynecologist Recommended brand that is a clinically proven vaginal antifungal treatment
Low dose option for women who want to treat with smaller doses of the active ingredient evenly throughout the week
Relieves associated external itching and irritation caused by yeast infectionsThe Monistat 7 suite of products is a low dose formula (100mg of Miconazole Nitrate per dose) with smaller doses of the active ingredient evenly distributed throughout the week at bedtime. The CDC recommends only a 7 day topical yeast infection treatment for pregnant women and diabetics (consult a doctor before use). This package contains seven applicators, cream, plus one external cream for itch relief. Monistat is the No.1 Doctor and Gynecologist Recommended over the counter (OTC) yeast infection brand and starts working right at the site of infection. If you do not feel some relief within 3 days, or complete relief within 7 days, stop using the product and consult your healthcare professional. Monistat treats five out of the five most common types of yeast infections and relieves symptoms four times faster than the leading prescription pill.

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