racing earmuffs for babies

Give your baby a head start in terms of safety with our Racing Earmuffs. Designed to fit securely over their ears and while they’re still growing, they’ll last you long enough to make sure they get plenty of good use out of them before it’s time to replace them.

Protect your baby’s hearing in a fun way with these lightning-fast Racing Ear Muffs. The ear guards feature a bright red outer layer, racing car print and cool white inner layer to protect the ears from the noise of everyday activities.

Fast Kids Club Safety Earmuffs | Infant/Toddler

The Fast Kids Club Safety Earmuffs are the perfect solution for all your little ones, from newborn to toddlers. These noise and hearing protection earmuffs have large soft headband that easily conforms to any size head and the adjustable ear cups ensure a secure fit. The earmuffs are soft, comfortable and lightweight – even for those sensitive ears! Perfect for any child with hearing problems, autism or sensory sensitivity issues.


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