sukam solar inverter 1.5 kva price

We offer a variety of sukam solar inverter 1.5 kva price designs as one of the largest manufacturers of solar inverter. Our goal at Solaroid Energy is to provide you with the most stylish and extravagant solar inverter that you will ever find. The solar inverter on Solaroid Energy are handpicked by our experts, who research the globe to find the most beautiful and unique models. Our collection of unique solar inverter includes sukam 2kva inverter price, 3 5kva inverter price in nigeria and2 5kva solar inverter price in nigeria.

With great designs, values, and styles, we offer the best sukam 3 5kva inverter price anywhere in the world.  There are a variety of different designs available for solar inverter. For sukam 7 5kva inverter price, the Solaroid Energy official website is the best place to shop. Our solar inverter are among the most popular on the market. Visit our site to find the sukam 5kva 48v inverter price. Choose from various designs of solar inverter available right now. Take your pick now!

Su-Kam Solar Inverter Price In India

Su-Kam solar inverter run on highly advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking technology. MPPT Features makes the solar generating system so efficient that it able to make nearly 20% extra solar power. Sukam Grid-tie solar power plant is the best way to get your ROI in the shortest period of time – just 4 years.

Sukam Solar Inverter available range: 1.5 KW-SM, 2 KW-SM,  3 KW-SM, 5 KW-DM, 10 KW-DM, 20 KW-DM, 30 KW-TM and 50 KW –TM

Su-Kam Grid Tie Inverter Price List

Capacity (KW)PhaseSolar Inverter Price
Sukam 1 KW Solar Inverter1 PH22,000
Sukam 2 KW Solar Inverter1 PH25,000
Sukam 3 KW Solar Inverter1 PH33,000
Sukam 4 KW Solar Inverter1 PH43,000
Sukam 5 KW Solar Inverter1 PH46,000
Sukam 10 KW Solar Inverter3 PH94,000
Sukam 20 KW Solar Inverter3 PH1,29,000
Sukam 30 KW Solar Inverter3 PH1,40,000
Sukam 50 KW Solar Inverter3 PH2,50,000

Su-Kam Off-Grid/PCU Solar Inverter Price List

ModelVolt/PhaseSolar Inverter Price
Sukam 1100VA Solar Inverter12 VOLT6,500
Sukam 1600VA Solar Inverter24 VOLT7,500
Sukam 1 KW Solar Inverter24 VOLT17,500
Sukam 2 KW Solar Inverter48 VOLT30,000
Sukam 3 KW Solar Invertert48 VOLT45,000
Sukam  6.25 KW Solar Inverter96 VOLT65,000
Sukam 10KVA Solar Inverter120 VOLT85,000

Sukam 1.5 KVA Inverter – Grey


* Sukam Product  * Pure sine wave inverter  * 1.5kva * Automatic changeover  * Inbuilt charger  * Inbuilt transformer  For now, the **Falcon+ 1600VA/24V** is the bi… more on JumiaCheck it on Jumia



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Sukam 1.5 KVA Inverter – Grey Details

  • The best price of Sukam 1.5 KVA Inverter – Grey by Jumia in Nigeria is 79,000 NGN
  • Available payment methods areCash on DeliveryE-Payment
  • Delivery fees are 800-28500 NGN, with delivery expected within 3-8 day(s)
  • Similar products to Sukam 1.5 KVA Inverter – Grey are sold at Konga with prices starting at 80,000 NGN
  • The first appearance of this product was on Sep 22, 2019

Technical Specifications

Area of use:Home Office
Weight (kg):20
Product Line:Doukam Power Ltd
Main material:Plastic
Production country:India

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Payment methods

Delivery Time

Delivery Fees

Jumia’s Description

  • Sukam Product 
  • Pure sine wave inverter 
  • 1.5kva
  • Automatic changeover 
  • Inbuilt charger 
  • Inbuilt transformer 

For now, the Falcon+ 1600VA/24V is the big man of the range, with  also available to the Nigerian market. The Falcon+ 1600VA/24V will provide reasonable power backup to a standard 3-bedroom/2-bedroom apartment, where average appliance usage can be estimated at: 3-4 ceiling fans, small new low voltage starter fridge, laptops, TVs, 6-8 energy-saving light bulbs and a few other devices like decoder, phones, etc. Depending on manner of usage (for careful users, all fans may not run simultaneously, hours of TV use may be moderated and lights may be switched on just where needed), this capacity can deliver Power for several hours of use on a full battery charge depending on battery capacity.Customers are advised to plug the inverter to a surge protector or stabilizer to avoid damage due to power surge.This inverter can also be used with solar panels and a solar controller to charge the batteries.

Sukam 1.5 KVA Inverter – Grey Price insights and history

  • The cheapest price of Sukam 1.5 KVA Inverter – Grey in Nigeria was 76,000 NGN from Jumia within the past 26 months
  • The highest price of Sukam 1.5 KVA Inverter – Grey in Nigeria was 79,000 NGN from Jumia within the past 26 months
  • The price difference between the cheapest and highest price of Sukam 1.5 KVA Inverter – Grey in Nigeria is 3,000 NGN from Jumia within the past 26 months
  • The average price of Sukam 1.5 KVA Inverter – Grey in Nigeria is 77,500 NGN from Jumia within the past 26 months

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