Sunglasses for Retinitis Pigmentosa

These tinted glasses for retinitis pigmentosa help protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. They are specially designed for people with retinitis pigmentosa, a disease that damages your retina.

Protect your eyes from the sun with our sunglasses for Retinitis Pigmentosa. These low vision aids for retinitis pigmentosa are designed to provide maximum comfort, while blocking out harmful UV rays and glare.

List of the best sunglasses for someone with retinitis pigmentosa

Here is a list of the best sunglasses for someone with retinitis pigmentosa, lenses that block out enough blue light to help protect your eyes. In addition to protection against UV rays, like all sunglasses they also offer protection against bright lights and improve contrast in low lighting conditions.

i.      Argus II / Bionic Eye

People are familiar with this low vision solution through different names, i.e. ‘Argus II’, ‘Artificial Retina’, ‘Bionic Eye’ or ‘Retinal Prosthesis System’. It is designed to cater to the visual needs of adults suffering from severe to profound retinitis pigmentosa. The principle behind this low vision aid is to compensate for the function of light-sensing cells deteriorated or damaged due to RP. It is a well-sync combination of a miniature eye implant with a patient-worn camera mounted on a pair of glasses supplemented with a premiere processor that actually processes and enhances the way you see the world around you.

It comprises of:

  • A pair of eyeglasses mounted with a small video camera and a transmitter
  • A video processing unit (VPU) connected to the RP glasses through a connecting cable
  • An artificial retina implant (the retinal prosthesis comprised of an array of electrodes to send and receive electronic signals or impulses)

Images of your surrounding are captured by the camera mounted on the glasses. The VPU transforms this visual information into electronic data, which is sent to a wireless receiver implanted within the eye. The implant, comprised of electrodes, assists the electronic signals to be transmitted directly to the brain, bypassing the damaged retinal cells. These are then interpreted as visual images.

Price: $150,000/Unit approximately. There are additional fees for implantation surgery and training on how to use the system.



  • Capable of enhancing the visual ability in performing various tasks
  • External hardware and software components can be upgraded to upscale with tech improvements
  • MR conditional implant, i.e. won’t pose any health hazards when exposed to MRI environment (VPU and glasses haven’t been classified as MR safe though)
  • Customizable video processor settings for individual preferences
  • A maximum field of view of 20 degrees

ii.     eSight

eSight refers to one of the contemporary low vision aids for retinitis pigmentosa and a host of other eye conditions, aimed at helping people with low vision see better. eSight comprises of a pair of video camera-mounted glasses. The unit is a battery operated one, where the device and battery are connected together by means of a connecting cable. This gives you limited mobility, but you cannot work around without keeping track of the battery’s charge.

Price: $5,950/Unit



  • Cam-fitted goggles are used to get video display
  • Offers a 35 degrees’ field of view with best assistance to visual acuities close to 20/200
  • You can customize the clinical settings best suited to individual needs
  • Designed to cater the visual abilities of people with a number of different eye diseases (no dedicated RP-mode)
  • Offers OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

iii.    IrisVision Retinitis Pigmentosa Glasses

Not your average glasses for retinitis pigmentosa, IrisVision is a highly innovative and contemporary low vision solution aimed at assisting people with low vision conditions. In fact, it is the only low vision aid with a dedicated “RP Mode”, especially designed to augment the vision of people with RP. Moreover, it is also FDA approved Class-1 medical device.

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