T Mobile TV Price

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T Mobile TV Price

It seems like every technology company has its own streaming service these days. T-Mobile is a recent entrant in the field with its “TVision” live TV offering. What is TVision, how is it unique, and what does it cost? Let’s find out.

Update: On March 29, 2021, T-Mobile announced that it would be shutting down TVision, just five months after its launch. TVision Live and Vibe services will be turned off on April 29, 2021, with T-Mobile pushing customers to YouTube TV and Philo as premium and budget streaming options.

What is TVision?

In basic terms, TVision is a streaming TV service similar to YouTube TV and Sling TV. Rather than having your live TV channels come from a cable or satellite dish box connected to your TV, TVision streams over the internet.

You can watch TVision with the app that’s available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Android TV, Google TV, or Amazon Fire TV. You’re not tied to a television to enjoy the service.

There are several different channel packages and DVR options to choose from. The primary service is called “TVision Live” and has three different packages. The “Live” service is geared toward news and sports. The three packages break down as follows:

  • TVision Live TV: 30+ channels, 3 simultaneous streams, 100 hours of cloud DVR, programs on-demand.
  • TVision Live TV+: 40+ channels, 3 simultaneous streams, 100 hours of cloud DVR, programs on-demand.
  • TVision Live Zone: 50+ channels, 3 simultaneous streams, 100 hours of cloud DVR, programs on-demand.

The next tier is called “TVision VIBE.” This one is focused on comedy, lifestyle, and drama channels. It has 30+ channels, but it doesn’t include DVR by default. You’ll have to add that on for an extra fee.

The last tier is called “TVision CHANNELS” and it’s an add-on to the other tiers. You can choose your own premium channels (such as Starz, Epix, and Showtime) and add them to the same bill.

How Much Does TVision Cost?

T-Mobile seems to have a plan for everyone, but does TVision have a price for everyone? Here’s how the pricing for all the different tiers breaks down.

  • TVision Live TV: $40 per month, DVR included.
  • TVision Live TV+: $50 per month, DVR included.
  • TVision Live Zone: $60 per month, DVR included.
  • TVision VIBE: $10 per month, $5 extra for DVR
  • TVision CHANNELS: Starz ($8.99 per month), Showtime ($10.99 per month), Epix ($5.99 per month).

What Channels Are Available on TVision?


So, what channels do you actually get with all these different packages? Unfortunately, T-Mobile hasn’t released full channel lineups at the time of writing, but here’s an idea of what is offered:

  • TVision Live TV: (30+ channels) NBC, ESPN, FS1, ABC, and Fox.
  • TVision Live TV+: (40+ channels) Additional sports channels including Big Ten Network, ESPNU, NFL network, and regional NBC sports channels.
  • TVision Live Zone: (50+ channels) Even more sports channels, including NFL RedZone and other premium sports networks.
  • TVision VIBE: (30+ channels) TLC, TGTV, the Hallmark Channel, AMC, BBC America, Food Network, MTV, TLC, Comedy Central, and Discovery.
  • TVision CHANNELS: Starz, Showtime, and Epix.

When Can I Sign Up for TVision?

Currently, TVision is only available for T-Mobile post-paid customers. Sprint customers will have access sometime soon as well. Wider availability for non-T-Mobile and Sprint customers is coming in 2021.

If you do meet those requirements, you can sign up right now on T-Mobile’s website. The service goes live on November 1, 2020. If you don’t have a way to watch TVision on your TV, T-Mobile is selling a $50 Android TV dongle with the service pre-installed.

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