top 10 dslr camera brands in the world

The most important thing to keep in mind is that they all cater to different types of photographers. Some dslr’s are made for people who only want to use their camera to take pictures, and other brands will add features like swivel screens and touchscreen functionality. The most popular brands are Canon, Nikon, Sony and Fujifilm.

With so many different brands of cameras, it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily for you, we’ve put together this list of the top 10 DSLR cameras as rated by CameraLabs testers. Each camera on the list comes with a full review highlighting its best aspects and weaknesses in order to make your search for the perfect starting camera that much easier.

List of the top best camera for professional photography

The best camera for professional photography has a large sensor with a high resolution, which produces extremely sharp and detailed images. Canon is making some of the very best professional cameras out there in the world of photography. The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is a powerful full-frame camera made to give you great image quality every time you take a picture.


I’ve used them professionally since the beginning of DSLR’s with utmost reliability, and quality. A huge fan of the 5D series since day one. I currently rely on the them for most of my work. The lens line-up is also second to none! My favorite, the EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II makes about 70% of my shots. It’s taken thousands, and thousands of pictures since its 2010 debut, without fail! Reliability is so crucial for professional use. Also, the service department, mainly using CPS, in the best there is! Always looking forward to Canon’s next product announcements!

I have canon 1100d and nikon d5300. Canon even its entry starting model it takes really amazing shots. Nikon d5300 with out an olps is one of the best camera in the market right now in that range. So I have to be honest and its based on the truth because I have been also checking sony, fuji and other also but still canon and and nikon looks far better. I don’t even think its fare to compare DSLR model of canon nikon with sony. olympus and pentex I found better then sony and fuji.

I am a mainly a bird photographer and I have owned different Canon DSLR camera models over the last 5 years. I have never been disappointed by any of them. Currently I own a 5D Mark III and a 7D Mark I. Both cameras delivers very good image quality, the strong points being, top performance focusing system, good high ISO performance, very reliable and strongly built.

Can’t go wrong with Canon. They offer the best bundles with their camera. You can get a DSLR for the same price as a Nikon or Sony, PLUS accessories like camera bags, additional SD cards, lenses, and stands. I’ve had an EOS Rebel for 3 years now. If I ever get enough money to upgrade to one of the other models I will. But if not, I’m very happy with my Rebel


Being a professional photographer I have used all sorts of camera’s from many brands. But if I had to choose just one brand it would be Nikon for their ease of use, great quality and durability, and amount of features you get for the value. They are almost always leading the way in terms of optical zoom and megapixels, and cost a fraction of the cost of competitors.

For a personal camera, I use Nikon as well and have for over twenty years. They are a fantastic brand and have so many options at all price ranges. From great point and shoots to fantastic super-zoom compacts like the A900, to the magnificent DSLR’s, Nikon has a camera for everyone at an amazing price, which class leading features.

Hey I got one for Christmas last year. It’s a coolpix the photos that I have taken are good. Before somebody took it I had a Sony. Just a small little pink camera that my husband bought me in 2009 for Valentine’s Day that was a great camera. Nikon I’m learning I love the cousin who thought enough to get me one the only downside to this one so far is it uses double A batteries. My Sony had a nice rechargeable battery. Nikon is a good camera so I think the rating is ok. Just needs to come with a charger and battery.

As far as the image quality stored in a sensor, I think Nikon is better than the rest. Weather Shield in Pentax is unmatched and its medium format gives it lead, Canon handles videos better than others and its compacts are also brilliant. Sony, Panasonic and Samsung think out of the box. Olympus is rugged and aggressive in introducing new technologies. Lieca is the limited edition.

Nikon All the way! They may be more expensive but their better than those Sony cameras. Sony cameras are crummy and take horrible pictures, however they get a great and almost perfect wrap up in the end when they take pictures like crap! I Dislike Sony, the only good thing to come out of Sony was when the PlayStation 2 came out about 12 years ago! Pheew.


3SonySony Group Corporation, commonly known as Sony and stylized as SONY, is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Kōnan, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. …read more.

Transformed the face of photography by bringing full frame mirrorless to the forefront. They have taken up the mantel of Contax cameras as being the only cameras to feature autofocus Zeiss lenses. Sony puts the best lenses on the best sensors period. Instruments for professionals. Like Leica’s M, or Nikon’s F, Sony’s A7 series is the new icon of photography.

Compact size and best quality. Though Canon is currently leading a market but Nikon has already starting losing the game. Just wait and watch, Sony will be on the top and it has started with the launch of ILCE-9, father of all cameras

Recently I have bought a Sony Nex-5 camera. It’s a fantastic camera and performance is great. Picture quality excellent even in extreme low light condition. Any one can rely on Sony.

Sony Alpha a7 series are awesome… I’ll get it… I have used canon and Nikon but picture quality and sharpness is much better in sony as compare to canon and Nikon.

Top 3

1. Sony
2. Canon
3. Nikon


I have owned a number of brands of cameras and the most I have used quite a lot is Samsung. I recently bought an Olympus SP-720UZ it was not expensive for a student and it is just a lovely piece and, full HD take good quality pictures in the darkness with flash! Looking forward to get a more advanced version this piece!

Olympus has some amazing technology; in the coming years we can expect to find Olympus affecting best-in-class digital cameras; particularly in the evolving mirrorless systems. I’m a proud owner on the OM-D E-M5, and absolutely love it! Best camera I’ve owned; among all my DSLR collection.

I love this camera! Honestly the best one I have ever owned. Perfect for taking self pictures along with far away shots. 26x zoom is amazing.

Fantastic Camera brand – interchangeable compact cameras are the best. The movable screens and detachable flashes are so innovative! !



When you want to take pictures “Manual” (you decide after you have taken with a lightmeter the measurements of the ISO, the opening of your lens etc…) you take with a Panasonic Lumix the best photos you can get. Plus, the lens is made by Leica which is one of the best (if not, the best) in the world. I have tried several other brands, but nothing can compare with Panasonic. If you want a good “non-professional” camera, choose Panasonic because photos are very close in quality to professional cameras.

I have two Lumix cameras and have been amazed at the results I have seen. I use one Point and Shoot for mostly indoor pictures; exhibitions etc. The other larger camera I use for bird and animal photography. I did get some useful advice about initial set-ups which have helped considerably.

I love my old Lumix Gf1 that I used for online shopping and the pictures are clear and precise. A customer bought it and I have to buy a latest version. I tried Canon, Fuji and Pentax but nothing compares to Panasonic. Today I bought Lumix Gf3 it’s not the latest but it’s even far better than my old one…

Panasonic cameras are reliable and click awesome pictures.
Modes like 3D picture and panorama increase the quality even more.
Has image editing and many more. In love with the picture quality of the cameras. The camera is truly awesome.
THE BEST… Love It 😀

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