Tops to Wear With Leggings

Leggings are a wardrobe staple, but they can sometimes be tricky to style. They’re such an easy, comfortable base that you can really throw anything over them. We’ve rounded up the best tops to wear with leggings so you have even more options—for work and beyond!

They’re the perfect way to look chic while staying comfortable, which is why they’re so appealing. But don’t just throw on any old top — there are ways to put your best booty forward when paired with leggings! Go for a shorter T-shirt or tank top, or go tall in a tunic. Accessorize around your waist and play with volume to make sure you look polished. The perfect pair of leggings deserves the perfect top.

List of the Cheap Long Tops to Wear with Leggings

Leggings are comfortable, practical, and a great way to get a cheap workout. But if you want to wear leggings as pants, you’ll need a long top to pair them with. Since long tops are usually expensive, I’ve got an affordable list of the best cheap long tops for wearing with leggings. I’ve also included a few tops that might not be considered “long enough” to work with leggings, but can be worn with some leggings styles.

 1.Long Tank Tops/Vests

Long tank tops and vests are mostly used for exercise and usually worn with exercise or active leggings. Some people also use long tank tops for layering to cover their waist, hips, and butt so that they can be more comfortable wearing short dresses without unnecessary exposure.  You can also wear them as casual wear both at home and even outdoors especially on hot summer days. Most of the designs are made from breathable materials that allow easy exchange of air through the clothing.

Some of the tank tops are fitted with bras and there are several designs that you can pick from. Some have spaghetti shoulder straps while others have normal wide straps. You can also pick from long tank tops that are fitted as well as those that are not fitted with asymmetric shapes.

Tank tops can be perfect for wearing leggings during summer or on days of hot weather especially if you are doing any physical or outdoor activity.

2. Long Tee Shirt Tops

Long tees are another good option of tops that you can wear with leggings. You can wear them as a layering top when you want to wear your leggings with a jacket. You can also wear them for your casual outings as well as wearing them with leggings as a travel outfit for your trips. T-shirts are usually made with a variety of features and designs that you can choose from. Some are designed to have V-necks while others have round crewnecks.

The neck designs could either be closed or open lower neck designs. Some of the tee shirts are designed to be loose while others are made to be tight fitting. You can also find t-shirt tops for leggings that are beautifully designed and made from different materials like linen, cotton, silk, or a combination of materials like polyester. They are typically designed as either short-sleeve, long-sleeve or sleeveless t-shirts.  

3. Long Tunic Dresses with Leggings

Long tunic dresses are very good options for tops that you can wear with leggings. There are numerous beautifully designed tunic dresses that you can use to make a perfect match with your leggings. You can wear tunic dresses with leggings for a wide array of events and activities depending on how you combine them with other dress accessories.

You can wear them for casual outings with family and friends, you can wear them as business casual outfits for work, and you can wear them to semi-formal meetings like church or community events. You can find various designs of tunic dresses that will fit perfectly with your dress style and budget. Many of these dresses are designed in asymmetrical shapes with beautiful features. You can also find them in symmetrical shapes as well.

There are good long tunic dresses that are sleeveless, short-sleeved, and long-sleeved as well. These dresses also come in different colors, materials, and designs. It is common to find many of them made with floral design materials, and you can also find them in different colors too.

4. Long Shirts for Leggings

You can wear long shirts with leggings and create a unique fashion style using in combination with various fashion accessories. There are different types of nicely designed long shirts that will make a good match with leggings. You can wear them for various activities and events like movie nights, weekend parties, as well as other casual and semi-formal events.  You can also wear them with leggings for work if business casual outfits are permissible at your office.

Long shirts are a good choice for many ladies with different body shapes and sizes. It can be a good fit for people with body shapes that do not allow them to wear certain clothes, especially tight-fitting dresses. There are a variety of long shirts that you can wear with leggings, some are made in plain colors, while others can be found in plaid designs.

You can also find them as sleeveless shirts, and short and long-sleeved shirts. The shirts are also available in different colors and many of them are designed in floral designs with different types of clothing materials like cotton, polyester, silk, etc.

5. Extra Long Tops and Tunics to Wear with Leggings

These types of shirts are commonly used by very tall ladies and women who want to wear tops that cover their bodies properly. Some ladies like these shirts because of the extra length and these shirts fit very well with leggings. You can have stunning looks with them when you wear them with the right shoes and accessories. You will find the shirts in different designs, colors, shapes, and sizes.

6. Cheap Long Shirts to Wear with Leggings

It is okay and reasonable if you want to wear nice long shirts and long tunic tops with leggings without spending a lot of money on it. You can find a lot of good options for tunics that are very affordable irrespective of your budget. This category of tops can be a good choice if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on an item you don’t intend to use more than a few times.

You can find a lot of nice long tunic designs that are reasonably priced on marketplaces like Amazon. Check Amazon to see some of the best affordable long shirts and tunics that you can wear with legging

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