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As always, showcases velvet fabric wholesale in Karachi, velvet fabric wholesale price and last but not least velvet fabric wholesale in Pakistan. It can be daunting searching the internet for the latest style to sew but we’ve made life easier for you by compiling and showcasing a range of styles for you to choose from quickly and easily.

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Wholesale Velvet Fabrics


Wholesale Velvet Fabric

At one time only accessible to royalty, velvet is now available to and suited for the everyday and everyone. Velvet is an impressive textile with a rich history going back to the Egyptians. Its unique texture sets it apart from all other fabrics yet it is perfect for so many uses.  We carry a unique selection of stock velvet – from classic solid stretch velvet to burnouts and embellished styles.

Shop by individual style by clicking the images and titles below, or shop the entire collection by clicking here:  Velvet Fabrics

Our stock fabrics are available at no minimum and shipping options are calculated at checkout.  If you need to contact us, please click here: Contact & Support

ALLSTAR – Sequin Velvet Fabric

BOUTIQUE – Burnout Velvet Fabric – Multiple Colors

CHEETAH – Cheetah Print Crushed Velvet Fabric – Multiple Colors

DAMASK – Metallic Flocked Velvet Fabric – Multiple Colors

DANCE SOLID – Solid Color Stretch Velvet Fabric – Multiple Colors

GAGA VELVET – Sequin Velvet Fabric – Multiple Colors

ILLUSIONS – Hologram Metallic Stretch Velvet Fabric – Multiple Colors

PAISLEY PARK – Paisley Burnout Velvet Fabric – Multiple Colors

PRINCESS VELVET – Embossed Velvet Fabric – Multiple Colors

PYTHON – Metallic Snakeskin Stretch Velvet Fabric – Multiple Colors

ZEBRA – Zebra Print Crushed Velvet Fabric




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