Vintage estate engagement rings

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A rare collection of vintage engagement rings, foremost of its kind in the world. These rare antique rings have been our labor of love since 1981. Each piece is hand-picked by Estate Diamond Jewelry to ensure that it meets our high standard for diamond quality and craftsmanship.

The range of vintage rings includes delicate platinum Edwardian Engagement Rings and fashion-forward Art Deco Engagement Rings. Our collection also includes rare gold Victorian Era, Georgian Era, and Retro Engagement Rings. The age of the antique engagement rings spans from the 1880s until the 1970s.

Art Deco Jewelry (1920s – 1930s)

Antique Art Deco jewelry is sought after in the highest realms. Dating from circa 1920 to about 1935, the Art Deco jewelry of this period displays clean lines, geometrical forms, the use of colored gemstones, and vibrant motifs. Diamonds were used prolifically, and the metal of choice was platinum. Art Deco jewelry from this era was inspired by world and cultural influences as diverse as the Ballet Russes, Mughal royal jewels and machinist aesthetics. Invention was everywhere and during this era the baguette diamonds was introduced, as well as the French cut and the Asscher cut. Old European diamonds were at their height. Our collection includes Art Deco necklaces, earrings, rings, and more. Find your own piece of vintage Art Deco jewelry for sale here. 

Art Deco Vintage Diamond Emerald Ring$4,350 USD

Rare Jeanne Soubourou Limoges Enamel Moth PendantSALE PENDING

Cutting Edge – Art Deco Sapphire Diamond Ring$3,450 USD

Noteworthy Art Deco Diamond Sapphire Ring$5,450 USD

Artful Art Deco Sapphire Diamond Ring$1,550 USD $1,195 USD

Love Birds, Moon & Planet Rock Crystal RingSALE PENDING

Cultured Pearl Dangle EarringsSALE PENDING

Art Deco Three Diamond RingSALE PENDING

Mediterranean Sea – Aquamarine Filigree RingSALE PENDING

Antique Aries Zodiac Gold Pendant – Sloan & Co.$1,595 USD

Wedding Wishes – Diamond Filigree Engagement Ring$1,550 USD

Janesich Numbered & Signed French Diamond Pendant$9,950 USD

Night Escapade – Black Opal Art Deco Ring$49,450 USD

Safety First – Charming Gold Pin$490 USD

Art Deco Ruby Diamond Vintage Ring$3,950 USD

Art Deco Carved Diamond Rock Crystal Intaglio$4,950 USD

Sloan & Co. Aries Zodiac Locket$1,825 USD

Enamel Enamored – Huge Amethyst Art Deco Ring$3,850 USD

Art Deco Turquoise Enamel Bracelet$12,500 USD

Mythologically Inspired Aquamarine Vintage Ring$1,350 USD

Art Deco Platinum Diamond Ring$3,450 USD

Antique Hand Painted Enamel Mussel Shell Locket$4,450 USD

Hearts Afire – Diamond Sapphire Engagement RingSALE PENDING

Art Deco Diamond Sapphire Ring$1,650 USD

Colombian Emerald Art Deco Diamond RingSALE PENDING

1930’s Style – Art Deco Diamond Engagement RingSALE PENDING

Three Color Gold Amethyst Vintage Ring$945 USD

Art Deco Sapphire Diamond Halo RingON HOLD

Larter Art Deco Onyx Gold Ring$450 USD

Art Deco Amethyst Diamond Ring$845 USD

Aquamarine Platinum Diamond Ring of 1923SALE PENDING

Art Deco Coral, Onyx & Enamel Ring$7,750 USD

Wedding Belles – Art Deco Three Stone Diamond Ring$2,850 USD

Shreve & Co. Platinum Wedding Band 1917SALE PENDING

Vintage Sloan & Co. Gold Scottie Dog Brooch$925 USD

Draped in Gems – Art Deco Amethyst Gold ChainSALE PENDING

Purple Majesty – Vintage Amethyst Filigree Gold Ring$1,350 USD

Sapphire Pearl Cross Pendant$995 USD

German Art Deco Paste Dangle Earrings$1,490 USD $995 USD

Filigree Finesse – Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring$1,850 USD

Vintage Flowered Filigree Art Deco Diamond RingSALE PENDING

Dragonfly Days – Large Aquamarine Vintage Ring$2,275 USD

Art Deco East West Aquamarine Filigree Ring$995 USD

High Style – Vintage Filigree Diamond Ring$1,500 USD

Daisy Flower Aquamarine Filigree Vintage Ring$1,250 USD

Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 3.15 C.$34,500 USD

Larter & Sons Carnelian Art Deco RingSALE PENDING

Weighty & Fine Art Deco Platinum Chain$3,750 USD

Garnet Glow – Art Deco Filigree White Gold Ring$1,250 USD

Vintage Patterned Wedding Band of 1929SALE PENDING

White Wedding – Diamond Filigree Engagement Ring$3,100 USD $2,450 USD

Mon Amour – French Emerald Diamond Heart Locket$4,500 USD

Vintage Carved Amethyst Cameo Ring$1,750 USD

Vintage Engagement Ring from the 1930s$1,975 USD

Vintage Basket of Diamonds Brooch$9,450 USD

Art Deco Sensation – Garnet Enamel Ring$1,250 USD

Platinum Diamond Drape Brooch of 1.5 Carats$2,350 USD

Statement-Making Amethyst Vintage RingSALE PENDING

Vintage Enamel Earrings In Gold$2,450 USD

Arts Décoratifs – French Onyx Diamond Earrings$10,750 USD

Art Deco Mogul Style – Emerald Diamond Ring$23,750 USD $19,840 USD

Art Deco Three Diamond Engagement Wedding Ring$2,350 USD

Flapper Finery – Onyx Pearl Pendant Earrings$2,550 USD

Vintage Aquamarine Art Deco Ring – Two Color Gold$990 USD

Fabulous Heavy French Vintage Gold Mesh Purse$4,650 USD $3,845 USD

1928 St. Bernard Dog Pendant of Silver$395 USD

Vintage Aquamarine Fancy Cut Filigree Ring$995 USD

1925 Belais 18k White Gold Wedding Band$585 USD

Edwardian Antique 1920s Gold Bangle Bracelet$3,500 USD $2,640 USD

White Wedding – Vintage 18k Diamond Ring$3,150 USD

Art Deco Extravaganza – Diamond Sapphire Ring$6,850 USD

Allsopp Bros. Art Deco Carved Coral Ring$1,850 USD

Sensational Art Deco Ruby Diamond Ring$17,500 USD

Frosted Rock Crystal Hoop Earrings$2,250 USD

Art Deco Guilloche Enamel Mirror Pendant$745 USD $345 USD

Butterfly Motif Rock Crystal Art Deco Ring$1,175 USD

Art Deco Vintage Diamond Pendant$3,950 USD

Vintage Amethyst Diamond Stud Earrings$1,395 USD $995 USD

Art Deco Artful – Eco Friendly Engagement Ring$1,550 USD

Art Deco Vintage Filigree Aquamarine Ring$1,075 USD

Art Deco Filigree Link Bracelet$2,450 USD

Vintage Fleur De Lis Diamond Pendant$3,650 USD

Rapture – Diamond Art Deco Engagement Ring$3,950 USD

Silver Horse Medal – Child’s Pony of 1931$695 USD

Loose 1.15 c. Old European Cut Diamond GIA H VS1$9,850 USD $7,950 USD

Art Deco Rose de France Amethyst Filigree Ring$1,275 USD

On The Basis of Dress – Paste Earrings$1,950 USD $1,450 USD

Antique Cameo Cherub Angel Earrings Necklace Set$3,750 USD

Art Deco Filigree Vintage Diamond Pendant$3,250 USD

Eye Catching Platinum Diamond Lorgnette$4,850 USD

Victorian Jewelry (1840s – 1890s)

Discover our rare Victorian jewelry for sale each breathtaking and unmatched. Browse pieces dating from the era of circa 1840 through 1890. Diamonds in the form of old mine cuts were prevalent for the first time in history and the era encompassed numerous and diverse styles. Yellow gold jewelry was prominent, as was the use of precious gems such as sapphires and rubies. Be amazed by our collection of Victorian diamond rings.

Edwardian Moonstone Diamond Earrings$2,650 USD

Incredible Antique French Hunting Pendant & Cameo Locket$7,500 USD

Demantoid Garnet Diamond Swallow Bird Brooch$9,950 USD

Butterfly Crescent Moon Diamond Gem Pendant$2,850 USD

Victorian Enamel Cherub Angel Pendant$3,750 USD

Impressive Antique Enamel Rock Crystal Locket$7,450 USD

Victorian Smoky Quartz Heart & Crown$6,750 USD

19th Century Day Night Natural Pearl Earrings$2,850 USD

Hand Painted French Enamel Pearl Earrings$3,950 USD

Victorian Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet of 1882SALE PENDING

Victorian Splash – Turquoise Diamond Ring$6,750 USD

Garden of Delights – Victorian Silver Bangle BraceletSALE PENDING

Victorian Banded Agate Dangle Earrings$1,750 USD

Victorian Pearl & Blue Enamel Locket Pendant$2,450 USD

French Sterling Silver Owl Bird Brooch$595 USD

Hand Painted Enamel Mastiff Dog Portrait Pendant$950 USD

Victorian Enamel Diamond Star Bangle Bracelet$4,550 USD

Grand Antique Victorian Gold Earrings$1,950 USD

Prediction – Antique Rock Crystal RingSALE PENDING

Victorian Gold Sapphire Ruby Diamond Necklace$6,450 USD

1859 Antique Memorial Brooch of Theodore Chase$3,950 USD

Five Stone Garnet Early Victorian RingSALE PENDING

Portrait of Sophistication – Antique Amethyst Diamond Rivière$7,500 USD

Antique French Holbeinesque Garnet Pendant BroochSALE PENDING

Impressive Antique Victorian Locket Bracelet in Box$7,450 USD

Victorian Old Mine Diamond Cluster Ring$2,250 USD

Victorian Man in the Moon Moonstone Diamond Ring$8,450 USD

Antique Rhodolite Garnet Diamond RingSALE PENDING

Victorian 15k Gold Ornate Long Guard 61″ Chain$5,950 USD

Antique Fontenay Gold Miniature Portrait Locket$19,250 USD

Victorian Essex Crystal Swan Stickpin$1,650 USD

Renaissance Revival Enamel Ruby Diamond Star Pendant$5,500 USD

Antique Victorian Fossilized Shark Tooth Pendant$1,550 USD

Victorian Tudor Revival Impressive Garnet Ring$2,950 USD

Fine Moonstone Enamel Brooch with Provenance of 1864$6,450 USD

Victorian Amethyst Rose Gold Ring$785 USD

Ethereal St. Esprit Paste Pendant – Circa 1840$1,250 USD $990 USD

Victorian Antique Pearl Key Motif Earrings$1,950 USD

Antique 22k Gold Wedding Band From 1859$850 USD

Secret History – Fan Shaped Locket of GoldSALE PENDING

Victorian Whimsy – Signpost Brooch with Fly$3,550 USD

In Tribute – Victorian Garnet In Memory Earrings$3,950 USD

Victorian Bohemian Garnet LocketSALE PENDING

Earth & Sea – Victorian Almandine Garnet Earrings$1,950 USD

Antique Victorian Cherub Locket Pendant$2,850 USD $1,985 USD

Ribbons & Bows – French Paste Set Pendant Slide$645 USD

Victorian Hearts – Patterned Wedding Band of 14k$745 USD

Antique Victorian Paste Solitaire EarringsSALE PENDING

Antique Victorian Persian Turquoise Gold RingSALE PENDING

Victorian Diamond Buttercup Engagement Ring$850 USD

Versatility – Antique Amethyst Brooch Pendant Bracelet$7,425 USD

Inescapable – Sapphire Old Mine Cut Diamond RingSALE PENDING

French Sapphire Diamond Dragonfly Brooch Pendant$3,450 USD

Victorian Love Knot & Heart Pendant Chain in BoxSALE PENDING

The White Rose – Victorian Enamel Silver Locket$1,350 USD

Victorian Grand Silver Collar Necklace$1,750 USD $1,195 USD

Love’s Aim – Cupid, Quiver & Arrow Locket$1,375 USD

Victorian Pavé Turquoise Locket Necklace$11,500 USD

Three Row Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring$4,500 USD

Snake Motif Archeological Revival Earrings$3,250 USD

Mussel Shell & Pearl Victorian Silver EarringsSALE PENDING

Victorian Old Mine Cut Diamond Cluster Ring$3,950 USD

Which Came First? Chicken & Egg Baby Rattle$345 USD

1890s Antique Diamond Brooch in Box$2,850 USD

Victorian Garnet Moon & Star Pendant & Chain$3,850 USD

A Dog’s Life – Antique Enamel Pendant$3,850 USD

Falling Leaves – Victorian Garnet Gold Earrings$1,850 USD

Victorian Gold Fringe Earrings in 15k$2,950 USD

Victorian Pave Turquoise Scallop Shell Pendant$4,325 USD $3,450 USD

Victorian Basse Taille Enamel Earrings$1,550 USD

Lapis Gold Watch Chain Necklace with Fobs$4,950 USD

Victorian Gold Fancy Engraved Heart Locket$1,250 USD

Antique Enamel Diamond Pearl Butterfly Brooch$1,385 USD

Diamond & Pink Topaz Earrings$2,750 USD

Crown Jewels – Victorian Bracelet in Box$5,500 USD

Antique Rose Cut Diamond Navette Ring$6,450 USD

Victorian Garnet Natural Pearl Earrings$3,450 USD

Victorian Onyx Pearl Earrings$2,650 USD

Rhodolite Garnet Diamond Ring 14k$990 USD

Victorian Scottish Agate Gold Earrings$1,450 USD

Edwardian Garnet & Rose Cut Diamond Bangle$5,250 USD

Victorian Moi et Toi Sapphire Diamond Ring$17,500 USD

Victorian Pavé Turquoise Snake Brooch$2,350 USD

Victorian Diamond Marquise Shaped Ring$1,850 USD

Antique Russian Ruby, Diamond & Gem Fly Brooch$4,450 USD

Victorian Rays – Diamond Star Brooch Pendant$6,750 USD

Fecundity – Victorian Antique Three Color Earrings$4,425 USD $3,650 USD

Victorian Garnet Dangle Gold Earrings$1,950 USD

Victorian Enamel Angel Cherub Boxed Set$4,950 USD

Victorian Colombian Emerald & Old Mine Diamond Ring$9,850 USD

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