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The Best Live Video Streaming Equipment for Your Church

Ministries around the country are finding the value in live streaming, as it allows them to reach and engage their communities in ways they weren’t previously able. Since you’ve found your way to this article, chances are high you’ve decided streaming could enhance your own ministry.

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Choosing video equipment can be an overwhelming task. We’ve put together a list of our favorite equipment to make your decision as simple as possible.
Though BoxCast works well with all kinds of cameras and production equipment, these are our top choices — whether you’re new to the world of streaming, a professional videographer, or somewhere in between. To see all of our equipment recommendations, visit this page. 

For camera advice, see our post on the best video cameras for live streaming. If you want multiple camera angles for your live stream and don’t know how to make that happen, check out our intro to video switchers. Or view how to buy livestreaming equipment if you’re in the market to add to your AV arsenal. Otherwise, read on.

Equipment for New Streamers

If you’ve decided to dive into video production for the first time, these devices could be just what you’re looking for. When houses of worship are first starting to stream, many will mount a single camera in the back of the sanctuary to capture their services. The technology in these gadgets is great for single-camera setups and helps you put your best foot forward, even if you don’t feel like you totally know what you’re doing.

Camera: Canon Vixia HF R800 ($219.00)

Why we like it: The Canon Vixia HF R800 is a great starter camera if you’re new to live streaming and using a video camera. It allows you to shoot 1920×1080/60p video with a light, compact body that fits in your pocket. 

Camera: Canon VIXIA HF G21 ($799.00)

Why we like it: There’s a common concern that you have to update your entire lighting system to look good on a live video stream. This HD camera looks good in natural low-light conditions and shuts that misconception down. The HF G21 is a great camera for beginners looking to shoot more professional video. It comes with manual settings similar those on a professional-level camera, easily adjusted on a user-friendly, 3.5-inch touchscreen. With 20x optical zoom, you can position your camera in the back of a sanctuary and still get close to your subjects.

Production: Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini ($295)

Blackmagic’s ATEM mini is the most affordable video switcher on the market. With four HDMI inputs and a few other built-in bonuses (picture in picture, basic audio mixing, etc.) this device is perfect for entry-level video switching.

Note: This won’t scale as easily with your productions, since there’s currently no way to use a multi-view monitor, but for smaller events, the ATEM mini is the perfect live switching companion.

Tripod: Magnus VT-4000 ($159.95)

Why we like it: This durable tripod is great for any level and will last a long time. Its fluid drag head lets you tilt and pan so there’s no jerkiness to your image. It also has both rubber and spiked feet, making it great for indoor and outdoor use.  

Magnus VT-4000: A Customer Review

Equipment for Intermediate Streamers

You have a developed understanding of video equipment and are no longer seeking the most basic production tools. Still, you’re not ready to attempt mastering the most technologically advanced options. It can be tough to navigate this middle ground, so we’ve done your research for you! These cameras, tripods, and microphones are bit more sophisticated than the ones for beginners.

Camera: Canon XA15 Prosumer Camcorder ($1,799.00)

Why we like it: The Canon XA15 is a compact camcorder that comes fully loaded with the professional features of cameras you’ll typically find in the $4,000 price range. A 20x optical zoom lens allows you to shoot subjects at long distances. Its HD-SDI/SD-SDI output and HDMI outputs make it compatible with other equipment, and the 2X XLR audio inputs guarantee high-quality audio. 

Tripod: Magnus VT-4000 ($149.95)

Why we like it: (See above)

Production (software): Wirecast (starts at $599)

Why we like it: Wirecast is one of the most user-friendly software switchers in the game. You can easily switch back and forth between various camera angles and incorporate graphic overlays onto your stream. Though you do have to pay for it, you can test it out with a free trial.

Note: Software switchers require the purchase of video capture cards in order to allow your computer to receive a video signal from an individual camera.

Production (hardware): Roland V-1 HD ($995.00)

Why we like it: Roland’s highly popular prosumer switcher is an excellent choice for multi-cam livestreaming for small churches, smaller corporate meetings, and youth sports. With four HDMI inputs, a built-in audio mixer, and picture-in-picture capability, this device offers professional features for producing live events at a fraction of the cost.  

Production: Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio HD ($995)

Why we like it: Similar to the Roland V-1 HD, this portable switcher comes packed with four professional SDI inputs and outputs, along with four HDMI inputs, and a built-in audio mixer. This is a great switcher for the professional video producer looking for a more compact solution.

Roland V-1HD Video Switcher: A Customer Review

How to Add Lower Thirds on a Roland V1-HD

Equipment for Professional Streamers

If you’re a seasoned broadcaster and are looking for tools that’ll truly enhance your production, we’re sure these devices will help you do just that.

Camera: Sony NX5-R Professional Camcorder ($2,898.00)

Why we like it: This well-rounded camcorder is packed with professional video features. It provides 20X optical zoom and 40x clear image zoom, which still appears to be in HD past 20x optical. A beautiful Sony G lens provides great picture quality and does well in low light thanks to a maximum aperture of f/1.6 and three CMOS sensors built into the camera. Overall, this is probably the best camera option for general event coverage — the only limitation is that its maximum resolution is 1080p60. If 4K isn’t important to you, you’ll love this camera.

Tripod: Manfrotto Fluid Head Tripod ($582)

Why we like it: This is a complete tripod system studio for indoor/outdoor scenarios and is capable of handling camera rigs weighing up to 16.5 pounds. The pan and tilt this tripod offers are smoother and more adjustable than what you’ll find in the Magnus VT-4000. It also has an impressive maximum height of 66 inches, which is especially useful when live streaming events with large crowds. 

Production: Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio Pro ($2,295.00)

Why we like it: The ATEM Television Studio Pro is an upgrade to the switcher above. It offers up to eight video inputs (four SDI and four HDMI). Everything you need to produce a polished, live production is available on the built-in front panel controls. This includes special effects, transitions, and audio mixing. It’s an affordable solution, but sacrifices no quality and is comparable to production equipment you may find in studios.

Best Video Camera for Church Use

April 14, 2021

In this article, I’ll cover a series of excellent video cameras that do a wonderful job of recording both church and church services.

I grew up going to church and spent years using all different types of cameras. That combination of knowledge, backed up by both ample research and first-hand accounts, allowed me to properly review all of the models outlined in this guide.

The Canon Vixia G40 gets my vote for the best church video camera due to the way it delivers ample features with good low light capabilities and premium resolution.

Every feature in the camera, from the 20x HD zoom lens to the vibrant 3.5-inch screen, enables you to shoot in just about every church regardless of the size or number of people inside. It’s also well built and has dual SD card slots.

As great as the device is, there are some other ones that work wonderfully in church too. I’ll take a much deeper look at them below.

Table of Contents

  • Quick Summary
  • Top Video Cameras for Church Use
    • 1. Canon Vixia G40
    • 2. Canon XA15
    • 3. Panasonic HC-VX981K
    • 4. Panasonic WXF991K
    • 5. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
  • How to Pick the Best Video Camera for Church Use
  • My Verdict

Quick Summary

  • Best Overall: Canon Vixia G40
  • Best for Low Light: Canon XA15
  • Most Versatile: Panasonic HC-VX981K
  • Best Lightweight: Panasonic WXF991K
  • Best Point and Shoot: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Top Video Cameras for Church Use

Here I’ll go over my top picks by explaining their unique traits as well as what purpose they are best geared for.

1. Canon Vixia G40

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key Features: 20x HD zoom lens. Excellent 3.5-inch screen. CMOS pro image sensor. Solid low-light performance and built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Lens Type: Zoom
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
  • Weight: 1.98 pounds

The Vixia G40 kicks off my list because it is a high-quality camera that enables you to both record and live stream any church event you could ever want. It does a nice job in low light, which is important and comes with a strong image stabilization system.

The 20x HD optical zoom lens goes a long way in terms of versatility, as does the 3.5-OLED viewscreen. Both are then backed by a strong battery, multiple shooting modes, 1080 MP4 recording, and dual SD card slots. The battery will also last quite a long time.

If there’s one downside to this camera it’s that, as it comes with so many features, it’s not the easiest device to grasp. This is not a great choice for users who don’t want to put in some work getting everything setup, but those that do will be truly rewarded.

2. Canon XA15

  • Best for: Low Light
  • Key Features: Excellent zoom lens and an advanced HD pro image sensor. Good low light capabilities. 3-inch LCD tiltable touchscreen. HD output.
  • Optical Zoom: 20x
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
  • Weight: 2.62 pounds

This option from Canon is a full model whose strong pro image sensor makes it a great option for low light or dimmer environments. That alone makes it especially useful for church. The 20x optical zoom is also useful and the sharp resolution takes your videos to the next level.

Many users will also love the 3-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen with a fully tiltable electronic viewfinder. This increases the model’s versatility and lets you shoot how you want. Another great feature is the intelligent optical image stabilization system that actively reduces blur.

The only true issue with this model is that it is much heavier than the others on this list. That won’t be an issue if you only want to use it a little bit at a time, but those recording for extended periods might experience fatigue if they try to hold it.

3. Panasonic HC-VX981K

  • Best for: Versatility
  • Key Features: 4k Ultra HD recording with 18.91 MOS sensor. 3-inch touch screen LCD display. Built-in microphone. Wi-Fi compatibility. Kit provides excellent accessories.
  • Screen Size: 3 inches
  • Video Capture Resolution: 4k
  • Optical Zoom: 20x

If you’re looking for a great church video camera that provides plenty of different options, this model fits the bill. The camera itself offers 4k ultra HD recording on top of a MOS sensor, 20x zoom, and hybrid optical image stabilization. There’s a 3-inch LCD display as well.

However, what truly makes this shine is the full kit. There are plenty of accessories that further the model, including editing software, a video bag, a cleaning kit, and a micro HDMI cable. When recording you always want choices, and that’s exactly what this delivers.

I just wished this camera was a bit more intuitive to use. While the entire design is streamlined enough, it could be a bit easier to set up and get going. The camera also isn’t the best when panning. While you can move it around, doing so too quickly might cause it to bug.

4. Panasonic WXF991K

  • Best for: Lightweight
  • Key Features: 3-inch screen and stellar 4k resolution. Affordable price point. Plenty of editing tools. Long-lasting battery and solid audio.
  • Optical Zoom: 20x
  • Video Capture Resolution: 4k
  • Weight: 14.2 ounces

If you want an easily maneuverable model that’s on the lighter side, the Panasonic WXF991K delivers. This small device is more compact than a lot of other church video cameras and it has ultra-sharp 4k HD recording as well as quick modes changes through the HDR button.

Those who want to go the extra mile will also enjoy the electronic viewfinder, as well as the 20x optical zoom, 5 axis hybrid optical image stabilization, and strong sensor. The Wi-Fi ups the compatibility, which is perfect for those who want live streaming.

The one con this camera has is that it can struggle to stay in focus while zooming. Once you’re set it’s good to go, but know you might get some issues before that point. The audio could also be a lot stronger, but there are always accessories for that.

5. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

  • Best for: Point and shoot
  • Key Features: Lightweight design. Compact shell. Clean, streamlined menus. 5-inch touchscreen and 4 built-in microphones for better audio. Top-of-the-line recording.
  • Lens Type: Close-Up
  • Video Capture Resolution: 4k
  • Weight: 1.53 pounds

While not a conventional video camera, the Blackmagic Pocket is an incredible way to capture and record church services. It has some of the best audio quality around due to the 4 built-in microphones, offers a full 4k video capture resolution, and comes with a 5-inch touchscreen.

The sensor is also large and helps you shoot in dim interior areas. You get good quality for both large churches and small ones. You’re even able to color grade in real-time. If you have any extra reservations, there’s a 12-month warranty as well. 

The single biggest drawback to this device is its high price point. That alone will put some people off. The battery life and customer service could also both be better. Even so, if you want the best features and strongest characteristics, this camera delivers on multiple levels.

How to Pick the Best Video Camera for Church Use

When picking out a video camera to use in church, prioritize these traits first before considering other ones.

Image Resolution

As with any other video camera, you want your church model to have the best possible resolution. That means you can pick between things like HD, Full HD, or 4k. However, each one of those also comes in at different price points and may change based on your budget.

First figure out how much money you’re willing to spend, then try to get the best resolution within that price range. 4k is the absolute best of the best, but you don’t typically need something so crisp and sharp for church. It’s about what you want and what you can afford.

Low Light

Something else you always need to pay attention to when shooting inside any building, especially churches, is your camera’s low-light functionality. Most devices do a good job when conditions are right. However, your goal should be to get something that’s always clear.

Size and Weight

When looking at a video camera for any reason, always think about its size and weight. The devices often have a large spread that ranges from heavier shoulder models to small camcorders. Each has its pros and cons, and you need to take stock of them.

Smaller models are easier to handle and won’t cause any fatigue. They are also more portable. However, larger devices tend to come with more specs and have more power. If you can get light and large you should, but if you can’t go with dimensions that you’re able to handle.

My Verdict

I believe the Canon Vixia G40 to be the best video camera for church use on the current market. It comes with a slew of features that make it great to use in all sorts of different environments and has no issues capturing both small and large gatherings.

You get many premium traits, including a 3.5-inch screen and 20x HD zoom lens, as well. Each part of the camera makes it good for the church and enables you to record a small mass to a large service to everything in between.

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