Are you a YouTuber looking for the best way to make money on YouTube? If you are, keep reading! In this article I’m going to talk about social video monetization and provide you with some tips to help you earn cash on YouTube. I’ll answer some of the most common and important questions related to social video monetization and how it can be an excellent source of passive income.

Video monetization have been around for a while. It started off as a way to make money off Google AdSense. People tried to use this feature but it wasn’t very successful at the time.

How to monetize youtube videos

I’ve been asked how to make money as a YouTube creator, but I didn’t have an answer. So I set out to learn everything I could my self, and in the process learned some valuable lessons. Before you jump into this article, let’s be clear about one thing: there is no guaranteed way to make money on YouTube.

Everyone has watched, comented, and shared a Youtube video in the past. Remeber that one video you couldn’t stop watching for the first 30 times? Yes, me too. That video was probably funny, shocking, inspirational or something else. The most amazing part of it was that it put its creator in the spotlight — a spotlight which made him or her money by way of the advertisements on Youtube. Let’s learn how to do it and earn money online!

Video Monetization: How to Make a Passive Income Despite Youtube

video monetization

Many articles talk about video monetization on a lot of sites, and today I do not intend to add a new article to this list, instead, I’ll provide an integrated, exclusive, reliable, and completely free guide for every person who is looking to profit from their videos.

Today I will put in your hands a comprehensive guide through which you can make thousands of dollars steadily, guaranteed, in legitimate ways to comply with the laws and conditions of monetizing at the end of this article.
The most known video monetization models?

With tons of platforms out there nowadays, we’ll explain the models of making a profit on each of these services, by the end of this article you will understand which is better for your sort of video content.

AVOD: advertising video on demand, for example, Facebook watch, Youtube, similar to the old style of TV where content is freely accessible, but interrupted with ads.

SVOD: Subscription video on demand, a monthly subscription from the viewers to watch content, e.g. Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, and other similar services.

TVOD: Transactional video on demand, this model is mostly used for films and series which allows users to buy content or rent it.
Channel monetization: How to turn your videos into an income

When you monetize your videos, (typical video monetization) keep in mind your audience growth, and how people feel about ads. When you put too many disruptive ads on your platform, people tend to skip your content and avoid it, which might hinder your growth in the long term.

Some platforms offer different kinds of ads turning your videos into profit, Vlogbox offers creators to take their content to the next level by monetizing it, like on Roku, Amazon Fire Tv, Android TV, and Apple TV, it’s funny how all these apps start with letter A, ”weird”.

Anyways, they offer both SVOD & AVOD models which opens the door for you to be picky about it. Link here to check it out.
3 different ways to profit from your video channel

AVOD and SVOD aren’t the only ways you can generate money for your video content, here are there more ways to make a profit:
Be an influencer

Being an influencer means you have an organic following from people, by spending a lot of time and effort to gain such a reputation on the internet.

Influencers have the ability to affect the buying decisions of consumers and it’s a powerful skill influencer have over society.

Brands value influencers for their influence, they get to pay influencers to promote their brand or product, also some influencers create their own brands and promote them to earn real revenue from them. e.g. branded clothes and merchandise.
Live Streaming

In TikTok, developers of TikTok built this system of tipping, where viewers can purchase coins in the app, and tip TikTok creators while they are Livestreaming, creators can convert coins back into actual money, this is way TikTok chose to help creators get extra income instead of the old way of relying on sponsorship by brands.

But on the other hand, we have Twitch which has a similar method where viewers support their favorite streamers by subscribing and donating to them during live streaming, it’s also a good way of generating income for creators, mostly gamers.
Affiliate links

Affiliate links are one of the most powerful ways of making income and profit from any kind of content actually, but for video creators amazon was the go-to affiliate, some creators started by reviewing products on their channels and adding a link in the description, and getting a cut from every sale, now it doesn’t sound difficult, it isn’t, but you to buy an actual item to review it, but still a great way of making money from affiliates.
Monetizable platforms you didn’t know about

Nowadays, the number of channels for videos has increased dramatically, exactly like in 2009 when TV almost exploded with the number of channels there. In video streaming platforms the same is happening, only that in each platform now there is a huge amount of channels.

First, let’s jump to the statistics of apps out there and which one is dominating the most.

It must be youtube, of course, it’s been here longer, also knowing google owns it, makes it a market changer.

We won’t talk about video monetization on Youtube, for now, let’s focus on variants with a greater chance for you to monetize. Check this chart

As you see here this chart shows the big game of video content and the platforms you should focus on, we will talk about earning money from these platforms.
Facebook watch

Facebook is also after a piece of the short videos trend. In order to compete with TikTok and Youtube shorts, Facebook introduced monetizable short videos under 1 min with 30 sec of advertisement to put some pressure on TikTok.
Roku AVOD model

Roku is an American digital manufacturing company that offers its users access to streaming of video content, they had developed a collaboration with Netflix back in 2008, now they are taking on challenges on other platforms in the video content industry.

A partner payout program is what Roku is using to pay its video maker, similar to Youtube where ads interrupt users before and during the video.
Apple TV SVOD model

This other apple product came to life in 2019, this is an ad-free subscription video on demand television + streaming product from apple.
Amazon Fire TV SVOD

During the quarantine, amazon took the chance to release their streaming to the users of fire tv and fire tablets and they have more than 100 partners, with video content that’s supported with ads and subscriptions. Having all these makes it a great contender for big projects and film productions to target working with them.

Attention is what matters the most, if your content grabs enough attention you can turn it into a source of income, either with ads, subscriptions, donations, or even selling your merch.

There are many ways but you have to pick the one that works best for you, or you can go with them one by one, Once a stream of money starts working for you push on that side and let it flow, next move to the other method and so on, in no time you may find yourself with no need to think about money, but what matters most at the end is the content you make, and your ability to make newer and more valuable content.

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