Vintage engagement rings for women

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Vintage Engagement For Women

Whether you love geometric Art Deco designs or floral halos, vintage engagement rings offer a stunning sense of style. 

Actual antique diamond rings — those 50 years or older — are increasingly rare, especially high-quality ones. Still, there are beautiful antique rings that are sold through vintage jewelry shops and estate sales, and ones handed down as family heirlooms. 

Some choose to buy antique engagement rings because they like the style, the story, or because it’s environmentally-friendly. But in general, we recommend a vintage engagement ring from a trustworthy dealer instead of a true antique. It’s often difficult to verify the quality of an antique, and there are trustworthy vendors who carry vintage rings that are made to last.

The good news: you can achieve the same vintage look without the concerns of an actual antique. Vintage engagement rings range in style, shape, and precious metal. Many antique engagement rings feature beautiful, ornate details such as filigree and milgrain. From regal rose gold halos like this one from James Allen to two-tone scalloped rings like here from Blue Nile, there’s a wide selection of timeless styles to choose from.

The best retailers for vintage engagement rings are James Allen and Blue Nile. They are the top two vendors with a track record of high-quality vintage rings. For actual antiques, we recommend Abe Mor because they have a high standard for recycled jewelry, and offer a personalized experience.

Learn more about the best places to buy vintage engagement rings and what to look for.


  1. Blue Nile – Along with James Allen, Blue Nile is the best out there for antique engagement rings.
  2. James Allen – Along with Blue Nile, they are the best place to buy vintage engagement rings online. 
  3. Abe Mor – Great option for true antique engagement rings.
  4. Leibish & Co. – Best antique engagement rings featuring fancy color diamonds or colored gemstones.
  5. Antique Jewelry Stores, Estate Sales, & Family Heirlooms – Antique shops in your area may present a beautiful array of true antique options (see our tips below for how to shop for an antique engagement ring).

Let’s go into more detail, starting from the top:

1. Blue Nile

Blue Nile carries a large inventory of high-quality diamonds and antique engagement ring settings. Blue Nile is especially known for their strong partnerships with jewelry manufacturers, designers, and diamond suppliers. 

With low overhead costs, Blue Nile can keep their prices competitive without sacrificing on the quality of their rings. You can view any ring up-close before purchase, thanks to the high-tech imagery available on their website.


  • Expansive collection of antique engagement rings
  • Well-cut diamonds that offer brilliance and fire
  • Competitive pricing and free shipping
  • Hassle-free returns and 30-day money back guarantee 
  • Excellent customer service


Blue Nile’s best vintage engagement rings are beautifully crafted with hand-engraved details and pavé accent diamond bands. Their collection ranges from simple styles to intricate designs. All rings can be paired with the diamond of your choice for an exquisite finished product. 

Samples of Blue Nile’s best vintage engagement rings:

2. James Allen

Wondering where to buy vintage engagement rings at a competitive price? James Allen carries a large inventory of antique engagement rings and high-quality diamonds. You can choose from yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum antique style rings. Their diamond imagery is the best in the business and allows you to review each diamond up close to ensure it’s the one you want.

Not only that, James Allen is known for their great customer service. Whether you have questions or need to make a return, James Allen makes it simple and hassle-free.


  • Selection of 150,000+ natural diamonds
  • Competitive pricing, free shipping, and hassle-free returns
  • Best-in-class videography to review each diamond
  • Beautiful antique settings in a range of precious metals and styles
  • First-rate customer service


James Allen’s best vintage engagement rings include halos, filigree details, floral designs and more. Select the ring style you like best, then pair it with the exact diamond of your choice. 

Samples of James Allen’s best antique engagement rings:

3. Abe Mor

Abe Mor specializes in buying and selling diamond rings, making them the premier option for true antique engagement rings. Not only that, they give customers a personalized, high-end experience. Many of our readers have been very pleased with the antique engagement rings they bought from Abe Mor.


  • True vintage engagement rings of the highest quality
  • Exceptional, custom shopping experience
  • Selection of unique antique rings you won’t find anywhere else


Because Abe Mor is a boutique, one-on-one experience, it’s best to contact them directly or reach out to us to see Abe Mor’s best options for vintage engagement rings.

4. Leibish & Co.

If you’re looking for the best place to buy vintage engagement rings with colored gemstones or fancy color diamonds, Leibish is the number one choice. They offer a stunning array of gemstones and fancy color diamonds, including pink and green stones. With a fancy diamond from Leibish, you’re getting something few places in the world can offer.

Besides the beautifully colored stones, Leibish offers state-of-the-art antique settings that highlight the colored stone. Their antique engagement rings range from halos to floral designs.


  • Best selection of colored gemstones and rare fancy color diamonds
  • Stunning antique jewelry designs to accentuate the colored stone
  • Manufacturer warranty and 30-day money back guarantee


5. Antique Jewelry Stores, Estate Sales, & Family Heirlooms

Wondering where to buy vintage engagement rings that are at least a few decades old? Consider antique stores, vintage jewelry shops, and estate sales. These vendors often buy and resell engagement rings, and have a limited selection available for shoppers. 

Because it’s difficult to assess a vintage ring, we suggest these options with some caution. You want to ensure that what you’re paying for is worth the price and has the quality you want. We recommend readers reach out to us for a second opinion prior to purchasing anything from a local antique store.


  • Rings may come with a meaningful story, such as a grandmother’s engagement ring or one passed down from a special community member
  • Ability to shop in-person for antique rings
  • Selection of true vintage rings
  • Gives you the chance to support a local jewelry shop or family member


Because each store, estate sale, and family differs in their collection, it’s best to visit in-person to see what is available. We suggest getting a second opinion from a jewelry expert and getting a diamond appraisal on a vintage diamond to help you determine its value, worth, rarity, and condition.


When you buy antique engagement rings, keep these points in mind to ensure you choose a high-quality diamond and ring setting.

1. Get an idea of your unique style

Check out some antique engagement ring styles to see what appeals to you or your partner the most. Do you like round cut diamonds or oval cuts? Do you like white gold or yellow gold? Do you want an intricate ring or one that’s more simple? 

Deciding your style early will help you stay focused during your search, and ensure you’re spending your budget on what matters the most.

2. Find the right vendor

When it comes to buying antique engagement rings, it’s incredibly important to choose a vendor you can trust. You want to ensure that the diamond is well-cut and that setting is well-crafted. 

Through years of vetting, we’ve learned which diamond dealers are reliable, well-priced, and offer excellent quality. Above all, we’ve found Blue Nile and James Allen to be the best sites for buying vintage engagement rings online. From oval halo rings to white gold filigree rings, you can find gorgeous designs that are also durable and long-lasting.

3. Look for brilliance

A diamond’s level of brilliance impacts its beauty and appeal more than any other feature. That’s why you should only consider diamonds with an Excellent or Ideal cut grade. Even with these grades, you’ll want to look at the diamond yourself to see how much brilliance — or white light reflection — it gives off. 

If you’re opting for a true antique without a certificate to verify the diamond’s cut grade, it’s best to review the diamond in-person to see how well it reflects light under normal lighting. 

No matter where you purchase your ring, we recommend getting an expert’s opinion before you buy — not just accepting what the salesman or shop owner tells you.

5. Watch for clarity

When you purchase a diamond, it should be eye-clean — meaning there aren’t any noticeable blemishes and inclusions when you look at the stone. 

For online purchases, view the diamond’s images from all angles. Look for imperfections like black spots and feather marks. Depending on the carat weight and diamond shape, most diamonds are eye-clean in the range of VS1-VS2. Opting for these clarity grades will still get you an eye-clean diamond, but you’ll pay far less than diamonds with higher clarity grades.

For true antique diamonds, you’ll want to closely review the diamond to ensure there aren’t any glaring imperfections. A black spot in the middle of the diamond’s table can detract from its beauty, no matter how stunning the antique ring is.

6. Evaluate color

Your diamond should look white in relation to its setting. In most cases, we recommend a diamond in the G-I range. These diamonds appear colorless without having to pay for a higher color grade like D or E. If your metal color is rose gold or yellow gold, you can go with a lower color grade such as a K or J color diamond. The diamond will look white against the darker metal.

7. Ensure the setting’s durability and structure

Your ring setting should offer the style you want. But it should also securely hold your diamond. With true antique settings, you’ll want to investigate it fully to ensure that the diamond is secure and that the metal has maintained its durability and function. Without proof of the materials used and who made the ring, it’s difficult to know the setting quality. 

For a new ring that is fashioned in an antique style, you won’t have to worry about durability or security.

8. Consider certificate

Actual antique rings rarely come with a certificate from the GIA or AGS, making it hard to get real validation about the diamond’s quality. The seller might promise that it’s an Ideal Cut with an H Color and VS1 Clarity, but they don’t have a sure way to prove it. If you’re on the lookout for an antique ring, be sure to get a second opinion before buying a diamond you have little verification on. 

For new diamonds in vintage rings, look for a diamond with a certificate from the GIA or AGS. These are the two most reliable lab entities and help verify your diamond’s value and quality.


Milgrain Navette Halo Engagement Ring from James Allen

Six-Prong Hand-Engraved Cathedral Ring from Blue Nile

Victorian Halo Diamond Engagement Ring from Blue Nile

Petite Floral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring from Blue Nile

Soft Floral Diamond Engagement Ring from James Allen

Pavé Step Diamond Engagement Ring from James Allen

Round Fancy Deep Yellow Orange Diamond Halo Ring from Leibish & Co.

Octagon Halo Diamond Engagement Ring from James Allen

Infinity Milgrain Halo Engagement Ring from James Allen

Fancy Intense Yellow Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring from Leibish & Co.


Here are jewelry expert answers to the most common questions about buying vintage and antique engagement rings.

1. Is it OK to buy a used engagement ring?

Yes, buying a used engagement ring is a unique and environmentally-friendly choice, but there are some things to be aware of. You want to be sure you’re getting a high-quality diamond and a setting that will hold up to everyday wear. Because used engagement rings rarely come with a certificate, it’s hard to verify the diamond’s quality. It can also be hard to determine how stable the ring setting is. That’s why we recommend getting a second opinion from an expert before purchasing a used ring, or going with a newly crafted vintage style ring from a reliable vendor like James Allen or Blue Nile.

2. Are vintage rings more expensive?

Vintage rings aren’t more or less expensive than other engagement rings, and can range from $900 to $20,000. If the ring features intricate details or is crafted by a particular designer, it may be more expensive than other vintage rings that are simpler. Your diamond’s quality and carat weight also plays a role in the price of the ring.

3. Should I buy a vintage engagement ring?

You should buy a true vintage engagement ring if you appreciate the style, want an environmentally-friendly choice, and are up for maintaining an older ring. Antique rings require regular cleaning and maintenance checks to ensure the diamond stays secure. If you want a vintage engagement ring that’s not a true antique, there are plenty of options at online vendors like Blue Nile and James Allen

Ultimately, the style of the ring is up to you and what you want, whether it’s vintage or modern. Above all, your ring should symbolize your love and be something you’ll enjoy wearing for years to come.

Places To Buy Vintage Jewelry & Engagement Rings

Why You Should Check It Out: Ever since Mia Moross launched her website when she was still in college, she has gained a steady following of women like herself: entrepreneurial, independent, and confident in their choices. She specializes in all eras of rings from Georgian through mid-century with an emphasis on antique styles with personality and a warm glow.VISIT THEONEILOVENYC.COM

Below is an 18K and platinum turn-of-the-century emerald and diamond ring in platinum with an 18K gold shank and French hallmarks. (Photo courtesy of The One I Love NYC)

Looking for star power? When Zoe Kravitz accepted Karl Glusman’s proposal in 2018, he slipped a Georgian ring on her finger, chosen with a little help from a mutual friend who knew that Kravitz had fallen for the ring on The One I Love NYC’s Instagram account. Moross didn’t know who the ring was for until she was contacted by Kravitz for other jewelry on the website.

This beauty, along with other Georgian styles — mid-1700s to early 1800s — are created in a way that seems to work best for clients who will care for the rings consistently and whose lifestyles don’t call for running around on subways or to soccer games. Kravitz’s ring is a half hoop band of rose-cut diamonds. The center stone is the largest, and is set with the characteristics of Georgian rings in silver-topped gold and backed with silver foil to hide flaws in the early hand-cut diamonds. Although it is achingly beautiful, it should not be worn in water, even to wash hands as it can ruin the foil, thus creating a gray cast to the diamonds.

If you prefer a lower maintenance style, Moross also has a curated a swoon-worthy selection of romantic rings that date from the 19th century through to the vintage 1970s. The ring below, for example, is a 1.82 Old European Cut Diamond ring with emeralds on the shoulders. (Photo courtesy of The One I Love NYC)

What Else You Should Know: Moross’s own heart belongs to early rings. She creates a “Reimagined” collection with styles that feature old foil-backed diamonds in their original settings after they have been separated from the rest of the jewels that originally belonged or have been broken. She breathes new life into these pieces by adding a gold band. If you are unfamiliar with what constitutes a ring in original condition versus reimagined style, Moross will answer all your questions.

  • Will provide a certificate of authenticity, if one is requested, that describes the ring in its entirety from The One I Love NYC’s in-house staff.
  • A fee of $35 will be charged for resizing antique rings — when it’s possible.
  • No repairs are done directly through The One I Love NYC; the company connects customers with antique repair jewelers.

Return Policy: There is a four-day return policy on items purchased on the website with very few exceptions. Customers have four days from the day they receive their package to ship the item back. Upon receipt of a return, the company will issue a refund minus shipping costs to the original method of payment within 72 hours. If the company determines that items have been damaged or altered, they reserve the right to refuse the return. Items returned between 4 and 14 days after purchase are subject to store credit. All sales are final once the 14-day period has lapsed.

Best for Bridal & Art Deco Rings

Why You Should Check It Out: In business for 40-plus years, Michael Khordipour and Afshin Shaddaie have been buying jewelry from estates, auctions, dealers, and wherever they can locate the rarest and most unique antique and vintage rings they can find. They are experts in all time periods of jewelry.VISIT ESTATEDIAMONDJEWELRY.COM

The interface at EstateDiamondJewelry lets you experiment with multiple criteria.

Below is an Estate Diamond Jewelry rare Edwardian Era engagement ring, showcasing a beautiful 1.86-carat old mine cut center stone accent by diamonds and millegrain on the shoulders. Circa 1905. (Photo courtesy of Estate Diamond Jewelry)

Benjamin Khordipour, Michael’s son, has a passion for the business that he channels through his captivating blogs and social media posts. Although the company specializes in Edwardian, Art Deco, and mid-20th century engagement rings, they also have a number of earlier Victorian pieces. Art Deco is their main area of expertise. You can make an appointment to see the rings in person in their New York showroom in the diamond district in NYC or have your fiancée take the fun and revealing quiz on the website.Estate Diamond Jewelry An original Art Deco platinum engagement ring with 2.01-carat old European cut diamond, the ring is further decorated with a scroll motif along the shoulders and filigree. Diamonds are set throughout the details, circa 1920. This is the front view. (Photo courtesy of Estate Diamond Jewelry)This is the side-view of the same ring as above. (Photo courtesy of Estate Diamond Jewelry)

Other things you should know:

  • Estate Diamond Jewelry also creates rings “in the style of” or “vintage-inspired.” If you are looking for authentic or original antique or vintage rings, make sure to look at each description carefully and ask the staff questions about time period.
  •  The “inspired rings” are beautifully crafted and can be a fine alternative should you decide on one of those.
  • Estate Diamond Jewelry offers a lifetime upgrade warranty. Any purchase made on the website is upgradable for the full value of the original purchase. For example, If you bought a ring for $14,000 in 2005, you can return that ring and add another $5,000 for example, and purchase a $19,000 ring.

Return Policy: You have 14 days to examine the ring upon receiving it. If for any reason you choose to return the ring, Estate Diamond Jewelry will provide a full refund. You will still be able to return the ring if Estate Diamond Jewelry has sized it before it has been shipped or picked up by you. Additionally, you have 100 days to exchange the ring if you decide, for any reason, that you would like a different ring. You will be issued a full store credit for the amount that you paid. And that store credit never expires. Yes, you read that right: never!

Why You Should Check It Out: Ashley Zhang is a contemporary jewelry designer with an affinity for antique jewelry from the Victorian through Art Deco eras. The antique and vintage rings on her website are impeccably curated, and there is an assortment of styles. In particular, she offers a small crop of rare and beautiful hand-picked Art Deco styles that are competitively priced.VISIT ASHLEYZHANGJEWELRY.COM

Below is an Ashley Zhang Art Deco engagement ring in 14K yellow gold with a 1.90-carat old European cut diamond, accented by intricate filigree and hand engaving. Circa 1920-1930. (Photo courtesy of Ashley Zhang)

An appointment can be made to view and try on the rings in person at the company’s headquarters in NYC’s financial district. They are also available for weekend and after-hour consultations and respond quickly to emails and requests on the website. Here are a range of examples.

The Ashley Zhang Art Deco engagement ring below boasts a 1.10-carat old European cut center diamond with an estimated G color, SI2 clarity, set into platinum and accented by single cut diamonds and two ruby baguettes. Circa 1920. (Photo courtesy of Ashley Zhang)
If you don’t fall in love with the current selection and have some time before the engagement, Zhang will immediately get to work with her many contacts and dealers to present you with a new range based on all the details that she has gathered from your meeting or phone consultations.

The Ashley Zhang Victorian 18K yellow gold ring below features a 1.40-carat center old European cut diamond with a large halo of diamonds around it. Circa 1870. (Photo courtesy of Ashley Zhang)

What Else You Should Know

  • Rings tend to sell out quickly due to fair prices and great selection.
  • Ashley Zhang’s modern designs are inspired by her love of antique and vintage jewelry; so be sure to read the descriptions on the site to know what era your ring really comes from.
  • She could have more information online about how to care for rings like other sites do, but she discusses this in detail during consultations and meetings.

Return Policy: Ashley Zhang accepts returns on vintage and antique items 14 days after delivery if the ring has not been resized before shipping. The company does not offer free return shipping.

Best Brick-and-Mortar-and-Online Store

Why You Should Check It Out: Based in San Francisco and open since 1969, Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry is one of the premier brick-and-mortar antique and vintage jewelry stores in the U.S. The retail shop and online site both offer excellent customer service, a knowledgeable sales team, and details that take the stress and concerns out of shopping online.VISIT LANGANTIQUES.COM

Below are Edwardian engagement rings from the Lang Antiques website.

Lang carefully inspects each piece to ensure the best possible condition for another lifetime of wear. When necessary, they restore certain aspects of the jewelry using the appropriate techniques depending on the original method of manufacture, metal, and gems. Lang adheres to strict quality standards of what can be done without compromising the value of the ring that needs the repair. Be wary of websites that don’t come recommended from someone you trust; you should be always aware of what you are getting and all of the aspects of your ring.

Lang Antique & Estate Jewelers French Belle Epoque .80-carat diamond star motif ring in platinum over 18K yellow gold. (Photo courtesy of Lang Antique & Estate Jewelers)

Lang has what they call a university section on their website, which goes into specific details of the history, renowned designers, hallmarks, and maker’s marks, and has a glossary of terms. You will find it extremely useful when shopping for antique and vintage jewelry.

Lang Antique & Estate Jewelers 18K Victorian five-stone diamond ring set with European cut diamonds, circa 1982. (Photo courtesy of Lang Antique & Estate Jewelers)

The company also offers the following for free for the first six months after your purchase: custom fit sizing, replacement of side stones if a setting defect is present, and loose stones not requiring prong work including center or side stones. They will also fix a broken shank if broken at sizing seam as well as damage from defects in jewelry not due to normal wear and tear or accident. All shipping back and forth for these issues is complimentary. Lang will also help with repairs after six months or if the repair is not covered by the list above. Be aware that repair and shipping fees will apply after the no-charge time period. Cleaning and check-ups on pieces are always complimentary but shipping charges will apply for items sent to the shop for this service.

Lang Antique & Estate Jewelers platinum Art Deco .45-carat antique cushion-cut diamond engagement ring circa 1920s. (Photo courtesy of Lang Antique & Estate Jewelers)

What Else You Should Know:

  • Although Lang works with jewelers who specialize in antique and vintage restoration and repairs, and they do an excellent job, always ask about how the restoration affects the value of the ring.
  • Lang will do repairs for you after you have owned your ring for some time. You will need to send them the ring so they can give you an estimate on the repair cost. I always suggest sending the ring back for a repair where you bought it.
  • Although most of Lang’s rings are authentic or all original, there are a few cases where I noticed on the website where the description says, “In The Style Of.” As with the other websites, it’s imperative to read all information and be clear as to what you are looking at.

Return Policy: Lang offers 10 days from the time your package arrives to return your item for a full refund. The company will email you a prepaid FedEx label for you to return your purchase with an explanation on how to package the jewelry securely. All returned jewelry items must be in the same condition as it was sent to you. No jewelry will be accepted for return if it is damaged, altered, or worn. They also offer an exchange for store credit within 30 days after your purchase. All sales are final after 30 days. Use a medium FedEx priority box if available and tape the outer flaps of the box for security purposes. When dropping off the return, you must obtain a receipt from FedEx.

Tip 1: Do the Necessary Homework

1. Do a Background Check: Research each site and look at online reviews of diamond and ring stores. Check out the sites’ Instagram followers, too. It can’t hurt.

2. Look at All the Photos: Make sure the site provides several photos that show the pieces from the front, back, and sides, on the finger, and from every angle that makes you feel like you are seeing the ring in person. If you don’t see what you need, ask for more photos.

3. Get the Details: Read the description of each ring carefully and see if it has all the details you want, including time period, style, size, and weight of diamonds and/or other gemstones.

4. Consider Customer Service: Find out about the type of customer service the site offers: if it’s both brick and mortar and online, you will feel as if you are receiving more customer service as you have the store and the website staff available to you. But online-only sites also provide in-depth customer service and in some cases more hours when you can call in and speak to a specialist.

5. Learn the Lingo: For example: “in the style of Art Deco” means that it is a reproduction or a modern version of a style from that period. When it says authentic Art Deco Ring — or gives a date or date range such as circa 1920-1930 — then the description means it is an original ring of that era.

6. Ask Questions: Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as necessary. But this can’t include every ring in the shop or the staff will stop taking you seriously. Write possible thoughts down and then try to ask everything in one conversation.

Ideally, you would accompany your fiancée as she tries on different styles in a few brick and mortar stores. This helps to see what looks best. Trying on also gives you both a better feeling for what looks best on her finger. Often the style your woman had her heart set on changes when she begins to road test the rings. Remember this will be one of the most important pieces she will ever wear besides her wedding band. She’s allowed to change her mind during the process.

9 Places To Buy Vintage Jewelry & Engagement Rings Online

And What to Ask Before Every Purchase

Vintage jewelry is about so much more than a piece or a brand; they often hold stories, rich histories, and sizable worth. And if you’re interested in starting your own vintage or antique jewelry collection, we’re here to help.

The first thing to know is that most (quality) vintage or antique pieces are considered an investment. Antique pieces are often more than 100 years old, whereas vintage pieces can be from any specific time period. You can usually find trendier or mass-produced pieces without a problem on sites like eBay or at local garage sales. But if you’re going for a real-deal one-of-a-kind piece, you may need to invest some serious time and money.

Start by browsing vintage and antique jewelry online, whether with the brands below or on your own, so you can get a sense of your style. Are you more into colorful and whimsical baubles from the 1980s or is Victorian-era jewelry your thing? Fine jewelry or costume? From there, you can figure out what to ask and where to go.

No matter what you like, these are questions to consider before every jewelry purchase:

  • Is the seller/brand credible? Start by checking out their listings and reviews. If they’re offering many of the same pieces, they’re likely fakes or mass-produced copies. Also, check to see if reviewers have had subpar interactions with them.
  • Is the piece authentic? There are a few tell-tale signs to verify jewelry authenticity; the biggest one being wear and tear, of course. If it’s really vintage, it should look old in some way—and we don’t necessarily mean dirty or worn down. The piece should have “patina” or a loss in sheen, or small dents/markings. If you want to verify that it’s from a company like Givenchy, make sure the purchase is from a “signed” brand; an “unsigned” piece means it’s not traceable and likely inauthentic.
  • Where is the piece from? A good way to suss out if the piece is legit is to ask where the retailer found it in the first place. Maybe it’s at an estate sale or from a local trade. If the retailer is being shady, that could be a red flag, as a prestigious seller will be open to answering questions about certifications and tests to confirm the quality.

We get it; it’s not always easy to know what you’re getting without seeing it in your hands. But when shopping at vetted auction houses or online sellers (like the ones below), you can look for high-quality photos, insist on transparency from the brand, and make sure your purchases are insured and easy to ship or return if needed. If you’re able to “test” it out, you can also look for loose stones, clasps, or any other markers that would need fixing before committing.

Now that you know the basics, here are our favorite online vintage and antique shops so you can start building your own sustainable jewelry collection!

1. Etsy

Headquarters | Brooklyn, NY
Best For | Cultural vintage jewelry
Pieces Starting At | $15

Etsy is a certified B Corp marketplace that works with small brands and artisans around the globe, including antique and vintage sellers. Whatever you’re in the market for, you can search and narrow down by its helpful filters, including checkboxes for vintage and antique items only. Some of our favorite shops include Chloe’s Vintage Jewelry and Erika And Friends; both are affordable and based in the USA. All of Etsy’s shipping is carbon-neutral.


2. Estate Diamond Jewelry

Headquarters | New York City, NY
Best For | Vintage rings & earrings
Pieces Starting At | $340

Estate Diamond Jewelry has been operating in the heart of NYC’s Diamond District for 40+ years. This family-owned business is committed to only selling antique and vintage rings that have been ethically sourced and thoughtfully reviewed. Its vast vintage collection features rings and earrings from the 1880s through the 1970s. The team provides free overnight insured shipping as well as a 14-day return policy, no questions asked.


3. Erica Weiner

Headquarters | Portland, OR
Best For | Victorian & Georgian jewelry
Pieces Starting At | $350

Erica Weiner’s eponymous line was originally born out of Brooklyn, NY. Today, the majority of new pieces are handmade by an all-women team in their local Portland studio. For vintage goods, the EW team has scoured the globe from London to rural New England to find the most unique pieces available, including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. We love their eye for Victorian and Georgian jewelry, individually listed with relevant details and history to consider. Pro tip: Follow them on Instagram to see new pieces before they hit the website.


4. Trumpet & Horn

Headquarters | Los Angeles, CA
Best For | Vintage engagement rings
Pieces Starting At | $1,990

Trumpet & Horn describes its team as “jewelry nerds making things happen for couples in love all over the globe.” This sustainable brand offers both new eco-friendly engagement rings as well as vintage styles, backed by over 30 years of experience in the vintage jewelry industry. This collection of about 100 vintage engagement rings includes deep amethysts, bright emeralds, and stunning cushion-cut diamonds, with the option to re-size as needed. Financing plans are available.



Headquarters | Los Angeles, CA
Best For | Made-to-order vintage gemstone jewelry
Pieces Starting At | $850

AURORO crafts limited-edition jewelry in Los Angeles using recycled gold, fair trade metals, and vintage gemstones. Best described as whimsical and colorful, this vintage jewelry is ideal for one-of-a-kind statement pieces, hand-selected by the two founders. AURORO delivers worldwide with fully insured international shipping and the option to customize certain pieces.


6. Ruby Lane

Headquarters | San Francisco 
Best For | Affordable antique & vintage pieces
Pieces Starting At | $5

Ruby Lane is considered the Etsy of exclusively vintage marketplaces, where sellers and partners can share their own listings all in one place. With jewelry prices starting at $5 and over 200,000 listings, you can find very affordable pieces for any budget. And while you’re perusing, you can save your favorites, communicate directly with shop owners, browse similar items, and even make your own offer. Ideal for beginner collectors, Ruby Lane has it all.


7. Lang Antiques

Shop Headquarters | San Francisco, CA
Best For | Antique rings & bands
Pieces Starting At | $225

Lang Antiques has been a San Francisco-based business since 1969, growing to be one of the most trusted estate and antique jewelers worldwide. Touting jewelry designs from every era and style, the brand focuses most on vintage engagement rings, including antique styles we’ve never seen elsewhere. The Lang team also carries prestigious affiliates including with the Accredited Gemologist Association and the American Gem Trade Association. Whatever you choose here is sure to be vetted and curated with you in mind.


8. Butter Lane Antiques

Shop Headquarters | Manchester, UK
Best For | English antique jewelry
Pieces Starting At | $300

Run by a two-person team in the UK, Butter Lane Antiques specializes in English antique jewelry and offers stunning one-of-a-kind, jeweler-vetted pieces. These range from brooches to statement necklaces and even everyday curiosities, and Butter Lane’s online search allows you to filter by era or style. Best of all, the company offers free worldwide shipping, low-cost ring re-sizing, free polishes/cleanings before shipping out, and appraisal documents with each purchase to guarantee authenticity.


9. Fox & Bond

Headquarters | Los Angeles, CA
Best For | Antique-style earrings & bracelets
Prices Starting At | $175

Fox & Bond considers itself a brand bringing “antique jewelry to the modern woman.” By offering a curated assortment of rings, charms, and earrings, you can find both F&B vintage-inspired originals as well as antique pieces from the 18th and 19th centuries. Every stone is hand-selected by the two co-founders who are gemologists themselves, and a portion of proceeds benefits organizations like Planned Parenthood and RAICES. If purchased in the continental US, they include free insured shipping, so you can rest easy once you’ve hit “order.”


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