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The marquise engagement ring isn’t exactly known to be the most cutting edge. While marquise cuts were an extremely popular choice in the 1980s, the oblong, angular shape has lagged behind more popular resurgences of oval- and pear-shaped diamonds, feeling a bit antiquated in comparison. But as with other trends from the ’80s back in the spotlight, marquise settings are experiencing a resurgence from ultra-modern settings to fresh designs with vintage appeal. The cut has also earned the stamp of approval from celebrities like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Victoria Beckham. Both have sported this antique-esque engagement ring look.

What Is a Marquise Cut?

A marquise-cut diamond or gemstone has a tapered oval shape with pointed ends. It’s best identified by the long and narrow shape it gives to the stone.

Just because a marquise diamond ring is a little “old school” that doesn’t mean it can’t look entirely modern. In fact, many jewelry designers are putting a so-now twist on the ring shape with sleek, minimal designs and modern settings like east-west stones, bezel settings, and double-band silhouettes. Another way designers are making marquise diamond-ring settings feel fresh is with rose gold, enamel detailing, open-ring designs, or setting them slightly off-kilter—these savvy design tactics are totally unique ways of giving the classic shape an of-the-moment feel.

If the idea of an antique design with retro touches is more your speed, a marquise-cut diamond is as gorgeous in yellow gold as it is in platinum. Skip the east-west settings in favor of traditional north-south-set jewels and aim for slimmer shapes that have more of an old-fashioned feel (wider marquise stones definitely appear more modern). For more of an art deco aesthetic, choose white gold or platinum and consider accents like a thick halo, pavé band, or side stones to set off the center sparkler. In yellow gold, a hammered or granule band will look perfectly vintage-inspired.67 Gorgeous Engagement Rings Under $2,000

If you’re thinking you want a unique marquise engagement ring to call your own, scroll through our edit of 33 styles from ultra-modern to ‘80s-inspired and beyond.01of 33

Diamond Nexus East-West Accented Marquise-Cut Engagement Ring

This east-west marquise stunner puts a twist on the expected. The side-turned center stone is set on an equally dazzling 14k rose gold pavé band.02of 33

Sofia Zakia Diamond LVNA Supreme Ring

A ring created for the starry-eyed brides among us. The handmade ring of diamonds and sapphires features enchanting celestial motifs, set in 14k gold.03of 33

Bario Neal Nikko Diamond Ring

Minimalist chic is a horizontally set marquise stone. Even the prong-setting is artistic in this 14k yellow gold piece.04of 33

Nora Kogan Misia Ring

With a brilliant marquise diamond, satiny white enamel, and 14k yellow gold trim, this baby is oh so bridal.05of 33

Zoë Chicco 14k Large Marquise Diamond Ring

Simplicity at its finest. This bezel-set ring is set in 14k gold. 33

Michelle Oh Anya Ring

Unconventional brides, check out this moody beauty. The salt-and-pepper diamond is flanked by pavé diamonds, set in 14k yellow gold. 33

Après Jewelry “The Nova” Ring

No gift-wrapping needed for this ring. An x-shaped pavé halo wraps around the center stone before flowing into a pavé band. 33

Jacquie Aiche Pavé Marquise Diamond Ring

This ring has a captivating, old-world bohemian vibe to it. The marquise diamond ring is handmade in 14k gold.09of 33

Shahla Karimi Marquise V Ring

An architectural design that packs a statement-making punch. A single marquise diamond is nestled in the v-shaped band.10of 33

KatKim Marquise Crescendo Pavé Ring

Just as its name implies, this contemporary design features a gradient of diamonds culminating in a single, grand marquise diamond.11of 33

Rachel Boston Ara Ring

Nestled between mirror-image curves, this marquise diamond takes center stage. The split shank band is set in 18k gold.12of 33

Ceremony Sienna Marquise Signet Ring

Now, this is a bodacious look. We love the masculinity of a signet ring paired with the femininity of a marquise stone.13of 33

Abby Sparks “The Kathleen” Marquise Diamond Custom Ring

You may need protective eyewear for a sparkler of this caliber. This marquise diamond is mounted on a platinum pavé band.14of 33

Kataoka Iris Marquise Ring

A delicate design that has a certain fairy-like quality about it. A marquise diamond sits on a thin band featuring clusters of diamonds.15of 33

Vrai Marquise Diamond Bezel Ring

Minimalist goals, unlocked. A single marquise stone seemingly floats atop a barely there 14k gold band.16of 33

Sofia Kaman Melina Ring

Salt-and-pepper diamonds are a great way to add an untraditional twist to your ring while remaining timeless. This marquise-cut ring features a salt-and-pepper center stone with round brilliant-cut diamonds on either side. They are set on a solid 14k matte gold band.17of 33

Laurie Fleming Nereid Ring

This fairy tale–esque ring features a marquise-cut center diamond flanked by recycled round brilliant-cut and rose-cut diamonds. The stones are set on a solid 14k yellow gold band.18of 33

1st Dibs Diamonds Engagement Ring

It’s hard to miss this stunning three-stone engagement ring. The marquise-cut center diamond is held between two baguette-cut diamond accents all on a platinum band.19of 33

Blue Nile Princess Cut Channel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

This marquise-cut engagement ring is for the most glamourous of brides. The center diamond is accompanied by 12 princess-cut diamonds in a channel setting.20of 33

Anna Sheffield Petit Marquise Diamond Tiara Yellow Gold Ring

This tiara ring is fit for a princess. The marquise-cut diamonds on this ring sparkle on a handcrafted 14k yellow gold band.21of 33

Shane Co. Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This flawless marquise diamond is held in a halo setting with 64 round diamonds lining the pavé 14k white gold band.22of 33

Kimai Recycled God Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

Whimsical and bold are the two words to describe this asymmetric gem from Kimai. The wavy pavé band is crafted from recycled gold and topped with a marquise diamond.23of 33

Capucinne Beatrice Diamond Marquise Cluster Ring

An array of marquise, oval, and round diamonds come together on this intricately designed engagement ring.24of 33

Vrai Three-Stone Ring

Three diamonds are better than one with this Vrai ring. The three marquise diamonds form a trio of glittering stones set on a pavé band.25of 33

Abby Sparks Marquise Diamond Ring

This one-of-a-kind design from Abby Sparks was created with a floral flair. The stones are placed in an east-west setting on a white gold band.26of 33

KatKim Éternal Marquise Ring

When looking for your engagement ring, always keep timelessness in mind. With this KatKim marquise diamond on a tapering band, you can be sure that this design will never go out of style.27of 33

Tacori Simply Tacori

Contemporary and vintage come together in this heirloom-inspired ring. The center marquise diamond is flanked by small rounded diamonds. The under gallery of the ring is complete with filigree detailing.28of 33

Aprés Jewelry “The Elodie” Ring Setting

Double the sparkle with this double band pavé marquise engagement ring. The center diamond is set in a halo of white diamonds and is available in either a prong or dot setting. 29of 33

Sofia Kaman Marquise Engagement Ring

Despite its name, this ring is made for the best of romances. The antique marquise-cut diamond with a light greenish-gray tint adds a bit of edge. The center stone is flanked by small pavé diamonds and held on an 18k yellow gold band with black rhodium accents30of 33

Simon G. Lightning Bolt Engagement Ring

This lightning bolt ring is truly striking with a marquise diamond set on an angle between a pavé band.31of 33

Diamond Nexus Timeless Marquise-Cut Engagement Ring

This three-stone ring features a marquise diamond flanked by two trillion-cut diamonds. They are held in a lower basket setting with cathedral arms on a 14k yellow gold band.32of 33

Capucinne Diamond Engagement Ring

For the chic bride, look no further than this double-band ring. The pavé band holds a marquise diamond on a 14k yellow gold band. You can also stack this ring with an open diamond band for an elevated look. 33of 33

HN Jewelry Marquise-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

 Marquise diamonds work just as well as side stones as they do center stones, and this ring combines both. The center marquise diamond is held between an array of six marquise-cut diamonds and six round brilliant-cut diamonds. 

What to Look for When Choosing a Marquise Engagement Ring


When picking a band to accompany your marquise diamond, consider a classic style band that won’t draw attention away from the center stone. But, of course, we would never say no to more sparkle, so you can also try pairing with a pavé band. Double bands are also a great option with a marquise diamond because it creates the perfect distance between two bands when placed vertically. 


Diamonds are the most popular choice when it comes to the marquise cut. If you decide to go with a marquise diamond, keep in mind the bow-tie effect—a dark area that runs down the middle of a diamond and could, in some cases, darken its appearance. This effect usually occurs in fancy-cut diamonds like marquise cuts. To avoid this, work with a trained jeweler or inspect the stone yourself before purchasing to ensure your stone doesn’t possess the bow-tie effect, or at least not in a prominent way. 


Because of the unique shape of a marquise stone, going with a six-prong or bezel setting will ensure the stone is safe and secure on your ring. V-shaped prongs are also a reliable option to keep your marquise stone protected. Halo settings also look stunning with marquise stones and are a great way to add more shine if you choose a smaller stone.FAQ

  • Are marquise diamonds more expensive?Marquise-cut diamonds tend to cost less than round-cut diamonds because less waste is created when cutting the stone.
  • Do marquise engagement rings go out of style quickly?Marquise engagement rings have been around forever and have just reached newfound popularity. Even though it may seem like a fad, marquise-cut stones are timeless and will hold their beauty for years to come. So if you happen to fall for a marquise ring but are worried about it going out of style, opt for a classic band without many bells and whistles. Classic solitaire engagement rings will never go out of style, no matter the cut. 
  • What is the average length-to-width ratio of a marquise stone?Marquise stones come in a variety of sizes, so it comes down to personal preference. Traditionally, a length-to-width ratio of 1.75-2.15 is considered standard for this stone.

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