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Moissanite Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

By Hillary Hoffower  Updated on 07/21/21

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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but does that ring true for you? The search for moissanite gems has increased over the years—and with good reason. This gem is an eco-friendly bride’s best friend.

What Is Moissanite?

Moissanite is a precious gemstone that has become an increasingly popular and less expensive alternative to diamond engagement rings.

“Moissanite is a great alternative to diamonds for several reasons,” says Don O’Connell, the CEO and President of Charles & Colvard. “With moissanite, you don’t have to sacrifice color, clarity, or size of the gemstone due to an astronomical price tag. Since it’s lab-grown, the quality is fantastic and you can feel good about wearing a socially responsible gem.”


Don O’Connell is the CEO and President of Charles & Colvard, the original creator of moissanite.

Ahead, learn more about moissanite engagement rings.

Pros and Cons of Moissanite Engagement Rings

One of the most prominent pros of a moissanite engagement ring is the durability of the ring. “On the Mohs scale, moissanite scores a 9.25, a very good score that makes it one of the hardest substances on earth, and very suitable for everyday wear as an engagement ring,” Brilliant Earth reported.

Beyond the exceptional qualities of moissanite, one of the cons is that some jewelers may not work on the ring if it needs repairs. Since moissanite is not an actual diamond, some diamond experts may not be able to fix cracks or damage that the ring withstands.

Brilliance is another appealing quality of moissanite stones. Although these stones are different from diamonds, they are still full of shine and radiance. There are more intricate patterns in the stone that allow them to have more rainbow-like colors.

What to Look for in a Moissanite Engagement Ring

Considering a moissanite engagement ring? Here are a few questions and answers you should know before you look for the perfect stone.

  • How can I tell if the ring is high quality? “There are different grades of moissanite on the market and some are better than others,” says O’Connell. “For the best quality, you want to purchase a colorless stone. You should also look for flawless or very slightly included moissanite gems to get the most fire and brilliance.”
  • What carats pair best with a moissanite stone? “People should also keep in mind that moissanite weighs less than a diamond,” explains O’Connell, “So carat weight can be confusing to those only familiar with diamond carat weight. Many times, moissanite will be described using “diamond equivalent weight” or DEW, so people understand how it compares.

How to Care for Your Moissanite Ring

Like any other stone, maintenance is key. Take your ring to a professional at least once a year—this will help keep your ring looking its best. The expert will deep clean the ring, remove any buildup for the stone, and underneath the setting. You can also upkeep the ring on your own at home with a gentle cleanser. 

To keep the ring looking radiant, try not to play with the stone. It’s natural to want to admire your ring, but lessening how much you touch the ring will also assist in keeping the ring buildup free. Moissanite vs. Diamonds: What’s the Difference?

Insuring your ring is also another component when caring for your engagement ring. In case anything happened to the ring, it’s best to have some protection. Insurance will cover damages and, in the worst-case scenario, theft. It’s best to have a plan so that your ring will always be taken care of, no matter the circumstances.

“Moissanite is a great alternative to diamonds for several reasons,” says Don O’Connell, the CEO and President of Charles & Colvard. “With moissanite, you don’t have to sacrifice color, clarity, or size of the gemstone due to an astronomical price tag. Since it’s lab-grown, the quality is fantastic and you can feel good about wearing a socially responsible gem.”

Sold on this beautiful stone? Keeping scrolling to see 20 moissanite engagement rings you’ll love.01of 20

Gemma & Co. The Princess Solitaire


A simple design does not diminish the shine of this moissanite ring. The princess solitaire setting holds the stone in place with four prongs, creating a delicate and dainty shape. Although the ring is simple, its durability is unmatched. 02of 20

Olive Ave Nora Ring


Thanks to the brilliance in the moissanite stone, the ring has intensely pigmented sparkle. The two accent stones perfectly complement the centerpiece moissanite gem.03of 20

Olive Ave Kensington Ring


The intricate detailing in an engagement ring gives it character and elegance. This uniquely crafted ring has a moissanite stone that is highlighted by round marquise diamonds for additional radiance.04of 20

Kobelli 3-Stone Round Moissanite in Gold


What’s better than one stone? Three! This engagement ring has three moissanite stones as the focal point of the design, paired with a thick and simple band.05of 20

Allurez Moissanite Engagement Ring with Side Stone Accents


Shared prong moissanite stones work up the band of this ring to showcase the moissanite center stone. The surrounding rows of stones add detailing to the minimalistic ring.06of 20

Charles and Colvard Forever One Marquise Moissanite Engagement Ring


This art deco-inspired ring is perfect for the vintage-loving bride. Moissanite holds incredible shine, and with this distinguished vintage setting, the radiance is elevated. The stone sits between two flank baguette stones.07of 20

Bario Neal Custom Moissanite Linear Cluster Ring


This custom ring has a cluster of moissanite stones that add dimension and uniqueness simultaneously. Mixed with princess and baguette-cut moissanite stones, the ring is a statement maker without too many distracting elements. 08of 20

Fire and Brilliance Vega Asscher Moissanite Full Bezel Engagement Ring


This particular style won’t be for everybody, but its brilliance will win over anyone admiring it. The ring has a bold stone in the center of the simple band. The ring is customizable and made-to-order so that you can add personal touches.09of 20

Brilliant Earth 18K White Gold Moissanite Reverie Ring


The Reverie Ring is a perfectly classic ring for the timeless bride. The stone sits on top of two ribbon-like bands, while the claw prongs hold the moissanite in place. 10of 20

Kristin Coffin Jewelry Olivia Oval Moissanite Willow Leaves Ring


The band on this ring was inspired by willow leaves which adds a whimsical touch. Not only is the ring’s band stunning, but the moissanite stone is too. The oval shape makes the stone stand out and compliments the delicate design of the rest of the ring.11of 20

Moissanite Rings Pear Moissanite Engagement Ring


This engagement ring combines a classic pear shape with moissanite with a chevron band. The best feature of the ring? You can wear it two ways. The first way is to have the stone on top of the chevron setting. The second is reversing the ring, to have the chevron band as a halo on top of the pear-shaped stone. 12of 20

Gemma & Co. The Emerald Hidden Halo Pavé


An emerald-cut moissanite stone is chic and modern. This ring encompasses the stone in a halo setting, and is held in place by four hidden prongs. Pavé moissanites wrap around the band and add a scallop detail.13of 20

Citrus Studio Krista Ring


This ring has a combination of moissanite and diamonds. This mix of stones creates a highly durable ring. The moissanite sits at the center of the ring and is surrounded by other smaller moissanite stones and diamonds.14of 20

Flawless Moissanite Oval Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring


If you like a simplistic look for an engagement ring, then opt for this oval shape, yellow gold option. The band is simple so that the stone can take all of the attention. The moissanite shines from every angle on the ring.15of 20

Keyzar Emerald Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring


This handmade ring is specially crafted with elegance in mind. The band is minimalist and simple. The moissanite sits elevated on the dainty band and is highlighted by smaller stones that create a border around the center stone. Underneath the moissanite, there is a thin stone lining that adds extra details to the ring.16of 20

Brilliant Earth Moissanite Secret Halo Lab Diamond Ring


Halo diamonds wrap around the center stone of this ring to add extra flair. The halo of diamonds sits underneath the stone and elevated it on top of the band. Other than the simple positioning of the stones, this ring is primarily minimalist, but don’t underestimate its shine potential—it’s full of sparkle.17of 20

Brilliant Earth Moissanite Valentina Lab Diamond Ring


The moissanite stone is stunning on this ring, but the hang crafted engraving is what will captivate you. The band has a vintage-inspired engraving that decorates the ring and plays nicely with modern stones.18of 20

Diamondere Jessica Ring


Held by a split-shank band, this princess-cut moissanite ring holds many surprise elements. The stone sits regally on the band, while smaller stones line the underneath of the band. There is one stone the sits at the center underneath the shaft for a final touch.19of 20

Kobelli Yellow Gold Antique Moissanite Engagement Ring


This antique-inspired ring has a moissanite stone cushioned by other smaller moissanites. The gold metal looks radiant next to the rays of sparkle that the moissanite reflects.20of 20

Icing On The Ring Grey Moissanite Engagement Ring


Moissanite stones don’t have to be clear. Choose a colored stone to add uniqueness to the engagement ring. This grey moissanite ring stands out against the traditional rose gold band. Diamonds line the band for extra shine.

A Buyer’s Guide to Moissanite Rings

august 28, 2018

Moissanite gets its name from French scientist Henri Moissan, the first person to correctly identify silicon carbide in its mineral form. Moissanite shines brighter than a diamond or any other gemstone, and is in fact, superior to other gemstones in many ways. Moissanite is a gemstone born from the stars.

Birthstone and Anniversaries

Moissanite resembles Diamonds closely, with a few key differentiators, one of which being price. Given their similarities, while Diamonds are the birthstone for April, Moissanite can be used as an alternative option.

Meaning and Lore

Being one of the rarest minerals found in nature, and due to the fact that it was discovered in a meteorite, Moissanite is referred to as a “gemstone born from the stars”, and is valued for its tenacious brilliance.

Quality Factors

A very important factor of moissanite is dispersion – the ability of a gemstone to throw light, also known as its fire. The dispersion of moissanite is incredibly high (nearly 2.4 times greater than diamonds), making it the most popular among diamond simulants.

Moissanite is also incredibly durable – it is exceedingly resistant to cracks, chips and scratches, making it a popular choice for everyday use. A good quality Moissanite will sparkle with fire!


Classic moissanite is not colourless, however, depending on the size of the stone, smaller variants would appear so. Hence we recommend using Moissanites which are bigger than 5MM i.e. ½ carat Moissanite or larger.

High quality Moissanites (like the Super Premium grade Diamondère uses) will have a luster equivalent to a diamond of color D,E,F (which are some of the finest diamonds known to mankind).

“It is hard to tell a diamond and a good quality Moissanite apart!”

Heating, enhancements

Moissanite is a stable and heat resistant material that can be treated with heat to change its colour. The various options include light green, dark green and colourless, but it can be treated to almost any color of your choice.


Cut quality is very crucial for a gemstone. Maximum light has to pass through the stone and return. If light goes out the back, the stone appears full and lifeless. Moissanite’s high dispersion level, makes it easily the best stone to cut, and have immense fire. Cuts should be clean and minimal, and Moissanite’s lack of fracture points allows for precision cutting every time. A perfectly cut Moissanite yields a sparkling and lively stone.

Clarity & Luster

All gemstones have some inclusions. In Moissanite, tiny, clear pipe like inclusions can be found. The more the inclusions, the lower the value of the stone.


Moissanite always yields highest fire with good colour, clarity and cut. It is also available at a fraction of a price of a diamond. So, a relatively large size Moissanite stone can be chosen for jewellery, at a fairly economical cost.


Natural moissanite is extremely scarce, and so a majority of the Moissanite in use today is synthetic, and labratory created.


To clean moissanite jewellery at home, take a bowl of warm soapy water, using liquid handwash. No hard detergents are recommended. Brush gently with a toothbrush and rinse it.

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