Vintage pear shaped engagement rings

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Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings


There’s no denying that pear-shaped engagement rings are experiencing a major comeback, and it’s easy to see why. These stunning, teardrop-shaped pieces are not only timeless and eye-catching, but they also elongate your finger for a flattering look. Plus, no matter the size, a pear-shaped diamond always seems to sparkle just a little bit more than its counterparts.

What Is a Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring?

Pear-shaped diamonds or gemstones have an elongated teardrop shape and are a combination of a marquise and oval cut.

For over 500 years, pear-shaped rings evolved and adapted to the ever-changing need for more modern touches. They came from marquise shapes, and today, there are pear-shaped engagement rings for every aesthetic, from minimal solitaires to vintage-inspired styles and unique takes with colorful gemstones. Then, there are super-unconventional settings, such as clusters, double-band rings, and off-kilter stones, that are ideal for those inclined to forego traditional engagement rings.

We spoke with industry experts and bling connoisseurs Ashley Zhang, Grace Lee, and Katie Zimmerman to explore all of the insider details about these teardrop-shaped stones.


  • Ashley Zhang is a New York City–based fine jewelry designer who launched her eponymous brand after studying fashion design and fine art painting at Parsons School of Design.
  • Grace Lee is a Los Angeles–based fine jewelry designer who launched her eponymous collection in 2008.
  • Katie Zimmerman is the chief of merchandising at Blue Nile.

Ahead, learn about the pros and cons of pear-shaped engagement rings, how to care for them, and more.

Pros and Cons of a Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring

“Because of their elongated shape, pear-cut diamonds show larger than some of the other diamond shapes, like a traditional round brilliant,” says Lee. “Because of this, they can be a better value with a larger surface area.”

Although pear-cut stones can appear larger per carat, their teardrop shape can also make them fragile. “[A pear-cut engagement ring] has a very small, pointy tip that can make it vulnerable to damage,” Lee warns. “Placing a prong or a v-prong on the point or choosing a bezel setting around the entire stone can help protect the tip of the stone from breaking or chipping with wear,” adds Zhang.

“Since pear-shaped diamonds are not symmetrical—when comparing the pointed side and the rounded side—they can sometimes appear lopsided and heavy on one side,” says Lee.

A pear shape can feel easily customizable, as it can be worn with the diamond facing up or down (north-south), horizontal (east-west), or slightly off-kilter.Hematite Rings: The Complete Guide

What to Look for in a Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring

  • What makes a pear-cut diamond high quality? “Pear-cut diamonds, like ovals, can have a ‘bow tie’ or a darker loss of light in the center of the stone,” Zhang explains. “The bow tie on a well-cut pear-shaped diamond should be minimal, and the symmetry of the stone should be even and have nice proportions—not too long and skinny or too wide and stubby.”
  • What settings work for a pear-cut stone? “Traditionally, pear diamonds have been set in a north-south or east-west orientation,” says Lee who, personally, likes to set pear diamonds at an off-angle in both prongs and bezel settings.
  • What metals work best for pear-cut engagement rings? “All metals work with pear-cut diamonds,” says Zhang, who notes these diamonds tend to show more color than other cuts. If you want your diamond to appear very bright—particularly when set in yellow or rose gold—opt for one with an H color (i.e., nearly colorless) or higher.

How to Care for Your Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring

To care for your pear-shaped engagement ring, Lee recommends using a soft baby toothbrush and an all-natural mixture of apple cider vinegar and baking soda to gently and safely clean your diamond.

Since pear-cut engagement rings can be susceptible to chipping and damage, it’s important to always handle your ring with care. “For ongoing care specific to pear-shaped engagement rings, it’s important to remember to remove the ring while being active or exercising. The elongated nature of the pear stone with the point at the end, which makes it so pretty, can also cause it to be the first thing that is impacted if a significant force hits it,” warns Zimmerman. These safety precautions include regularly checking the security of the stones as well. “It is not uncommon for prongs to become loose over time with wear and checking them will make sure they are always secure.”

Lastly, place your ring in a safe place, like a jewelry box or fabric-lined ring box, before partaking in any hand-heavy activities. “As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to remove your ring when exercising, washing dishes, showering, baking, gardening, or putting makeup on. This will keep the ring shinier for longer, so you’re spending less time cleaning the diamond and band,” explains Zimmerman.
How to Take Care of Your Engagement Ring: 12 Dos and Don’ts

Sold on this beautiful teardrop shape? Keeping scrolling to see our edit of 28 pear-shaped engagement rings for every style and budget.01of 28

Ashley Zhang Pear-Cut Diamond Rolling Ring


This stunning ring is part of Ashley Zhang’s signature hand-crafted rolling ring collection and features a pear-cut diamond set on a thin gold band. The two rings are attached and easily slip onto the finger.02of 28

Grace Lee Twin Pear-Shaped


It doesn’t get more unique than this breathtaking style featuring double pear-cut diamonds on a beautifully curved band. This piece also comes in white gold and rose gold. 28

Bario Neal Custom Heirloom Diamond Angled Ring


Featuring an heirloom pear-cut diamond and a tapered baguette diamond, this cluster ring is beyond breathtaking for the bride-to-be who loves a statement-making piece.04of 28

David Yurman Lanai Full Pavé Ring With Diamonds


We love the intricate detailing of this interlaced full pavé setting that works to highlight and frame the center stone. Traditional with a twist (literally!), this piece is ideal for the bride-to-be who wants a ring that feels classic but fresh.05of 28

Lizzie Mandler Engagement Ring


This pear-shaped stunner features a white diamond in a simple yellow gold setting. A hidden side halo frames the center stone oh so beautifully.06of 28

De Beers Old Bond Street Pear-Shaped Diamond Ring


Named after De Beers’ flagship address, this piece pays homage to the house’s very first diamond ring. Its dazzling pear-cut diamond is set in a platinum micropavé diamond band.07of 28

Shahla Karimi Pear Pavé V Rose Gold Ring


This blissfully blush ring is perfect for the bride-to-be who is drawn to colors and non-traditional styles. This piece showcases a brilliant pear-cut diamond nestled in the corner of a pavé band.22 Stunning Pieces of Rose Gold Jewelry to Wear on Your Wedding Day and Beyond08of 28

Catbird Leda the Swan Diamonds Pear-Shaped Ring


If delicate pieces are more your taste, opt for this simple yet striking ring from Catbird. Its rose-cut pear diamond has an heirloom feel to it and looks especially stunning when paired with a simple gold band.09of 28

KatKim Duét Pear Pavé Ring


This duet ring is as sweet as ever for the romantic at heart. Featuring two kissing pear-cut stones, this piece is set on a shimmering micropavé diamond band.10of 28

VRAI The Knife-Edge Pear-Shaped Ring


Classic brides-to-be will love this ring for its timeless aesthetic, polished gold band, and elegant silhouette. This piece is also offered in platinum, white gold, and rose gold.11of 28

Jade Trau Sadie Solitaire Ring


An off-kilter setting gives this solitaire ring some edge. Our favorite detail? The attached bands that frame and spotlight the diamond.12of 28

Tiffany Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring


This perfectly tapered pear-shaped diamond ring is a combination of round brilliant and marquise cuts and is sure to catch the light at every angle. Wear yours with a matching plain or pavé diamond band.13of 28

Jennie Kwon Diamond Tilt Pear-Shaped Ring


For the bride-to-be who wants something understated and delicate, this design is sure to suit your pared-back aesthetic. Wear it on its own or stacked with other pieces.14of 28

Finn Pavé Pear Rose-Cut Ring


This ring is the perfect mix of whimsy and drama. Featuring a light-catching pear rose-cut diamond, the center stone hangs delicately from a pavé eternity band.15of 28

Anna Sheffield Celestine Orbit Pear-Shaped Ring


For a one-of-a-kind look, how about this pear-shaped piece? Its sleek, v-shaped band is crafted from recycled gold and cradles a gorgeous rainbow moonstone.16of 28

Cartier Destinée Solitaire Pear-Shaped Ring


Bring on the bling! We love this dazzling solitaire ring for the bride-to-be who loves a sparkly moment. The pear-shaped diamond is available from 2.00 to 5.99 carats and is set with brilliant-cut pavé diamonds.17of 28

Anita Ko Two-Stone Claw Ring


If you’re looking for a unique engagement ring–make it this one. It’s crafted with not one but two pear-cut diamonds and its claw design is stunning wrapped around any finger.18of 28

Single Stone Janie Ring


If you’re a lover of all things antique, then you’ll appreciate this unique ring that was converted from a vintage broach. The center stone is a pear-shaped rose-cut diamond set in an 18K yellow gold and silver mounting.19of 28

Material Good Pear-Shape Engagement Ring With Diamond Pavé


This 7.38-carat pear-shaped diamond ring is seriously showstopping. The platinum handmade mounting, diamond pavé prongs, and band spotlight the center stone beautifully.20of 28

Kwiat Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring


In a perfect teardrop shape and set in 18K rose gold, this diamond ring is as timeless as ever. We love it paired with a simple rose gold band for a pared-back yet elegant look.21of 28

Aprés Jewelry the Kaia Ring Setting


For a modern pavè band, look no further than this gorgeous solitaire. Its hidden pavé halo around the basket at the base of the ring makes this piece shine even more brightly.22of 28

Selin Kent Pear Ring


This mixed-metal ring is intended to be an engagement ring–wedding band hybrid. This versatile, two-in-one piece can be worn alone or with a stack of rings.23of 28

Forevermark Diamond Pear North-South Beaded Ring


If you’re looking for a pear-shaped ring set on a band that’s simple but eye-catching, consider this Forevermark piece that’s designed with a beaded band. You’ll never stop staring at a piece like this.24of 28

Grace Lee Triple Pear Ring


Why have one pear-shaped diamond when you can have three?! We absolutely love this unique ring for the bride-to-be who’s looking for a piece that’s striking yet delicate.25of 28

Blue Nile Three-Stone Tapered Baguette Diamond Ring


For the bride seeking a piece that exudes timeless glamour, this one’s for you. Set in platinum, this bold architectural design displays two tapered baguette side stones surrounding a pear-cut diamond.26of 28

Tomasz Donocik Electric Night Engagement Ring


We can’t take our eyes off of this spectacular pear-cut emerald set on top of a double row of baguette diamonds. Its crown-like silhouette will make you look and feel like royalty.Emerald Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide27of 28

Nora Kogan Helene Ring


If you’re looking for an engagement ring that feels different and unique, then opt for this horizontal solitaire. Set in an unexpectedly elegant and hand-painted enamel band, this is a piece you’re bound to love for a lifetime.28of 28

Blue Nile Petite Solitaire Engagement Ring


This is elegant simplicity at its finest. Carefully crafted in 18k yellow gold, an unadorned polished band holds a brilliant pear-cut diamond solitaire.

The Perfect Retro Engagement Rings for the 2020s

Art Deco engagement rings are the perfect match for a daring leading lady. Defined by the artistic symmetry that was popular in the Roaring Twenties (and is poised to be just as relevant in the 2020s).

Tips for Buying an Art Deco Engagement Ring

Simple vs. Showy

While all Art Deco engagement rings feature geometric designs, they still come in various styles. Look through your loved one’s jewelry to determine whether they will prefer a simpler ring or if they will want a dramatic statement piece. Pay homage to the 1920s by choosing an emerald cut, or Asscher cut stone for your diamond ring.

Shopping for a diamond engagement ring is a very personal experience. Be sure to check for any clues your partner may have left to clue you in on what they might desire. If you are thinking as you search for a beautiful diamond engagement ring, we are sure they will be thrilled with the surprise!

Halo or No Halo

If you’d like a larger carat diamond but don’t have a lot of extra money to spend, an Art Deco engagement ring may be the solution. A 1920s style diamond engagement ring will often feature a halo since they are always symmetrical. Halos look fantastic in yellow gold, white gold, or platinum.

These halos can add extra carat weight to the diamond ring without making a significant dent in your wallet. A halo will also create the visual illusion that the stone is larger than it actually is. This is a beneficial tip when shopping for a diamond engagement ring.

Color Conundrum

In the 1920s, diamonds weren’t as popular for engagement rings as they are today. Instead, these rings often featured stones like sapphires and rubies alongside a diamond. Opt for a yellow gold or rose gold band to bring that color back into your Art Deco diamond engagement ring.

This bold metal choice of rose gold will allow you to stick with a diamond while still bringing a pop of color to the ring.

Build Your Own Modern Classic

Traditionally Art Deco engagement rings were made of platinum. Now you can choose whether you want yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum.

You can choose and build an ideal modern version of these antique engagement rings. By selecting a metal other than platinum, you will decrease the price while staying inspired by the fashion of the 1920s era.

The History of Art Deco Vintage Engagement Rings

The Art Deco era design movement appeared just before World War I and developed into a popular style in the 1920s and 1930s. The movement influenced everything from buildings to cars and jewelry to radios.

Art Deco combined modernist trends with rich materials and meticulous craftsmanship, representing luxury and glamour. Its name, short for Arts Décoratifs, comes from the Exposition internationale des arts décoratifs et industriels Modernes (International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts) held in Paris in 1925.

Choose Platinum and Alternative Stone or Cut for a Classic Look

As such, during the 1920s, Art Deco engagement rings were all the rage. In keeping with the design of the times, these rings were always symmetrical, often featuring diamond-encrusted bands and halos to highlight linear shapes.

Diamonds weren’t as popular for engagement rings as they are today. Engagement rings of the time often feature an alternative stone like an emerald or sapphire instead of a diamond. Through recreating these styles today with a diamond set in white gold or platinum will give the bold style a modern look. Check out an Asscher or Emerald cut set in platinum.

These vintage engagement rings were built for the newly confident women of the Roaring Twenties. Inspired by the vibrant fashion of the time, they are often large statement pieces—perfect for the vivacious women of today who want a beautiful, vintage engagement ring.

Vintage Engagement Rings the 1920s -1930s

An entire century later, think of shopping these vintage-style engagement rings as a time machine back to the 1920s. As you peruse these beautiful vintage inspires styles to imagine yourself enveloped in the classy styles of the early 20th century.

When speaking about Art Deco, we are talking about the decade between 1920 and 1930. This era is famous for the flapper fashions, artistic rebellion, classic styles, and ornate and classy jewelry design.

What Inspired the Art Deco Era?

Post World War I, many people were ready to cut loose, and thus was born the Roaring Twenties. The 1920s was a pivotal time in which people were hungry for change.

World War I was devastating for many people, and they sought significant changes. People sought escape from the fall out of the war. Interestingly, women began to enjoy some liberation through their clothing, dance, flapper lifestyles, and personal expression through jewelry.

This beautiful and dramatic change produced a massive shift in fashion. The new wave of influence encouraged a revolution of style. Of course, this played out famously in jewelry, which extended to engagement rings.

Influences on the 1920s Engagement Ring

Cubism, Modernism, and Futurism inspired engagement ring styles at the time. 1920’s style featured bold colors, geometry, and symmetry to produce incredible designs. In jewelry and especially Art Deco engagement rings, we see the bold geometric style. These engagement ring styles derive an evident influence from two design periods that preceded the 1920s—the Edwardian era and Art Nouveau.

The Impact of Art Nouveau

Early on, Art Deco engagement rings adopted Art Nouveau’s decorative and flowery accents in sleeker designs, like this antique art nouveau engagement ring. As the 1920s progressed, we say the style evolve into increasingly symmetrical and geometric motifs. The Edwardian style influenced 1920s jewelry makers and designers to use diamonds and platinum in crafting engagement rings.

In comparison with Edwardian rings, 1920’s jewelry was bolder and featured geometric designs. The design work of the 1920s engagement ring features more straight lines and geometric shapes, in stark opposition to Edwardian eras’ curved lines and nature-inspired motifs.

What Is the Difference Between Edwardian and Art Deco Engagement Rings?

Art Deco and Edwardian style engagement rings are very similar because they both use intricate geometric settings and shapes. Also, they both often feature Platinum bands. Edwardian jewelry is from the 1900-1915 era and is named after England’s King Edward 7th. They are still two very distinct styles of antique engagement rings.

The complex designs were elegant in appearance, which led jewelry design into the Roaring Twenties when Art Deco jewelry took over in popularity until the late 1930s. There are some common differences between the two styles. For example, Edwardian design commonly incorporates many small diamonds on a large band, while white gold and colorful gems are reminiscent of the Art Deco era.

The 1920s: A Decade of Decadence

In the 1920s, The cocktail party was a creation of the 1920s. This invention became incredibly popular, and thus did the cocktail ring came into fashion. The style of the flappers characterized the Roaring Twenties. The flappers enjoyed wearing jewelry designed to complement their sense of fashion.

Anyone who has seen or read the Great Gatsby understands the essence of Art Deco. One may also describe it as the 1920s modernist decorative style, influencing everything from interior decor and architecture to fashion and jewelry.

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